Tony Romo Guarantees Super Bowl Win Next Season

Tony Romo knows his window to win a Super Bowl is winding down and at a recent award Gala he made it clear that the time is now.

Romo was receiving the Nancy Lieberman Lifetime Achievement Award at the Dream Ball Gala in Dallas recently and spoke on accomplishing his individual goals and needing the help of his teammates.

"In the last five years, it’s become all the people that I’m with, the Jason Wittens, the Jason Garretts, the Joneses, these people I’ve been with for a long time,” Romo said. “I want to win a championship so bad, but it’s just not about me. I literally want to win it so bad for them. For the people around me who have helped me.

“They’ve allowed me to achieve my dreams and my goals. Without them, I’m not there, I promise you. I’m not where I’m at right now and I’m not going where I’m going.”

As he thanked those who selected him for the award he said, "This award is very meaningful to me, mostly because I get to be associated with this and to be associated with Nancy. It's incredible and I really appreciate you, and we're going to win a Super Bowl next year. Thank you."

Romo wasn't boastful or egotistic in guaranteeing a Cowboys Super Bowl win next year but it does speak volume to his confidence in his team's chances next season.

The Dallas Cowboys made great strides last year as did Tony Romo, as he had perhaps the best season of his NFL career. Romo and the Cowboys were on the brink of the NFC championship last season and the Pro Bowl quarterback is determined to bring back the glory days of the 90s.

Tony Romo understands he's playing on limited time with the amount of injuries he's endured over the past few years. For the Cowboys, the time is now and Tony Romo knows it; he isn't shying away from the moment.