Last Minute Free Agent Signings The Atlanta Falcons Should Make

When free agency began the Atlanta Falcons sat back and watched everything fall into their plan. We saw the likes of linebackers Brooks Reed and Justin Durant sign on the first day. While many fans will see those signings as mediocre we all should appreciate that any attention was given to the defense. The old regime thought offense first and its nice for a change once in a while. Here are this writer's top free agents still out there the Falcons should sign:

1. FS Stevie Brown

Brown flashed great potential during his 2012 campaign with the New York Giants leading the NFL in takeaways at seven, with five interceptions and two fumble recoveries. In 2013, Stevie Brown tore his ACL in a preseason game - the Browns. He's been checked out by numerous doctors and it is perceived that he is at full strength once again and could flash that potential once again. Stevie Brown could be that ball hawking center fielder the falcons are looking for. 

2. DT/DE Red Bryant

Let's start off by saying he played for Jacksonville Jaguars. Falcons fans know the pipeline isn't broken yet. Red Bryant is already familiar with the 4-3 under scheme and could teach the d-line a thing or two and be a decent player from the interior. 

3. DE Martez Wilson

Now this one is based purely on potential. While he hasn't posted terrific stats since he has been in the league he can potential become a great rotational player. His athletic comparisons are Brian Urlacher, Jevon Kearse, and DeMarcus Ware. If the Falcons can get any shred of those players out of Mr. Wilson they will be just fine.