Top 5 Places Runner Todd Gurley Could Land Come Draft Night

Todd Gurley is the top running back in the 2015 NFL Draft. Here is a look at the likely teams to draft him.

5. Oakland Raiders

This move seems unlikely if the Raiders stay at the 4th pick, but if they decided to move down, it could happen. The talk around the league is that the Cleveland Browns and Raiders have discussed potenial trades where Oakland would receive the 12th and 19th pick for their 4th pick. The Raiders have a need at RB so Gurley would be a solid selection.

4. Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys may be looking for another top back after losing Demarco Murray to division rival Philadelphia Eagles. Gurley would fill the spot that Murray left vacant in Dallas. However, Jerry Jones has said that RB is not something that the Cowboys are to worried about in the draft. We do not see that to be true as Darren McFadden does not seem to be the answer at RB for the boys.

3. Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns could snatch up Gurley if they decide not to trade up in the draft with the 12th or 19th pick. The Browns have a need at RB, as they do not have a 1000 yard rusher currently on the squad. Johnny Manziel and Gurley would make an interesting combo if Manziel can get his act together. It is yet to be seen.

2. Carolina Panthers

This would be a way for the Panthers to bring in a hometown star, as Gurley grew up in Tarboro, NC and played for the Tarboro Vikings, where he led his team to multiple state championships. The Panthers have not had a presence at RB in a few years, and now with DeAngelo Williams in Pittsburgh, the Panthers could use Todd. If Gurley drops to the 25th pick, watch out next year for the Newton and Gurley show in Carolina. This duo could make the Panthers offense go to the next level.

1. Atlanta Falcons

This pick makes a lot of sense for the Falcons, as they need a new RB after Steven Jackson did not work out as planned. Also, Gurley is from the University of Georgia, and surely, many fans would love to see him stay in the state. The Falcons already have a dynamic offense and just need a RB to complete the puzzle. Gurley fits the bill.