Steelers Take Bud Dupree With 22nd Overall Selection In the 2015 Draft

Pittsburgh has selected Bud Dupree to be their new impact defensive player with the 22nd overall selection in the 2015 NFL Draft.

The Steelers are really getting a steal here in Dupree at pick 22, as Bud is an elite physical specimen and pass rusher from the outside linebacker slot. Dupree is a 6'4", 269 lb OLB who is incredibly agile and speedy for his size and position. 

Dupree doesn't have the highest football IQ, as he is sometimes slow to diagnose plays or react to movement towards him. Bud is tall, but not long, and is not very skilled with his hands, whether batting down passes or trying to swim past monstrous linemen. These weaknesses can be fixed in NFL training camp and are not detrimental to all teh upside Dupree possesses.

Bud is considered by scouts as a freakish athlete whose quickness and agility help him set the edge as a rusher and get to the quarterback. Dupree recorded 23.5 sacks over his NCAA career at Kentucky, including 7.5 in his last season. Some consider Dupree better in the NFL as a defensive end due to his size and lack of awareness in the defensive backfield. He has the potential to become a Jamie Collins or a Jason Worilds (a former Steeler who retired this season).

Worilds will be well replaced by Bud Dupree for Pittsburgh. Look for huge pass play disruption by none other than this guy for the Steelers' D.

Bud is also known to have great character and a positive attitude on and off the field.