Colts Surprise All By Selecting Phillip Dorsett With 29th Overall Pick

Indianapolis just showed that they do not care in the slightest about what insiders or scouts project or predict. Instead of taking Landon Collins, La'el Collins, or Randy Gregory, the Colts elected to take a chance on Miami receiver Phillip Dorsett, a 5'10", 185 lb specimen who is known for his tremendous explosiveness.

Dorsett 4.27 40 yard dash at the combine, and is very highly rated by scouts as a player who can easily outrun the man by whom he is covered. That does not mean at all that Dorsett is just a deep threat - he is also great at making cuts on his routes and faking out defenders with his blazing quick feet. Watch out for Dorsett to jump up and attack balls coming his way; that is another of his vast strengths.

There are some evident issues here with Dorsett. First, Phillip had a torn MCL in 2013. He is regarded as a runner who does not have good technique, and rather relies on pure speed and athleticism. Also, because Dorsett can line up in the slot and outside, he will be in danger of taking the blunt of many hard tackles from relentless safeties.

Indianapolis already has solid receivers in T.Y. Hilton and Andre Johnson, but once Johnson retires, it could be a chance for the Colts to air the T.Y. and Phillip Dorsett show.