Seattle Seahawks Select Frank Clark With Their 1st Pick of The NFL Draft

The Super Bowl runner up Seattle Seahawks are certainly known for defense. And even though the team could use some depth at wide receiver, they finally made their presence known in the 2015 NFL draft as the team drafted defensive end Frank Clark out of the University of Michigan in the second round with the 63rd overall pick.

Clark is a freakishly fast  and athletic defensive end at 6'3 weighing 271 pounds. During his pro day, Clark ran 4.6 and that kind of speed will certainly prove to have value for the Seahawks as it is rare for defensive ends or even linebackers in this league to catch up with wide receivers in the slot or tight ends in general. Clark will certainly have great practice in pass coverage going up against newly acquired tight end Jimmy Graham who was traded for in exchange for the Seahawks first round pick (31st overall) that was sent to the New Orleans Saints.

The one significant downside with Clark is the off the field issues as he had a domestic violence incident while on the Wolverines' roster last fall and was dismissed from the team because of it. However, the Seahawks do have the veteran leadership in the locker room with guys such as Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, and Kam Chancellor to keep Clark in line.

With Clark in the fold, he will add some speed to an already fast defense and possibly replace outside linebacker Bruce Irvin who is unlikely to be back for the 2016 NFL season.