New Orleans Saints Sign Cameron Jordan To An Extension

New Orleans Saints signed defensive end Cameron Jordan to a six year extension worth 55 million dollars. With 5 million in incentives $33.8 million is guaranteed. The team is coming off an upsetting season where they missed the playoffs and made a surprising off-season move trading star tight end Jimmy Graham to Seattle Seahawks.

Last season for the Saints, Jordan recorded 51 tackles, 7.5 sacks, and 1 fumble recovery, which is a down season for him. Because in the 2013 season he recorded 12.5 sacks. It was a down season for everyone on the Saints, but expect him to turn it around this season and he is still young enough that he can get better at age 25.

Even though Jordan had a down season. He is still one of the leagues brightest pass rushers because of how great he is at going after the quarterback. He has the potential to have 10 plus sacks per season since he has great speed and is also a great tackler as well. When he gets to the quarterback, just get out of the pocket and get rid of the ball.

New Orleans locked up their star defensive end for a good deal he is worth more money than $60 million. So, it is a bargain that they got him for that much. On the Jordan side of things, he did not want to ask for 80 or 90 million dollars. So that proves that he cares about the team, and because he is young he has more time left in his career to make the multiyear million dollar deal. He will have to improve every season to be getting paid a lot more than 60 million when his contract runs out.

Look for Jordan to have a great season after a disappointing season last season. New Orleans has a lot to prove this season that they can bounce back from a disappointing season that they had last season and go back to the top of the NFC South this season. They have a lot to do to prove that they are still a force in the deep NFC.