Score New Orleans Saints - Baltimore Ravens in 2015 NFL Preseason (27-30)
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FINAL Ravens 30  Saints 27

10:52 PM EST- Ravens QB Bryn Renner runs in for the touchdown with 2 seconds left as the Ravens lead the Saints 30-27.

10:49 PM EST- Ravens have a great drive led by QB Bryn Renner as the Ravens have the ball inside the Saints 5 yard line.

10:38 PM EST- Saints' Marcus Murphy runs in for a touchdown on offense with less than 2 minutes to go. The Saints lead the Ravens 27-23. The Ravens are trying to score late.

10:30 PM EST- after getting the ball back, Ravens quarterback Bryn Renner throws an interception inside their own territory and the Saints are looking to score.

10:19 PM EST- Ravens kicker Justin Tucker makes a 51 yard field goal as the Ravens lead the Saints 23-20.

10:15 PM EST- Ravens quarterback Bryn Renner is in the game as the team is moving the ball inside Saints territory.

10:06 PM EST- Saints kicker Zach Hocker makes a field goal and the game is tied at 20.

10:00 PM EST- Start of the 4th quarter as the Saints continue to move the ball inside Ravens territory. The Ravens defense is doing a better job against the run but are struggling against the pass.

Saints - Ravens LIVE

end of the 3rd quarter

9:53 PM EST- Ravens punt the ball for the first time in the game.

9:51 PM EST- Ravens go for it on 4th down on 4th and 1 but the Saints jump offsides and the Ravens have a 1st down.

9:46 PM EST- Ravens have the ball on offense 

9:42 PM EST- Saints kicker Zach Hocker makes a 47 yard field goal after missing a 50 yard field goal earlier in the 3rd quarter. Ravens lead the Saints 20-17.

9:34 PM EST- Ravens QB Matt Schaub throws an interception and the Saints have the ball right back.

9:32 PM EST- Saints are unable to convert after they were inside Ravens territory. The Saints  offense basically stopped themselves. Ravens 2nd team defense has done just about nothing all game.

9:28 PM EST- Ravens have to be thanking themselves that this isn't the starting unit. The Ravens 2nd team defense has played awful so far.

9:27 PM EST- Saints QB Ryan Griffin completes a 24 yard pass on 3rd and 25. On 4th down the Saints go for it and covert a 4th down.

9:18 PM EST- Ravens are not having a good showing defensively as the backups are in for the most part.

9:15 PM EST- Saints kick returner Marcus Murphy returns the ball for about 28 yards and the Saints have the ball on offense. Ryan Griffin is the quarterback for the Saints.

Start of the 3rd quarter

Saints - Ravens LIVE

9:01 PM EST- Ravens have the ball but they are taking a knee and will head to halfime.

8:54 PM EST- Saints have the ball. On the drive running back Khiry Robinson runs for 19 yards and gets a touchdown reception of his own for 21 yards. Ravens lead the Saints 20-14. Ravens linebackers especially Albert McClellan is not covering very well over the middle in the passing game.

8:46 PM EST- Ravens can't convert on 3rd down and the Ravens will settle for a Justin Tucker field goal as the Ravens lead the Saints 20-7.

8:42 PM EST- Ravens once again are driving in Saints territory behind running backs Lorenzo Taliaferro and Buck Allen. Ravens are inside the Saints 10 yard line.

8:38 PM EST- Ravens have the ball at their own 20 yard line.

8:35 PM EST- Saints quarterback Luke McCown throws a 28 yard screen pass to wide receiver Brandon Cooks for a touchdown. Ravens lead the Saints 17-7.

Saints - Ravens LIVE

8:32 PM EST- Saints Offense is moving nicely against the Ravens defense. Saints are inside the Ravens 30 yard line.

8:29 PM EST- Saints WR Brandon Cooks just blows by Ravens cornerback Asa Jackson for a touchdown that was called back because Cooks ran out of bounds.

8:28 PM EST- Saints quarterback Luke McCown hangs in tough after taking a shot by Ravens linebacker Albert McClellan.

8:25 PM EST- Saints have the ball at their own 23 yard line. Saints convert on 3rd down with a nice pass over the middle of the field by Luke McCown.

8:21 PM EST- Ravens settle for a field goal. Kicker Justin Tucker makes a 42 yard field goal to increase the Ravens lead to 17-0.

8:17 PM EST- Start of the 2nd quarter as the Ravens continue to drive after converting a 3rd down. Ravens are inside the Saints 30 yard line.

End of 1st quarter

8:12 PM EST- Ravens defense once again forces a 3 and out against the Saints. The Saints started off well as they were on their way to converting their first-first down of the night but were stuffed in the running game. Ravens have the ball on offense.The Ravens are already driving in Saints territory.

Saints - Ravens LIVE

8:10 PM EST- Saints special teams has a nice kick return that would have started the offense near mid field called back for holding.

8:07 PM EST- Ravens quarterback Matt Schaub throws a nice 45 yard pass to wide receiver Michael Campanaro for a touchdown as the Ravens have a quick 14-0 lead in the first quarter over the Saints.

8:00 PM EST- Ravens offensive starting unit is done for the night for the most part. Backups are in featuring quarterback Matt Schaub.

7:59 PM EST- Ravens defense shut down the running game of the Saints early and flushed Luke McCown out of the pocket forcing him to throw the ball away.

7:58 PM EST- Saints quarterback Drew Brees isn't going to play tonight as backup Luke McCown gets the start. The Ravens defense forced a 3 and out and the Saints are forced to punt quickly. Ravens cornerback Asa Jackson will be fielding some punt returns tonight.

7:53 PM EST- Watching the Ravens offense you get a feel for how the team will operate under offensive coordinaror Mark Trestman. Nothing special, just short passes taking what the defense gives them.

7:52 PM EST- Saints receive the kickoff and they will start at their own 17 yard line.

7:48 PM EST- Ravens will go for it on 4th down after a stop by the Saints defense. Ravens running back Lorenzo Taliaferro punches it in for a touchdown. Ravens lead the Saints 7-0.

7:46 PM EST- Ravens running back Lorenzo Taliferro has shown his strength running through the Saints defensive line on this drive. The Ravens are inside the Saints 5 yard line.

7:44 PM EST- On 3rd on 7, Joe Flacco showed some nice speed running for 17 yards. He out ran the Saints defense

7:41 PM EST- Joe Flacco is 4-4 on the first drive of the game. Nice short passes along the sideline mostly.

7:38 PM EST- Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco starts off nicely going 2-2 converting a 3rd down to Steve Smith Sr. for a first down.

7:36 PM EST- Ravens will receive the kick. The ball sailed out of bounds and the Ravens will start at the 20 yard line to start the 1st quarter.

The biggest key for the Ravens this season is limiting the amount of injuries they have in the secondary. The Ravens lack of experience in the secondary arguably cost them a Super Bowl trophy in their 2014 playoff run. Cornerbacks in Lardarius Webb and Jimmy Smith are arguably the two most important players on the Ravens after Flacco

Williams has had a strong camp showing his size and quickness of the ball. Third round rookie defensive tackle Carl Davis has had a nice showing so far in training camp with his strength in collapsing the pocket. Both Davis and Williams will play a key role going forward in seeing if the Ravens made the right decision of letting Ngata go or not.

With Ngata's departure, a lot is expected out of third year nose tackle Brandon Williams who is not only one of the most underrated nose tackles in the NFL, but one of the most underrated players in the NFL.

The Ravens traded Ngata to the Detroit Lions earlier this offseason for a fourth round draft pick in the 2015 NFL Draft which in turn helped create cap space for the Ravens.

Defensively for the Ravens it will be strange not to see defensive tackle Haloti Ngata control the middle of the defense like he has been accustomed to doing in his previous nine seasons with the team.

The offensive line zone blocking scheme is expected to generally stay the same but there will probably be more high percentage passes for Flacco to attempt this season. A number of those high percentage passes are expected to go to running back Justin Forsett in terms of screens, dump offs or check downs.

In terms of the passing game for the Ravens, the team will work with their fourth offensive coordinator in the last four seasons. Newly acquired offensive coordinator Mark Trestman isn't going to change much to the Ravens offense that set the franchise record in scoring last season averaging over 25 points a game.

One thing to notice about the depth the Ravens have at wide receiver is the fact that they have length and speed. And even if they don't have a huge frame like receiver Steve Smith Sr. or Michael Campanaro, all the receivers on the Ravens roster play big and that is something Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco obviously likes to see.

In training camp, the Ravens have liked what they have seen out of their young wide receivers in Darren WallerJeremy ButlerKamar Aiken, and even first round draft pick Breshad Perriman even though Perriman has not practiced for the last 11 days due to a knee injury.

The Ravens are a team that not only is familiar with change, they embrace it. Over the last 20 seasons, the Ravens have accumulated more compensation draft picks than any other team in the NFL and that title will continue to hold true next year as well.

For the Ravens, the team is looking to reach the playoffs once again for the seventh time in eight years under head coach John Harbaugh. The Ravens enter the 2015 season with a lot of youth at key positions. There is youth from the running back, wide receiver, linebacker, cornerback and tight end positions for the team to name a few places.

The Saints did draft six defensive players in the 2015 NFL Draft and they will have to continue that trend for the next couple of years. Brees is still playing at a high level, but it isn't realistic to believe that he will save the day every week going forward.

Brees still threw 33 touchdown passes last season but threw 17 interceptions. Once again, 17 interceptions will happen when a defense can't be trusted and Brees feels like he and the rest of the Saints offense has to do everything themselves.

The Saints ranked 31st in the NFL in yards allowed giving up over 380 yards a game. In terms of points allowed, the Saints gave up 26.5 points a game which ranked 28th in the NFL. All of this is happening while people are questioning on whether or not Brees is past his prime as a quarterback. Well, people can't expect a quarterback to play lights out every week if they have a defense that gives up close to 30 points on average every game.

When a defense struggles as bad as the Saints defense has over the years, there is a lack of trust along the entire unit. It's not about personal trust as much as it is trusting one another as teammates to do their job instead of trying to do someone else's job.

With all of the changes on offense for the Saints, their defense certainly was due for a makeover to say the least. Over the years, the offense has carried the weight of the entire organization on their backs while the defense has been lacking in multiple ways from gap containment along the front seven, to basic tackling from the front seven to the secondary.

Running back C.J. Spiller was acquired by the Saints in the offseason to replace Pierre Thomas to try and improve on what was already a solid running game as they averaged over 112 yards a game last season.

In addition along the offensive line, the Saints will have left guard Tim Lelito make his debut as a starter with guard Ben Grubbs being traded to the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Saints certainly weren't shy about letting players walk or making trades during the 2015 offseason. The Saints traded away their primary offensive target tight end Jimmy Graham to the Seattle Seahawks for center Max Unger and a 2015 first round draft pick. One would assume that trade probably didn't go over well with Saints quarterback Drew Brees but the organization has done the best they can under the circumstances to stay under the salary cap.

The Saints will certainly look to get back to their dominant ways at home in the 2015 season and as the organization believes they had to make some changes to the number one ranked offense in the NFL yardage-wise during the 2014 regular season.

For the road team, the Saints look to rebound from a disappointing 2014 season which ended with a 7-9 record as they uncharacteristically lost their last five home games.

Welcome to VAVEL USA's LIVE coverage of the NFL game between the Baltimore Ravens and New Orleans Saints to kick off week one of the NFL preseason. I'm Wola Odeniran and I will be here throughout this game to provide the commentary.