Score Pittsburgh Steelers - New England Patriots In 2015 NFL Regular Season Opener (21-28)
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Patriots defeat the Steelers 28-21 with Tom Brady leading the way going 28-of-32 for 288 yards and 4 touchdowns. Three of those touchdowns went to Rob Gronkowski who was unstoppable tonight. The Steelers have major questions on defense particularly in the secondary but their offense didn't seem to lose a step despite the loss of Le'Veon BellPittsburgh will look to bounce back against the San Francisco 49ers in week 2 while the Patriots will travel to Buffalo to take on the Bills.

4th Quarter (:02): Patriots recover the onside kick attempt and that'll do it as the Patriots start off 1-0 in their attempt to repeat!

4th Quarter (:02): Extra Point is GOOD!

4th Quarter (:07): Roethlisberger finds Antonio Brown in the end zone for a TOUCHDOWN! Too little to late but nonetheless a Touchdown

4th Quarter (:11): Complete pass to Wheaton for 10 yds and a 1st down, stepped out of bounds time stopped

4th Quarter (:22): Complete pass to T.Murphy for 15 yards and a first down. TIMEOUT PIT 

4th Quarter (:27): Incomplete pass intended for Wheaton 

4th Quarter (:37): Complete pass to Miller for 18 yards, TIMEOUT PIT

4th Quarter (1:10): Roethlisberger is TAKEN DOWN by J.Sheard loss of 7, 2nd down and 27!

4th Quarter (1:16): Roethlisberger finds Brown again deep down the right sideline but PENALTY Illegal use of hands PIT 10 yard penalty

4th Quarter (1:26): Ben finds A.Brown inside the NE 40 for a first down. TIMEOUT Pittsburgh

4th Quarter (2:00): Roethlisberger goes deep for M.Wheaton but no way he was going to complete that he was double teamed all the way

4th Quarter (2:00): TWO MINUTE WARNING

4th Quarter (2:18): Big Ben finds H.Miller for the first down

4th Quarter (2:52): Roethlisberge finds D.Heyward-Bey for a 9 yard completion, 3rd down and inches

4th Quarter (2:59): Roethlisberger scrambles to his right but can't connect with H.Miller, incomplete pass 2nd down and 10

4th Quarter (3:09): It's punted into the end zone, TOUCHBACK, PENALTY NE Holding 10 yd penalty added to the end of the play

4th Quarter (3:13): Brady floats it short to Lewis but he can't come up with it and that'll bring 4th down!

4th Quarter (3:55): D.Lewis up the middle for 3 yards, at this point NE is just trying to milk the clock

4th Quarter (4:38): B.Bolden up the middle for 3 yds

4th Quarter (5:21): Edelman catches it and spins around for a first down and a 10 yard gain

4th Quarter (6:03): Lewis goes to the left for 1 yard run

4th Quarter (6:29): Brady finds Gronkowski short of the first down, PENALTY Holding PIT 5 yard penalty automatic first down

4th Quarter (7:00): D.Lewis runs up the middle for 4 yards, NE 11

4th Quarter (7:06): Roethlisberger goes DEEP for D.Heyward-Bey but is INTERCEPTED by D.Harmon who comes up over the top

4th Quarter (7:29): Roethlisberger finds Wheaton wide open for 18 yard gain

4th Quarter (7:36): Fair catch by A.Brown at the PIT 36

4th Quarter (7:40): A.Brown catches it and returns it 8 yards, PENALTY NE Illegal Formation 5 yds they will re-punt

4th Quarter (7:52): Brady's pass is knocked down at the line of scrimmage, fourth down and it forces NE to punt

4th Quarter (7:58): Brady passes to Gronk down the right sideline BUT his right foot was out of bounds

4th Quarter (8:29): D.Lewis is stuffed for a loss of 2 yards

4th Quarter (8:34): J.Berry punts 37 yards to NE 36 fair catch by D.Amendola. Penalty on PIT, Illegal Formation, declined. PENALTY on NE-E.Martin, Offensive Holding, 10 yards, enforced at NE 36 

4th Quarter (8:40): Roethlisberger can't complete the pass to M.Wheaton, 4th down and they will punt

4th Quarter (8:44): Incomplete pass intended for Antonio Brown 

4th Quarter (9:20): D.Williams up the middle for 7 yards 

4th Quarter (9:20): Kick off is in the end zone, TOUCHBACK 

4th Quarter (9:20): Extra Point is GOOD! 

4th Quarter (9:23): Brady to Gronk AGAIN to the left sideline of the end zone, TOUCHDOWN! 

4th Quarter (9:26): Brady lobs it up a little too high for Gronk to pull it in bounds 

4th Quarter (10:00): Call is reversed and NOT ruled a TOUCHDOWN, Gronk fell on top of it short of the end zone 

4th Quarter (10:20): PLAY IS UNDER REVIEW 

4th Quarter (10:20): Brady finds Lewis who runs to the PIT 2 but FUMBLES it! Gronk is able to land on top of it in the end zone for a TOUCHDOWN!  

4th Quarter (11:00): Lewis runs up the middle for 5 yards

4th Quarter (11:05): Brady goes deep for Edelman but it's incomplete 

4th Quarter (11:34): Tom Brady finds Rob Gronkowski WIDE OPEN down the middle of the field for 52 yards! 

4th Quarter (11:34): J.Scobee kicks 52 yards from PIT 35 to NE 13. M.Williams to NE 21 for 8 yards 

4th Quarter (11:41): 24 Yard Field Goal is GOOD by J.Scobee! We got ourselves a ONE score game folks!

4th Quarter (12:30): D.Williams gets the handoff but loses a yard

4th Quarter (12:48): Steelers are going for it but they're called for a False Start PENALTY , big time miscue there but they're still going for it on 3rd down 

4th Quarter (13:24): Will Johnson runs up the middle but is INCHES short of the goal line!

4th Quarter (13:30): Play fake by Roethlisberger but overthrows Miller in the end zone

4th Quarter (13:25): Roethlisberger to H.Miller is incomplete BUT PENALTY Pass Interference NE automatic first down ball will be palced on the 1

4th Quarter (14:19): Roethlisberger with a shuffle pass to H.Miller for 3 yds

4th Quarter (15:00): D.Williams runs down the middle for no gain out of the shotgun, 2nd down and GOAL

3rd Quarter (0:00): Pittsburgh will start the fourth quarter at NE 8 yd line and can make things REALLY interesting here with a TD score!

3rd Quarter (:30): H.Miller catches it for 6 yds, 1st down! 

3rd Quarter (1:14): D.Williams runs for 5 yds

3rd Quarter (1:30): Roethlisberger finds M.Wheaton down the right sideline who jumps up and grabs it and somehow lands both feet in bounds! Wow great catch by Wheaton!

3rd Quarter (2:14): Roethlisberger short pass to A.Brown for a 12 yard gain

3rd Quarter (3:00): D.Williams trys to go to the right this time but is stopped for a loss of 1

3rd Quarter (3:40): D.Williams again to the left outside and picks up 5 yds

3rd Quarter (4:14): Williams runs to the left for 12 yds, first down

3rd Quarter (4:18):  R.Allen punts 43 yards to PIT 24, A.Brown runs it back to PIT 27 for 3 yards

3rd Quarter (5:00): Brady gets DESTROYED by safety W.Allen who just laid it on him for a SACK!

3rd Quarter (5:35): Brady finds Edelman this time for a positive 12 yd gain

3rd Quarter (6:13): Edelman loses 5 yards after getting tackled beyond the line of scrimmage

3rd Quarter (6:43): Lewis breaking tackles left and right and gains 13 yds going to the outside

3rd Quarter (6:43): J.Scobee kicks off into the end zone, TOUCHBACK

3rd Quarter (6:43): Very key 2 point conversion by the Steelers they make it a two score game, via field goal and a touchdown or grab the lead with 2 TDS

3rd Quarter (6:43): PIT goes for 2 and Roethlisberger with a short slant inside pass complete to Marcus Wheaton!

3rd Quarter (6:46): This time Will Johnson gets in the end zone, TOUCHDOWN!!!

3rd Quarter (7:16): Fullback Will Johnson trys to pound his way in but is short 

3rd Quarter (7:16): Pittsburgh calls their 1st TIMEOUT

3rd Quarter (7:57): D.Williams trys to back his way into the end zone but is stopped at the 1

3rd Quarter (8:35): D.Williams up the middle AGAIN and spins his way to the 2 yard line!

3rd Quarter (9:11): D.Williams with a 7 yard run up the middle, he lost 15 pounds in the offseason and his speed is showing!

3rd Quarter (9:54): Roethlisberger finds A.Brown for a gain of 33 yards! Back to back big time plays by PIT

3rd Quarter (10:37): Williams with a huge run to the left side for 28 yards, great start now need to put some passes together

3rd Quarter (10:37): S.Gostkowski kicks off into the end zone, TOUCHBACK, PIT will start on their own 20. They DESPERATELY need to put a touchdown scoring drive here the way their defense is playing.

3rd Quarter (10:37): S.Gostkowski Extra Point is GOOD!

3rd Quarter (10:40): Brady short pass to the left for TE Scott Chandler for a TOUCHDWON!

3rd Quarter (11:11): B.Bolden is stuffed for no gain

3rd Quarter (11:22): Brady goes deep for Edelman down the left sideline into the end zone but he was illegally taken down! PENALTY Pass Interference on PIT C.Allen automatic first down at the 1 yard line

3rd Quarter (11:53): Brady to Amendola for a short gain and a first down!

3rd Quarter (12:18): Lewis again up the right side for a gain of 9, man this guy has some WHEELS!

3rd Quarter (12:53): D.Lewis with a run up the middle for 11 yards. Lewis has looked very agile tonight

3rd Quarter (13:28): Brady to Edelman again and that's his EIGHTH catch of the night, this is looking like Madden 

3rd Quarter (14:28): Lewis runs through the middle for about a gain of 4 yds

3rd Quarter (15:00): Brady to Edelman for 11 yards and just like that a first down

3rd Quarter (15:00): New England will start on their own 20 to start off the 2nd half

Halftime: Pittsburgh has had MULTIPLE missed opportunities and that has cost them big time in the first half. Two missed field goals and what should've been a touchdown by D.Heyward-Bey has the Steelers down 14-3 instead of being down 14-13. Pittsburgh has to do a better job once they get in the red zone on capitalizing and cashing in those TD opportunities. Give New England credit as well for doing a good job of protecting Brady in the pocket and giving him time to carve up the Steelers secondary.

Halftime : Pittsburgh: 3      -     New England: 14

2nd Quarter (:03): Brady kneels and that'll end the first half!

2nd Quarter (:03): Kickoff goes into the end zone, TOUCHBACK

2nd Quarter (:08): J.Scobee MAKES the 44-YD FIELD GOAL! Whew finally that would have been complete heartbreak if he missed another one.

2nd Quarter (:13): Roethlisberger is under pressure and has to throw it away

2nd Quarter (:13): New England calls another TIMEOUT

2nd Quarter (:19): Roethlisberger finds D.Heyward-Bey in the end zone WIDE OPEN but his right foot was BARELY OUT OF BOUNDS! Wow what a mental error by Heyward-Bey YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHERE YOU ARE RELATIVE TO OUT OF BOUNDS.

2nd Quarter (:41): Williams with the run to the left for 5 yds

2nd Quarter (:45): Pass complete to D.Heyward-Bey for a 4 yard game and a first down! TIMEOUT PIT

2nd Quarter (:47): Pittsburgh going for it on fourth down but New England called a TIMEOUT just before the ball was hiked!

2nd Quarter (:53): Roethlisberger goes deep right to M.Wheaton but he can't cradle it in as he went out fully stretched for that ball!

2nd Quarter (1:29): Roethlisberger short pass to Williams for a 5 yd gain, tackled IN bounds

2nd Quarter (1:55): Williams with a 2 yd run

2nd Quarter (2:00): TWO MINUTE WARNING with the ball on the NE 42. First Down PIT 

2nd Quarter (2:13): Big Ben finds Antonio Brown for a BIG third down conversion with a 37 yard completion!

2nd Quarter (2:48): Roethlisberger finds H.Miller short left for 9 yds

2nd Quarter (3:23): PENALTY Holding PIT 10 yard penalty repeat second down. 2nd and 15

2nd Quarter (3:57): Antonio Brown with a short reception and gets 5 yards on the play

2nd Quarter (3:57): S.Gostkowski kicks 70 yards from NE 35 to PIT -5. D.Archer to PIT 17 for 22 yards.

2nd Quarter (4:01): Extra point is GOOD by S.Gostkowski!

2nd Quarter (4:06): Brady floats it over the top for Gronkowski in the endzone for a TOUCHDOWN!!!

2nd Quarter (4:46): Short pass complete to Edelman for 3 yds

2nd Quarter (5:19): Brady with the quarterback sneak, first down NE!

2nd Quarter (6:03): Lewis up the middle but just short of the first down

2nd Quarter (6:21): Lewis picks up 8 yards

2nd Quarter (6:56): Brady steps up and finds B.Bolden for a 12 yard catch and run

2nd Quarter (7:26): Brady to Amendola over the shoulder catch for 18 yards. Brady is carving up this Steelers secondary

2nd Quarter (8:06): Lewis is stuffed at the line of scrimmage, no gain

2nd Quarter (8:38): Brady fires over the middle to Edelman for 14 yards to the 50 yd line, 1st down

2nd Quarter (8:38): J.Scobee misses ANOTHER Field Goal, this time from 46 yards out! Big big big missed opportunities by the Steelers right now. Safe to say those missed 6 points will end up costing them in the end.

2nd Quarter (8:46): Incomplete pass to Antonio Brown, good coverage there by M.Butler

2nd Quarter (9:30): Williams with a 2 yard pick up, 3rd down and 2

2nd Quarter (10:00): Williams with a 6 yard gain to the right side

2nd Quarter (10:21): Roethlisberger with a DEEP pass down the right sideline for a 44 yard gain D.Heyward-Bey 

2nd Quarter (10:31): Roethlisberger incomplete to H.Miller, wide open but pass was rushed

2nd Quarter (11:11): Williams up the middle for 2 yds gain

2nd Quarter (11:11): S.Gostkowski kicks it into the end zone, TOUCHBACK

2nd Quarter (11:11): S.Gostkowski Extra Point is GOOD!

2nd Quarter (11:13): Brady to Gronkowski one more time this time for 16 yards and a TOUCHDOWN!

2nd Quarter (11:40): This time Brady finds Gronkowski for 19 yards, man this guy is uncoverable

2nd Quarter (12:09): Brady to Edelman again! This time for 13 yards

2nd Quarter (12:42): Lewis runs right for 3 yds

2nd Quarter (13:21): Pass complete to Edelman for 8 yards and a first down

2nd Quarter (13:52): Dion Lewis up the middle for 7 yard gain

2nd Quarter (14:28): B.Bolden with his first carry of the game and he's TAKEN DOWN for a loss of 3 by Ryan Shazier

2nd Quarter(15:00): Fake hand off reverse to Edelman and he runs to the right side for 9 yards, first down

End of 1st Quarter: New England: 0    -    Pittsburgh: 0

1st Quarter (:13): Julian Edelman snatches the ball out of the air and plows forward for 9 yards! 3rd and 2 coming up and that'll end the first quarter

1st Quarter (:45): Aaron Dobson catches it and runs for a 9 yard gain to the NE 19

1st Quarter (1:14): Dion Lewis runs to the left side, PENALTY Holding NE 10 yard penalty, repeat 1st down

1st Quarter (2:04): Tom Brady goes for the quarterback sneak and it is called a first down, but just BARELY!

1st Quarter (2:40): Dion Lewis runs up the middle just short of the first down. 3rd and short

1st Quarter (3:14): Dion Lewis runs to the left side and gains 8 yards

1st Quarter (3:22): Amendola catches the punt at the 19 and runs it to the 33, PENALTY NE illegal block in the back, 10 yard penalty 1st down NE enforced at NE 20.

1st Quarter (4:02): Big Ben finds Heath Miller for 17 yards down the middle but just SHORT! 4th and 1 coming up

1st Quarter (4:47): Roethisberger is SACKED by Dont'a Hightower

1st Quarter (5:23): Antonio Brown with the short out pass for 3 yard, third catch of the night

1st Quarter (5:49): PENALTY Illegal formation PIT 5 yard penalty, repeat first down

1st Quarter (6:19): Roethlisberger throws it to Antonio Brown and he catches it right off his HEAD! Wow what a catch in a TIGHT window. First Down

1st Quarter (6:58): Williams goes up the middle again but is STUFFED! 3rd and 5 coming up

1st Quarter (7:35): DeAngelo Williams runs up the middle for 6 yards, showing good burst tonight 

1st Quarter (7:41): Antonio Brown calls for a fair catch at the PIT 7 yard line. Steelers will take over after this short break

1st Quarter (8:18): Tom Brady is SACKED for 0 yards by B.Dupree 4th down

1st Quarter (8:22): Brady goes DEEP for Amendola down the right sideline but just a LITTLE too long. Wow he was WIDE OPEN Brady just missed him

1st Quarter (8:27): Brady pass incomplete intended for Rob Gronkowski who wwas double teamed

1st Quarter (8:54): Brady to Lewis again for another 13 yards

1st Quarter (9:08): Brady finds Dion Lewis for 12 yards

1st Quarter (9:34): Tom Brady finds J. Edelman wide open for a 12 yard gain. PENALTY Personal Foul by NE N.Soldier 15 yards enforced between downs

1st Quarter (9:40): Remember Pittsburgh traded for Scobee after their starting kicker got hurt in the preseason opener. What a let down to come up with no points after a promising opening drive.

1st Quarter (9:40): 44 yard Field Goal attempt by J.Scobee is NO GOOD!

1st Quarter (10:20): Roethlisberger finds Heath Miller for 10 yards to NE 26 

1st Quarter (10:43): 3rd down and 22 coming up

1st Quarter (10:48): W.Johnson runs right to NE 36 for 6 yards tackled by R.Ninkovich. NE-D.Easley was injured during the play, injury timeout

1st Quarter (11:14): Williams runs to the right for a short gain, PENALTY Holding on the Steelers and that'll be a 10 yd loss, 2nd and 28 

1st Quarter (11:57): Big Ben throws it to Antonio Brown who does a trick play and looks to throw but is SACKED for loss of 8 

1st Quarter (12:37): DeAngelo Williams up the middle for 11 yards to the NE 24 yd line and a first down 

1st Quarter (13:18): Ben Roethlisberger finds Heath Miller down the middle for 14 yards and another first down. 

1st Quarter (14:00): DeAngelo Williams runs up the middle for 4 yds to the 50 yd line for a first down! 

1st Quarter (14:15): Short out pass to Antonio Brown and runs for 9 yards 

1st Quarter (14:48): DeAngelo Williams runs through the right side for 18 yards! Wow great run to start things off

1st Quarter (15:00): Touchback the Steelers will start on their own 20

1st Quarter (15:00): The Patriots have won the toss and as they usually do will kickoff, here we go!

Grace Potter is singing the national anthem tonight, beautifully I might add.

Ironically the song they walked out to was "Hate me Now" which is fitting for how much hatred nationally there is towards the Patriots outside of Massachusetts.

The opening ceremony has begun with Patriots legends Troy Brown and Willie McGinest along with owner Robert Kraft all walking out the tunnel holding Vince Lombardi trophies.

Just a couple minutes away from kickoff, don't go away you won't want to miss kickoff!

Fun Fact: The New England Patriots are 3-0 all-time in season openers as defending Super Bowl champion.

Whether you think the Patriots are heavy cheaters or not the matter of the fact is that they're the defending champs and with all the deflategate controversy this offseason you can bet Tom Brady wants to make a statement tonight. There's some big question marks surrounding this New England team but for tonight I can't see them losing on opening night on their home soil. 

I'll be extremely surprised if this is a heavy running game by either team with both teams missing their starting center and without their starting running backs due to suspensions. Ironically LeGarrette Blount and Le'Veon Bell were teammates and together when they were caught for marijuana use and will now be watching their teams take the field from afar.

We're so close to the start of the 2015 NFL season! It seems longer than usual since we saw the New England Patriots winning the Super Bowl over the Seattle Seahawks. Numerous players changed addresses over the offseason and none more notable for the Patriots than Darrelle Revis going back to the New York Jets. The Patriots do a great job of taking the opponents best offensive player out of the game but without Revis island open for business does New England have enough in the secondary to take Brown out of the equation? I think they'll limit him from going off but he should still have a prodctive game tonight, he's that good.

It'll be interesting to see how Bill Belichick and Mike Tomlin adjust their gameplans to adjust for the missing players on both sides of the ball. Whichever coach can bandage the wounds the most will give his team the best chance to win.

If the Steelers are to pull off a victory they will have to do it on the shoulders of Ben Roethlisberger and the passing attack. DeAngelo Williams will be the X-factor for Pittsburgh, but without their starting center it'll be difficult early on to get into a rhythm running the ball.

The Steelers should be able to manage without Bryant given the fact that they have one of the bets wide outs in the league in Antonio Brown, but their biggest loss is on the offensive line. Starting center Maurkice Pouncey won't return until Week 10 at the earliest. This is a huge loss considering Pouncey played in all 16 games last season protecting Ben Roethlisberger and being the focal point of the offensive line. When Pouncey missed almost the entire season in 2013, Roethlisberger was sacked 42 times. Pouncey is considered one of the best centers in the league and his presence will be heavily missed against a much improved New England defensive line.

In the 21st century "Brady and Belichick era," the Roethlisberger and the Steelers haven't done very well against the Patriots, especially on the road in Foxborough. The Patriots won't be at full strength, but neither will the Steelers who have some key players missing as well, none more notable than their young stud running back, Le'Veon Bell who is suspended for the team's first two regular season games. DeAngelo Williams will be asked to fill in at starting running back and will play a big factor as to whether or not he can provide enough run support to keep the Patriots defense off balance. The Steelers will also be without second year wide receiver Martavis Bryant who many expect to have a breakout season this year but will be missing in action for the first four games of the season due to failing to meet the NFL's standard drug policy.

The defending AFC North champions Pittsburgh Steelers will try and go into Foxborough on Thursday night and get an early statement win in what they hope is a Super Bowl run for them. These Steelers aren't the same as the ones we're used to seeing in the 1970s and 2000s with elite defensive units. Last season the Steelers ranked 18th in points allowed and 18th in yards surrendered. Legendary defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau is now with the Tennessee Titans and that means that the defense will be a work in progress throughout the season as they learn a brand new defensive scheme. If the Steelers are going to win this game it'll have to be on the arm of "Big Ben" Roethlisberger.

The Patriots will rely on a young and talented defensive line to be a force to be reckoned with this season as bolstering the defensive line was a priority during the offseason. Prize free-agent acquisition, Jabaal Sheard, will be a big part of that defensive line and has raved about by Bill Belichick thus far in the offseason. The Patriots may not have the same secondary they did last year but their pass rush should be much improved which will help soften the blow of loing a Darelle Revis.

The Patriots defense will look much different from what we saw last season, No longer will they arguably have the best secondary in the league with cornerbacks Darrelle Revis and Brandon Brower signing with the New York Jets and the New Orleans Saints. What was once a strength is now a cloud of unknown and we'll find out quickly if Super Bowl hero, Malcolm Butler, can become a No. 1 corner in this league. Long time and beloved defensive captain Vince Wilfork is no longer clogging up the middle of the defensive line as he is now with the Houston Texans. Wilfork's play had declined recently and he's no longer the player he once was but nonetheless he's was an exceptional leader and provided good run stoppage when used in spurts. Linebacker Jerod Mayo's return from injury will be a boost to that linebacker group and will be called upon to step up as a leader on defense as one of the few veterans on that side of the ball.

The Patriots will have home field advantage, and they will have to take advantage of small ball offense. Brady is more than capable of connecting on deep throws, but without LaFell and a questionable new defense, controlling the time of possession is a must. Belichick surprised many by releasing Jonas Gray, who was actually New England's leading rusher last season. With LeGarrette Blount being suspended for this game the Patriots ground game is a big question mark but watch out for the Dion Lewis to replace Shane Vereen's role of the receiving back on third downs.

Thankfully for the Patriots, Robert Gronkowski will be playing. Gronkowski is viewed as the best tight end in the league, and rightfully so, he's nearly uncoverable one-on-one and will be a matchup nightmare as New England will look to take advantage.

Nonethess it's time to play football and no more need for speculation as the Patriots will begin their quest to win a fifth Vince Lombardi trophy. Future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady will be on the field, and wide receiver Julian Edelman is expected to suit up after some early speculation that he may be forced to sit out due to injury.. Unfortunately, the Patriots do have some key injuries. Brandon LaFell is on the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list, and it will be up to Aaron Dobson to finally step up. Perhaps the biggest loss due to injury is being without starting center Bryan Stork who has been battling concussion syndromes and place on the Injured Reserved/ Designated-to-return list. LeGarrette Blount will also be missing in action as he serves a 1 game suspension for violating the NFL's drug policy.

It's been quite an offseason for the Super Bowl champions and can be best described as a reality show with each week in passing shining a darker light on their dynasty run. Bill Belichick and the Patriots organization are once again under the scrutiny of being heavy cheaters and has taken away some of the glory and honor in their most recent Super Bowl victory.

After seven long months of 'Deflategate' talk, countless player movement in the offseason and key injuries to notable NFL players, football is finally back. The New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers will face off on Thursday Night Football in the annual opening day kickoff game.