Result Dallas Cowboys - New York Giants Of 2015 NFL Football (20-27)

Result Dallas Cowboys - New York Giants Of 2015 NFL Football (20-27)

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4th Quarter(0:00): Giants will kneel it a couple times and that'll be it. The Cowboys have now lost FOUR games in a row and will fall to 2-4 while the Giants will improve to 4-3 and for the time being have sole possession of 1st place of the NFC East Division

4th Quarter(1:36): Giants punt it off and Cole Beasley bobbles the catch and the Giants RECOVER!!! That's it folks GAMEOVER

4th Quarter(1:36): Dallas will get one last chance here but need a TD to force OT

4th Quarter(1:39): Darkwa runs for 2 yards, TIMEOUT #3 Dallas

4th Quarter(1:43): Andre Williams runs for 3 yards, TIMEOUT #2 Dallas

4th Quarter(1:48): Andre Williams runs for 2 yards, TIMEOUT #1 Dallas

4th Quarter(1:56): Cassel pass complete to James Hanna but he's short of the 1st down, it'll be Giants ball

4th Quarter(2:00): Cassel's pass is tipped and INCOMPLETE, FOURTH DOWN & 8

*******************TWO MINUTE WARNING*******************

4th Quarter(2:10): Cassel is SACKED and loses a yard. That'll take us to the 2 minute warning

4th Quarter(2:52): Christian Michael runs for 2 yards, 2nd & 8

4th Quarter(3:29): McFadden runs for 4 yards and picks up the first down

4th Quarter(4:08): McFadden up the middle for 9 more yards, Giants CAN NOT stop this run game what so ever

4th Quarter(4:48): Double reverse to Lucky Whitehead for a gain of 10 yards, 1st down!

4th Quarter(4:48): PENALTY, False Start Dal

4th Quarter(5:32): McFadden runs to the left side for a 6 yard gain

4th Quarter(6:10): McFadden runs it to the right side again and picks up 9 yards and another 1st down

4th Quarter(6:55): McFadden  runs it to the right side for 2 yards

4th Quarter(7:01): Josh Brown  kicks it off and Devin Street returns it to the Dal 30

4th Quarter(7:01):  Extra point is GOOD

4th Quarter(7:14): Dan Bailey  kicks off to the end zone and is returned by Dwayne Harris all the way for a TOUCHDOWN 100 yards!!! Harris sticks it to his former team

4th Quarter(7:14):  Extra point is GOOD!! 2 HUGE back to back plays by Cassel and the Cowboy receiver. Both did a great job of putting both feet in bounds before falling out of bounds. Game all tied up!

4th Quarter(7:23): Cassel  finds Devin Street in the corner of the end zone for a TOUCHDOWN!!! Wow Street tippy toed both feet inside!

4th Quarter(8:03): Cassel  finds Terrence Williams down the right sideline for 21 yards, HUGE first down!

4th Quarter(8:08): Cassel  incomplete intended for Cole Beasley as it hit him in the HELMET, that's a LOL moment if you ever see one in a football game

4th Quarter(8:49): Michael runs to the right side and picks up 1 yard

4th Quarter(9:28): Christian Michael with a run to the left side and picks up 13 yards, nice run by the former Seahawk!

4th Quarter(10:10): McFadden again up the middle and picks up 5

4th Quarter(10:48): McFadden runs up the middle for 6 yards and picks up a 1st down

4th Quarter(11:33): Screen pass to Lucky Whitehead is good for 6 yards and is INCHES short of the 1st down

4th Quarter(12:07): McFadden with a 3 yard gain

4th Quarter(12:21): Brad Wing punts it into the end zone, TOUCHBACK

4th Quarter(12:25): Manning throws incomplete out of bounds intended for Ruben Randle, big stop for the Cowboys defense, 4th down and 5

4th Quarter(13:00): Manning finds Harris for a 5 yard completion, 3rd & 5

4th Quarter(13:07): Manning throws deep intended for Ruben Randle but he couldn't hold on, easily would have been a 30+ pickup

4th Quarter(13:37): Manning rolls right and finds Beckham for 10 yards and a 1st down

4th Quarter(14:14): Darkwa is STUFFED and loses a yard

4th Quarter(14:45): Manning finds Beckham for 6 yards

4th Quarter(15:00): Cassel is INTERCEPTED AGAIN!!! Rodgers-Cromartie with his 2nd INT of the game

END OF 3RD QUARTER: Dallas   13           New York   20

3rd Quarter(:03): PENALTY, False start Dallas 5 yard penalty, repeat first down, 1st & 15

3rd Quarter(:41): Cassel steps up from the pressure and finds Brice Butler for 15 yards and picks up a FIRST DOWN

3rd Quarter(1:25): McFadden goes to the right side this time but only gains 1

3rd Quarter(2:12): McFadden goes to the left side this time and picks up 5 yards

3rd Quarter(2:14): INJURY TIMEOUT NY

3rd Quarter(2:34): McFadden bursts out the right side for a gain of 22!

3rd Quarter(3:11): McFadden runs it up the middle for 2 yards

3rd Quarter(3:11): Josh Brown kicks off it to the Dal 1 and Lucky Whitehead runs it 20 yards to the Dal 21

3rd Quarter(3:31): Josh Brown's 34 yard field goal attempt is GOOD

3rd Quarter(4:04): Manning is SACKED by Jack Crawford, HUGE play by the defense there

3rd Quarter(4:39): Manning play action pass to Larry Donnell for a 1 yard gain, 3rd & 7

3rd Quarter(5:14): Vereen scratches for a 2 yard gain

3rd Quarter(5:54): Vereen takes the hand off and runs it 39 yards to inside the 10 yard line!

3rd Quarter(6:32): Manning throws down the right sideline and it's caught ONE-HANDED by Ruben Randle for a gain of 44 yards, what a catch!!!

3rd Quarter(7:11): Jennings is SWARMED and picks up no yards

3rd Quarter(7:43): Rashad Jennings runs up the middle for 5 yards

3rd Quarter(7:53): Cassel play action again but it's INTERCEPTED by Meriweather, Williams had his man beat but the pass was underthrown, momentum all on the side of the Giants

3rd Quarter(8:33): McFadden up the middle and picks up 3 yards

3rd Quarter(9:09): Cassel play action and finds Brice Butler down the left sideline for 26 yards, found him on his back shoulder! Great concentration on that catch

3rd Quarter(9:55): McFadden fights his way to a FIRST DOWN, that was all will there as it looked as he had been stopped but kept pushing

3rd Quarter(10:38): McFadden to the right side, picks up 8, 3rd down & 2 coming up

3rd Quarter(11:16): McFadden is wrapped up at the line of scrimmage, NO GAIN

3rd Quarter(11:16): Brown kicks it off into the end zone, TOUCHBACK

3rd Quarter(11:16): Extra point is GOOD

3rd Quarter(11:32): Cassel is PICKED off by Rodgers-Cromartie and he takes it all the way to the house, TOUCHDOWN!

3rd Quarter(12:18): McFadden up the middle for 1 yard gain

3rd Quarter(12:54): Cassel finds Terrence Williams for 11 yards and a FIRST DOWN

3rd Quarter(13:36): Cassel hands off to Lucky Whitehead on a wide receiver sweep for 4 yards and a FIRST DOWN!

3rd Quarter(14:15): McFadden runs up the middle for another 4 yards, 3rd down & 2

3rd Quarter(14:50): McFadden runs to the left for 4 yards

3rd Quarter(15:00): Josh Brown kicks off to the end zone and is run back to the Dal 27

2nd Quarter(:04): Manning will take a knee and that'll do it for the 1st half! Dallas will take a 13-10 lead into the locker room

2nd Quarter(:10): Manning incomplete pass to Vereen, 4 seconds left on the clock

2nd Quarter(:16): Vereen rushes up the middle for 14 yards, TIMEOUT#2 New York

2nd Quarter(:24): Chris Jones punts it off to the NY 25, fair catch

2nd Quarter(:29): Cassel's pass is batted down at the line of scrimmage, that one was NEARLY picked off, 4th down

2nd Quarter(:40): Cassel 5 yard completion to Witten who gets out of bounds at the Dal 40

2nd Quarter(:58): Cassel to Witten for a first down across the Dal 35

2nd Quarter(1:04): Cassel short to McFadden as he runs 9 yards out of bounds

2nd Quarter(1:04): Josh Brown kicks off to the end zone, TOUCHBACK

2nd Quarter(1:07): Josh Brown NAILS a 47 yard field goal!

2nd Quarter(1:08): Manning complete to Donnell but he can't come down with it as Corey White came up with a BIG hit on Donnell to force it incomplete.

2nd Quarter(1:18): Manning throws deep right sideline for Odell Beckham Jr. and ALMOST pulls down a 1 handed catch!

2nd Quarter(1:20): Manning pass intended for Ruben Randle is incomplete

2nd Quarter(1:24): TIMEOUT #1 Giants

2nd Quarter(1:33): Manning finds Dwayne Harris across the middle wide open and he runs it for a total of 38 yards!

2nd Quarter(1:27): The call is REVERSED, incomplete pass!

2nd Quarter(1:27): This play is under review, huge for both teams right now! Looks like the ball may have hit the ground simultaneously as it hit Jones' foot but it has to be clear without a doubt

2nd Quarter(1:35): Manning's ball is TIPPED off of Byron Jones' foot and is INTERCEPTED by the rookie Byron Jones himself!

2nd Quarter(1:38): Manning to Beckham, pass is DROPPED. PENALTY Illegal use of hands Dal, 5 yard penalty automatic FIRST DOWN

2nd Quarter(2:00): Manning short pass to Vereen for a gain of 7

********************TWO MINUTE WARNING******************

2nd Quarter(2:17): Shane Vereen is given the hand off but is STUFFED

2nd Quarter(2:17): Bailey kicks off to the end zone, TOUCHBACK

2nd Quarter(2:17): Dan Bailey makes the extra point and it's Dallas leading 13-7!

2nd Quarter(2:21): MCFadden runs up the middle again and it's a TOUCHDOWN!!!!

2nd Quarter(2:58): McFadden runs up the middle and is stopped at the ONE yard line

2nd Quarter(2:58):  PENALTY, Personal roughness NY, half the distance to the goal, FIRST & Goal. TIMEOUT #2 Cowboys

2nd Quarter(3:42): Cassel  play action and finds Witten DEEP for 35 yards at the NY 5!!! Great throw by Cassel!

2nd Quarter(4:28): McFadden  sprinting to his left and runs for 15 yards! Beautiful blocking by Tyron Smith the All-Pro Left Tackle

2nd Quarter(4:44): Cassel  fakes it to McFadden and runs to the right for a 5 yard gain as he escapes pressure, PENALTY HOlding NY 5 yard penalty FIRST DOWN

2nd Quarter(4:52): Cassel  incomplete intended for Brice Butler, PENALTY Holding NY, 5 yards automatic FIRST DOWN

2nd Quarter(5:36): McFadden  runs up the middle for 3 yards

2nd Quarter(5:39): Brad Wing punts it to the Dal 28, fair catch by Cole Beasley

2nd Quarter(6:17): Manning  is SACKED by Greg Hardy, big play there by Hardy forcing 4th down

2nd Quarter(6:55): Darkwa  picks up 2 yards up the middle

2nd Quarter(7:29): Darkwa  picks up 4 yards

2nd Quarter(7:29): Dan Bailey  kicks off to the end zone, TOUCHBACK

2nd Quarter(7:33): Dan Bailey  with a 48 yard field goal attempt and it is GOOD!!!

2nd Quarter(8:15): Cassel finds Witten open in the middle for 9 yards

2nd Quarter(8:57): Cassel short pass to Michael for 2 yards, 3rd down and 18

2nd Quarter(9:08): Cassel  with a screen pass to McFadden who takes it to the HOUSE BUT PENALTY, Holding on Devin Street 10 yard penalty

2nd Quarter(9:47): Christine Michael is STUFFED for no gain

2nd Quarter(10:23): Cassel steps up and finds Terrence Williams in stride for a 27 yard gain!

2nd Quarter(11:02): Christine Michael gets the hand off and gains 2 yards, 2nd down & 8

2nd Quarter(11:02): Josh Brown Kicks off to the Dal 10 OUT OF BOUNDS, PENALTY by rule the ball will be placed at the Dal 40 to start the drive

2nd Quarter(11:02): Extra point is GOOD!

2nd Quarter(11:09): Darkwa up the middle for 15 yards and a TOUCHDOWN!!!!

2nd Quarter(11:48): Manning throws on a quick slant to Odell Beckham for 9 yards

2nd Quarter(12:20): Darkwa just runs through Greg Hardy and picks up 10 yards, FIRST DOWN

2nd Quarter(12:49): Darkwa again runs up the middle for 9 yards, 2nd down and 1

2nd Quarter(12:54): Manning incomplete for Randle but PENALTY, Pass Interference on Morris Claiborne , automatic FIRST DOWN

2nd Quarter(13:00): Manning with a short pass attempt to Darkwa but is incomplete

2nd Quarter(13:35): Orleans Darkwa runs for a gain of 7

2nd Quarter(14:07): Manning  finds Ruben Randle WIDE OPEN down the middle for a big gain of 24 yards

2nd Quarter(14:10): Chris Jones  punts off to the NY 21

2nd Quarter(14:20): Cassel  is NEARLY picked off by Rodgers Cromartie, that could have been a TD for New York, break for the Cowboys

INJURY UPDATE: Joseph Randle is PROBABLE to return with a back strain

2nd Quarter(14:20):  TIMEOUT #1 Dallas Cowboys

2nd Quarter(15:00): McFadden runs right side and picks up 5, 3rd& 4

1st Quarter(:00): END OF THE 1st QUARTER

1st Quarter(:35): Cassel finds Terrence Williams for a gain of 11, 2nd down and 9. McFadden with a GREAT block picking up the blitz

1st Quarter(1:04): McFadden cuts upfield and gets 3 yards on the play, PENALTY Tripping Dal 10 yards repeat first down

1st Quarter(1:44): Cassel finds Witten for a FIRST DOWN, 6 yard completion

1st Quarter(2:29): McFadden runs to the left for a gain fo 2, 3rd down and 4

1st Quarter(3:13): McFadden runs it up the middle for 4 yards, Joseph Randle is on the sidelines working on the exercise break

1st Quarter(3:18): Brad Wing punts to the Dal 22 and is recovered by Cole Beasley who runs it 7 yards back to the Dal 29.

1st Quarter(3:29): Manning INCOMPLETE pass intended for Odell Beckham, FOURTH DOWN

1st Quarter(4:07): Williams again up the middle but only gets a 2 yard gain

1st Quarter(4:38): Andre Williams runs up the middle for 5 yards

1st Quarter(5:20): Manning play actions and rolls to the right and finds Odell Beckham Jr. for 10 yards and a FIRST DOWN

1st Quarter(5:25): Dan Bailey kicks off to the end zone and Dwayne Harris runs it back to the NY 19

1st Quarter(5:28): Dan Bailey kicks a 34 yard field goal and it's GOOD! Dallas gets on the board first 3-0

1st Quarter(5:34): Cassel throws behind Witten incomplete as Cassel was under HUGE pressure, 4th down

1st Quarter(5:42): Cassel floats it to the right side of the end zone, out of bounds, intended for Brice Butler

1st Quarter(6:17): McFadden AGAIN up the middle this time for 7 yards

1st Quarter(7:00): McFadden with a BIG hole up the middle for 9 yards

1st Quarter(7:40): McFadden hits the hole up the middle for 6 yards

1st Quarter(8:26): Cassel delays the hand off to Randle and he runs up the left side for 11 yards, FIRST DOWN

1st Quarter(8:32): Cassel throws out of bounds incomplete intended for Witten

1st Quarter(9:10): Joseph Randle runs to the right and gains 13 yards, FIRST DOWN

1st Quarter(10:00): Lucky Whitehead moves in motion and is handed the ball on a WR sweep to the left for 15 yards. Aggressive play call thus far by Dallas

1st Quarter(10:04): PENALTY, False start Dal 5 yard penalty, 1st down and 15

1st Quarter(10:42): Matt Cassel play action and finds Jason Witten who breaks a tackle and gets 12 yards on the play

1st Quarter(10:44): Giants punt it off and it goes into the end zone, TOUCHBACK, First down at the Dal 20

1st Quarter(10:57): Manning AGAIN with pressure all over him and this time incomplete pass to Will Tye

1st Quarter(11:04): Manning steps back and Jeremy Mincey hits him from behind as he throws! It's called incomplete pass

1st Quarter(11:37): Rashad Jennings with a 6 yard gain, Giants looking good on this drive

1st Quarter(12:15): Manning finds Donnell across the middle of the field for a gain of 10, FIRST DOWN

1st Quarter(12:58): Manning short right pass to Donnell but he is also STUFFED at the line of scrimmage for no gain

1st Quarter(13:34): Jennings tries running up the middle but is STUFFED for no yards, Sean Lee with good pursuit there

1st Quarter(14:20): Eli Manning  passes to Larry Donnell for 6 yards, FIRST DOWN

1st Quarter(14:50): Rashad Jennings  rushes up the middle for 8 yards

1st Quarter(15:00):Dan Bailey kicks off and is returned by ex-Cowboys player Dwayne Harris to the NY 23

Matt Cassel may be the new starting quarterback for the Cowboys but if they're to win this game the game plan is simple, get pressure on Eli Manning and force him into a couple of turnovers. Offensively they must do a better job running the ball and be a little more aggressive taking shots down the field. Terrence Williams and Brice Butler will have to make a play down the field and force the Giants safeties to play further back which will as a result help the running game.

Update on Odell Beckham Jr. is he is ACTIVE and will be a main focal point of the Giants passing attack. Shane Vereen should also see plenty of catching opportunities as the Cowboys have struggled containing running backs catching out of the backfield.

Update on Dez Bryant is that he was seen warming up on the field during pre-game and was running straight line routes and making catches. He looked good doing so as well and is 50/50 on being able to suit up and play next week against the Seattle Seahawks.

For the Giants they're going to have to do a better job of protecting Eli Manning in the pocket and allowing him more time to find his receivers downfield. At the same time Manning and the offensive coordinator must gameplan to get the ball out early and often as the Cowboys pass rush will certainly be able to get to Manning early and often. Odell Beckham Jr. was limited in practice all week still dealing with a sore hamstring and will be closely monitored as he goes up a Cowboys secondary that limited him to 4 catches for 42 yards in week 1.

The Cowboys did a good job of putting a safety over the top of Beckham and getting good pressure on Manning in their first matchup and will be looking to do the same in this one. Manning's main priority must be to get the ball into Beckham's hands on short routes and allow him to make a play int he open field. Rashard Jennings and Shane Vereen will have big roles in this game as well as the Cowboys have had trouble defending the run the last couple games so it'll be smart if the Giants were to test the Dallas run defense early.

Randy Gregory suffered a high ankle sprain in week 1 but has been practicing for the past 2 weeks and is ready to get back on the field and will be a big boost to the defensive line and scary for Eli Manning and the Giants. If the Cowboys are to win this game they'll have to do it with their defense leading the charge and by providing constant pressure on Manning and forcing him into mistakes. The Eagles front 7 were in Eli's face all game long and forced him into a couple ill advised interceptions and that's exactly what the Cowboys will need to do with their pass rush fully intact and Sean Lee acting as the leader of the defensive unit.

While there may be numberous questions and concerns on offense heading into this game for the Cowboys one thing their not worried so much about is their defense, which will be the healthiest and at the fullest of strength it's been since week 1 of the season. Gregy Hardy and Rolando McClain returned in week 5 against the New England Patriots and made their impact felt early and often as they were able to put great pressure on Tom Brady most of the game.

Say what you will about Greg Hardy and his past but when it comes to on the field he is a game changer with his intensity and physicality he poses on the opposition. The Cowboys were able to sack Brady a total of 5 times last game with two of them coming from Hardy and now the pass rush will get another big boost with the return of rookie Randy Gregory.

It hasn't just been the Cowboys passing attack that has been less than impressive but the running game has always struggled in finding consistency throughout an entire game. Enter Christian Michael who the Cowboys traded a conditional 7th round pick for Michael from the Seattle Seahawks and has taken some first team reps with the first offensive unit last week in practice.

While there has been much speculation as to who will be the starting running back behind Cassel in week 7, there has been a strong notion that Joseph Randle will still handle the majority of carries while Christian Michael could see somewhere from 5-10 carries. Darren McFadden will mainly work in as the 3rd down back as Dallas looks to fill the void of losing Lance Dunbar for the entire season. Whoever is running the ball they must help eleviate some pressure off of Matt Cassek and the passing attack and keep the Giants defense off balance, a defense that has been better against the run than the pass thus far this season.

Dallas' offense has struggled with the absence of Dez Bryant and Tony Romo as evident by their 3 game losing streak but head coach Jason Garrett hopes that the change in quarterback from Brandon Weeden to Matt Cassel will provide a spark to the offense. To be fair Weeden has not been the main problem in Dallas' subpar offense in recent weeks as he's executed the gameplan that has been presented to him and done what a backup quarterback is expected to do.

That being said the change to Cassel is perhaps more of a change of strategy from a mental perspective as it's noticeable some frustration has begun to settle in with the pffensive personnel. Along with the change at quarterback there will be a new face on the offense line with rookie La'el Collins making his first NFL start at left guard replacing the veteran Ronald Leary. Leary has battled a groin injury the last few weeks and it has shown in his play, Collins has been impressive early on and will now get a chance to put his stamp on perhaps a permanent change at left guard.

These two teams met in week 1 of the season where it took a late drive by Tony Romo to pull out a miraculous 27-26 victory after some time management blunders by Giants coach Tom Coughlin and quarterback Eli Manning. Week 1 is also the last time Dez Bryant and Randy Gregory were on the field for the Cowboys and while Gregory will make his return from a high ankle sprain, it seems as it'll be at least another week before Dez Bryant returns to the lineup. While Dez Bryant has made significant progress in his rehab from a fractured foot he did not practice with the team all of this past week and has not been cleared to return to action. Bryant was seen working on the sideline and running in straight lines making routine catches but has not begun to cut which is vital before he makes a return.

The Dallas Cowboys (2-3) and the New York Giants (3-3) face off in a prime NFC East showdown with huge playoff implications on the line for both teams so early on in the season. The Giants sit tied atop the division with the Philadelphia Eagles at 3-3 after losing to the Eagles on Monday Night Football but it's the Cowboys who were perhaps the biggest winner of week 6 as they remain in the hunt for the division lead despite riding a 3 game losing streak. The winner of this matchup could potentially take over 1st place in the division and gain a key divisional win.