Buffalo Bills Lack In London; Lose To Jacksonville Jaguars Despite Late Comeback

The Buffalo Bills arrived early in London to prepare for a historic game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jaguars did not arrive until Friday. Bottom line, it didn't appear to make a difference.

Since the game was in London, it was played 9:30 AM ET, and was aired worldwide for the first time on Yahoo. For Bills fans, the first half at least seemed like a historic nightmare.

It was a back and forth affair between the Bills and Jaguars in the first quarter. It wasn't until the 7:26 mark when Bills kicker Dan Carpenter gave Buffalo an early 3-0 lead with his 200th career field goal.

The second quarter is where the Buffalo Bills nightmare began. The Jaguars scored a touchdown within the first minute of the second quarter. Roughly two minutes after the touchdown, E.J. Manuel fumbled the ball and Jacksonville recovered and ran it in for the touchdown making the score 14-3. The Bills came back out on the field and on Manuel's first throw, he was intercepted and Telvin Smith ran it back for a 26-yard touchdown, putting the Jaguars evening farther ahead by a score of 21-3. The next series, it happened again. This time, Manuel's pass to Chris Hogan was intercepted. It led to a 28-yard touchdown run by Jacksonville running back T.J. Yeldon, making it a 27-3 ballgame with more than eight minutes left in the half.

The Bills got the ball back and managed to a score a touchdown on an E.J. Manuel 16-yard pass to Robert Woods in the endzone. The next series the Jaguars were forced to punt, giving the Bills offense another chance to score before the half. Dan Carpenter would come through with another field goal, making it a 27-13 game heading into halftime.

Jacksonville started the third quarter on offense and had a drive that lasted more than nine minutes, but ended on downs as they couldn't convert on the one yard line four straight times. Buffalo would hold possession of the ball the rest of the third quarter, and kept driving down field to start the fourth, ending with another Carpenter field goal.

After another series producing no points, the Bills drove down the field. They made it to the one-yard line after a LeSean McCoy run, but he fumbled and the Jaguars recovered.

Later in the fourth, after a big stop from the Buffalo Bills defense, E.J. Manuel threw a 48-yard touchdown pass to Marcus Easley. After a first failed attempted at a two-point conversion, the Bills got another chance after a flag against Jacksonville. This time, the Bills converted making it 27-24

Jacksonville's offense returned to the field and on third-and-11, Corey Graham intercepted Blake Bortles' pass and ran it back 44 yards for the touchdown. A Dan Carpenter extra point made it 31-27 in favor of Buffalo. 

Jacksonville appeared to be headed off the field when an incomplete pass turned into a defensive (very questionable) pass interference call against the Bills. It led to another Jacksonville touchdown, a 31-yard pass to Allen Hurns, putting them up by three with a little more than two minutes to go. 

The Bills were driving down the field when there appeared to be a fumble but the refs said forward progress was stopped. The Bills tried to go for it on fourth down, but failed to convert on a fourth-and-one. The Bills failed to complete the comeback and fall to 3-4 on the season. Jacksonville improves to 2 - 5.