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While the loss was a tough pill to swallow for Dallas, it was a crucial win for the Seahawks. Seattle blew an early 4th quarter lead, but recovered to claim the victory. Russell Wilson and Jimmy Graham led the way for the Hawks. Wilson threw for 210 yards and ran for 32 more while Graham had seven catches for 75 yards. Richard Sherman also played his part, limiting Dez Bryant to two catches for 12 yards. Seattle has a bye next week before hosting the Arizona Cardinals in Week 10. 

Tough loss for the Cowboys, who fall to 2-5. They certainly had a chance, but they need to get more production out of the offense. Darren McFadden ran the ball 20 times, but only for 64 yards. Matt Cassel only managed 97 passing yards. The defense was solid, but they simply couldn't put points on the board. Dallas hosts the Philadelphia Eagles next week. 

4th Quarter (0:00) Game over. Seahawks win. 

4th Quarter (0:01) Dallas can't convert on fourth down as the ball is batted down. Seattle will take a knee with one second left.

4th Quarter (0:12) Penalty on Dallas before a fourth down play where Cassel was sacked. The Cowboys will have 12 seconds left on 4th and 21. 

4th Quarter (0:25) Bruce Irvin sacks Cassel for a loss of six. Big play. Fourth down now. 

4th Quarter (0:50) Cassel throws an incompletion on 2nd down. 3rd and 10 for Dallas. 

4th Quarter (0:54) The play is ruled an incompletion. 2nd and 10 for the Cowboys now. 

4th Quarter (0:54) Cassel's arm is hit while throwing. The ball's trajectory is clearly changed by the hit. The pass looks like an incompletion, but Jordan Hill scoops up the ball and runs it into the endzone. The play is ruled a touchdown and is currently under review. 

4th Quarter (0:59) Bennett is called for a roughing the passer. Automatic first down for the Cowboys. 

4th Quarter (1:06) Hauschka sends it out of the endzone for a touchback. Dallas will start at the 20.

4th Quarter (1:06) Steven Hauschka converts the field goal. 13-12 Seahawks lead. 

4th Quarter (1:42) Wilson scrambles for five yards. Fourth down now as the Hawks run the clock down to 1:10 left in the game. 

4th Quarter (2:00) Marshawn Lynch is stopped behind the line. Third down as we approach the two-minute warning.

4th Quarter (2:45) Wilson scrambles for 10 yards and a first down. Huge play as Dallas is out of timeouts. 

4th Quarter (3:00) Dallas burns the team's final timeout. 3rd down and seven for the Seahawks in the red zone. 

4th Quarter (4:35) Russell Wilson runs for eight yards and another first down. 

4th Quarter (4:35) Wilson connects with Doug Baldwin for 15 yards and a first down. 

4th Quarter (4:41) After a scramble by Wilson, the quarterback finds Lockett again for nine yards and a first down. 

4th Quarter (5:16) Another catch by Graham, this one for eight yards and a fresh set of downs. 

4th Quarter (5:38) Wilson lobs it to Chris Matthews, but the pass is incomplete and nearly intercepted. 

4th Quarter (6:35) Lockett makes a catch to pick up 11 yards to start the drive for the Hawks. 

4th Quarter (7:00) Lockett returns the ensuing punt 62 yards, but the play is called back due to a holding penalty on Richard Sherman. 

4th Quarter (8:24) Dallas goes back to the run game, but McFadden can't convert on first and second down. Michael Bennett stuffs the running back on third down. 

4th Quarter (9:37) Graham hauls in yet another pass, this one for six yards. The tight end can't pick up the first down. Steven Hauschka comes on to kick a field goal, but the kick is blocked. Dallas takes over yet again. 

4th Quarter (10:47) Wilson goes back to Graham, this pass going for 19 yards. First down Seattle. 

4th Quarter (11:33) Marshawn Lynch picks up the first down by powering through the line. 

4th Quarter (12:47) Thomas Rawls runs for seven yards on first down. The rookie follows it up with a two-yard run to make it 3rd and one. 

4th Quarter (13:56) Lynch starts the Hawks' drive with two runs for 15 yards. Good sign early for Seattle. 

4th Quarter (14:49) The Seahawks hold the Cowboys to a three-and-out as Dan Bailey attempts and makes a field goal. Dallas takes the lead 12-9. 

3rd Quarter (0:15) Just as Seattle starts to move the ball, Greg Hardy tips and intercepts Russell Wilson's pass. The Cowboys now have the ball in the red zone. 

3rd Quarter (1:00) Graham catches another pass, this one for nine yards. 

3rd Quarter (1:41) Wilson connects with Graham for 11 yards. Seattle looking to make some progress here. 

3rd Quarter (3:31) Cassel takes a massive hit and throws a deep pass to Bryant. Sherman would have come up with an interception, but Bryant intervenes and is called for offensive pass interference. Dallas punts. 

3rd Quarter (3:58) Crucial third down for the Cowboys here. 

3rd Quarter (5:56) Bryant makes another catch, this one going for 15 yards and a first down. 

3rd Quarter (6:45) Dez Bryant finally makes his first catch of the game and... is stopped by Richard Sherman for a three yard loss. 

3rd Quarter (7:29) Wilson looks for Graham on third down after a three-yard scramble. Pass is incomplete. Jon Ryan punts again. 

3rd Quarter (8:23) Wilson starts the Hawks' drive with a three-yard completion to Jimmy Graham.

3rd Quarter (8:51) Dan Bailey connects on another field goal. 10-9 game. 

3rd Quarter (8:59) After the penalty, Seattle bats down consecutive passes at the line of scrimmage. Bailey on for a long field goal as McFadden is shown heading into the locker room.

3rd Quarter (9:21) McFadden picks up 25 yards, but the play is called back due to an illegal motion penalty. 

3rd Quarter (9:37) Cassel trys to find Bryant in the endzone, but Richard Sherman covers him well. 2nd down now for the Cowboys. 

3rd Quarter (11:22) The Cowboys go for another short pass. McFadden picks up 10 yards and the first down. 

3rd Quarter (13:39) Cassel takes off and runs for another first down. The quarterback now has 43 rushing yards. 

3rd Quarter (15:00) Update on Lockette: the wide reciever has a concussion but can move. Extremly good sign.

On the other side of the field, the Dallas Cowboys need to find something that works on offense. It isn't a good day at the office if Matt Cassel is the team's leading rusher. It probably wouldn't hurt if Dez Bryant caught some more passes.

For Seattle to stay succesful in the second half, the team needs to keep doing what they're doing on defense. No Dallas reciever has more than three catches or 25 yards, while the Cowboys' leading rusher is quarterback Matt Cassel. The Hawks have spread the ball around in the passing game, but could probably use more production. On offense, the team has looked dangerous at times on offense and stagnant at others. More consistent production and Seattle could put the game away early. 

Send your thoughts and prayers to Ricardo Lockette

2nd Quarter (0:00) The first half ends. 

2nd Quarter (0:12) Lockette is carted off, but is able to move his hands and signal to the crowd. He's talking as well. A positive sign. An extremly scary play. 

2nd Quarter (0:12) Ricardo Lockette takes a hit on the punt return and is down on the field. Hope he's ok. Extremly scary play. A stretcher has been brought out onto the field. 

2nd Quarter (0:12) Wilson shovels a short pass to Lynch on 2nd down. The Hawks can't convert on the following play. The Cowboys will have 12 seconds on the clock. 

2nd Quarter (1:14) After a penalty makes it 1st and 15, Marshawn Lynch picks up 10 on a screen pass. 

2nd Quarter (1:34) Hawks catch a break as the team is not penalized for a 12-men on the field violation. It would have been an automatic first down. 10-6 ballgame. Could have been worse. 

2nd Quarter (1:38) Matt Cassel connects with McFadden, but the running back is unable to convert. Bailey on again for the field goal. 

2nd Quarter (2:00) Cassel with yet another run, this one for 12 yards. The quarterback now has 36 yards and is the Cowboys' leading rusher. That is not a typo. 

2nd Quarter (3:20) Something you may never hear again: Matt Cassel runs for 24 yards and a first down. 

2nd Quarter (4:16) Christine Michael makes an appearence and runs for four yards and a first down. 

2nd Quarter (5:19) Cassel connects with Witten for a seven-yard gain. Dallas takes over and will look to answer before halftime. 

2nd Quarter (5:31) The ruling on the field stands. Touchdown Seahawks. 10-3 ballgame. 

2nd Quarter (5:31) Wilson and Willson connect again. The tight end was wide open and seemed to score on a 22-yard completion. The play is under review. Officals are checking whether he was ruled down before falling into the end zone. 

2nd Quarter (5:50) Wilson connects with Doug Baldwin for 11 yards. 

2nd Quarter (7:39) After a one-yard run by Thomas RawlsRussell Wilson finds Luke Willson for a 19-yard completion. First down Seattle. 

2nd Quarter (8:48) Marshawn Lynch takes the ball on a read option, picking up 12 yards. 

2nd Quarter (8:58) Wilson and the Hawks take over. The Seattle quarterback looks deep for Graham on a play-action pass. The ball is batted away by the Cowboys' defense. 

2nd Quarter (9:14) Richard Sherman continues to hold Dez Bryant in check. Cassel looks for Bryant, but the pass is batted away and nearly picked off by Sherman. 

2nd Quarter (9:57) McFadden loses two yards on another run.

2nd Quarter (10:35) McFadden carries the ball for three yards. Second down for the Cowboys. 

2nd Quarter (10:55) Wilson can't find Graham over the middle, Seattle punts again. Dallas is called for a holding penlaty on the punt. 

2nd Quarter (13:49) Dallas fails to convert on third down after losing two combined yards on the first two plays of the drive. McFadden picks up nine on a pass, but it isn't enough. 

2nd Quarter (14:46) Jon Ryan punts after the Hawks fail to convert on 3rd down. Cowboys ball. 

1st Quarter (0:00) The 1st quarter ends. 3-3 ballgame. 

1st Quarter (1:12) Cassel connects with Jason Witten for a nine yard completion. 4th and 1 in the red zone now. Dan Bailey comes on and hits a field goal. 3-3 ballgame. 

1st Quarter (1:48) The play is deemed an incompletion. Dallas now has a 3rd and 10. 

1st Quarter (1:48) McFadden appears to fumble on a short pass. Seattle recovers. The play is under review. 

1st Quarter (2:40) Cassel connects with Terrance Williams for 15 yards and a first down. Dallas trying to answer Seattle. 

1st Quarter (4:30) McFadden is stopped on 3rd and inches, but the Cowboys go for it on 4th down and convert on another run by the team's starting running back.

1st Quarter (5:16) K.J. Wright wraps up McFadden on second and one. 3rd and inches now. 

1st Quarter (6:29) McFadden with another first down run, this one going for 12 yards up the middle. 

1st Quarter (7:51) On third down,  Darren McFadden picks up the first with a four yard carry. 

1st Quarter (8:43) Cassel tries to connect with Dez Bryant, who is active, on the first play. Richard Sherman breaks up the pass. 

1st Quarter (8:47) Dallas takes over after a touchback. Here comes Matt Cassel and the Cowboys. 

1st Quarter (8:51) Wilson rolls out in the red zone, but can't connect with Jermaine Kearse on third down. Steven Hauschka converts a field goal to put Seattle up by three. 

1st Quarter (10:31) Tyler Lockett catches a short screen pass and picks up 16 yards and a new set of downs.  

1st Quarter (11:29) Wilson flips to Fred Jackson for a nine yard gain on second and 12.

1st Quarter (12:35) After a completion to Doug Baldwin that nearly picks up a first down, Lynch picks up the needed yards with a short run. First down Seattle. 

1st Quarter (13:42) Wilson connects with Jimmy Graham over the middle for a 19-yard completion. Good start for Seattle's offense so far. 

1st Quarter (14:49) Marshawn Lynch starts the Hawks' first drive with an 11-yard run. 

1st Quarter (15:00) Dallas deffers on the opening kickoff, Seattle takes over at the 20 after a touchback. 

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Seattle Injury Report: Tackle Russell Okung (ankle and toe) is the only player listed on the injury report given the “questionable” distinction. The rest of the players on the Seahawks’ injury report are all listed as probable. They include full back Derrick Coleman (concussion), center Patrick Lewis and running backs Thomas Rawls (calf) and Marshawn Lynch (calf). On the other side of the ball, defensive back Marcus Burley (hand), defensive tackle Jordan Hill (quadriceps), linebacker Nick Moody (ankle) and defensive ends Michael Bennett (non injury-related), Demarcus Dobbs (shoulder) and Cliff Avril (ankle) are all listed as probable.

Dallas Injury Report: For Dallas, running back Joseph Randle (back) will miss the game. Safety Barry Church and wide receiver Dez Bryant (foot) are questionable. Fellow wide receiver Brice Butler (hamstring), tight end James Hanna (ankle), cornerback Morris Claiborne (illness) and defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence (back) have all been designated as probable to play.

Jason Witten could be primed for a big game. From Jared Cook and Vernon Davis to Tyler Eifert and Greg Olsen, Seattle has had all kinds of issues defending the tight end position. The Seahawks’ defense was especially hurt by Olsen, who like Witten, appears to be his team’s primary receiving target. The Carolina Panthers’ tight end snagged seven catches for 131 yards and a touchdown, which turned out to be the game-winning score. Witten may not eclipse the century mark in terms of passing yards, but he’s clearly capable of doing damage through the air. The Seahawks will have to be weary of the veteran if the team wants to be successful.

While Seattle’s backfield touches are likely to be dominated by Lynch, the Cowboys will likely use multiple running backs on Sunday. Darren McFadden will be the starter with Randle out. The former Oakland Raider piled up 152 yards on 29 carries during Dallas’ last game. The running back also scored a touchdown on the ground and caught two passes for 10 yards. When McFadden comes out of the game, the Cowboys could play two former Seahawks. Christine Michael is the backup while Rod Smith will serve as the team’s third-string running back. Both were recently on the Hawks’ roster. Michael was traded to the Cowboys in September while Smith was claimed on waivers after appearing in Seattle’s loss to Cincinnati. He was originally signed as depth because the Hawks were without Lynch, and thus down to two running backs. Michael ran for 254 yards on 52 carries over the course of 14 games as a Seahawk. Smith picked up five yards on two carries in his only game with Seattle.

One player who likely to play is Seahawks’ running back Marshawn Lynch. The bruising back seems to be back to his old self after a putting on a dominating display against the San Francisco 49ers. Lynch ran the ball 27 times for 122 yards and a touchdown. His success could continue against the Cowboys as Dallas has allowed seven rushing touchdowns in six games this season.

If Bryant plays, an interesting storyline to watch for during the game will be whether Richard Sherman follows Dez Bryant around the field. Sherman has tended to occupy one half of the field, regardless of which receiver lines up there. However, this season the All-Pro has been moving around more, and could shadow Bryant should he suit up.

This is not the same Dallas team that many expected to see. Starting quarterback Tony Romo is on injured reserve with a fractured collarbone and will miss the game. Also missing the game is running back Joseph Randle. Once thought to be the heir apparent to DeMarco Murray, Randle has failed to rush for 90 yards in any game this season. He does have four touchdowns, but three of them came in one game against the Atlanta Falcons. In addition to Romo and Randle, the Cowboys could also be without wide receiver Dez Bryant. The star wideout is questionable with a foot injury. He recorded five catches for 48 yards in the team’s season opener, but hasn’t made a catch since thanks to the injury.

Welcome to VAVEL NFL’s LIVE coverage of the 2015 NFL Regular Season Week 8 matchup between the Seattle Seahawks and Dallas Cowboys. My name is Ben Rosener, and I’ll be playing the role of typist/pundit/commentator, or whatever term you like. I will be providing minute-to-minute updates, commentary and results of the game. Kickoff is scheduled for late Sunday afternoon, November 1st at 4:25 pm EST at Dallas’ AT&T Stadium