Starter To Free Agent In Two Weeks: Dallas Cowboys Release Halfback Joseph Randle
Image via AP Photo

DALLAS, Tx. -- Running back Joseph Randle was released by the Dallas Cowboys on Tuesday, just two weeks following his latest start for the team against the New England Patriots.

Randle had been showing up to practices and meetings with tardiness following his benching in favor of Darren McFadden. With multiple criminal charges and NFL conduct violations looming over his record as well, Dallas decided it'd had enough.

Despite Randle's solid start to the season, the Cowboys decided he's not worth the baggage he brings along after McFadden gained 275 yards combined versus the New York Giants and the Seattle Seahawks in Weeks 7 and 8.

Prior to his release, Randle had carried the ball 76 times for Dallas, racking up 315 yards and four touchdowns. With the Cowboys O-Line being the best in the business, it's hard to discern whether the early success can be attributed to the blocking or the rushing.

It will be interesting to see what kind of interest Randle sparks from other teams on the waiver wire or the free agent market, as his recent production does suggest potential for a higher-tier backup or interim starter for teams like the Kansas CIty Chiefs, Houston Texans, and Pittsburgh Steelers, who lost Jamaal Charles, Arian Foster, and Le'Veon Bell, respectively, for the year.

Randle was arrested not too long ago in Wichita Kansas, and was caught shoplifting in October of 2014. Additionally, he may be facing NFL consequences for a February incident involving domestic violence and drug charges.

McFadden is set to be the new three-down back for Dallas, while former-Seahawk Christine Michael is a viable backup option. The Cowboys have enough issues in other areas, such as the absence of Tony Romo and the resulting poor fill-in quarterback play by Matt Cassel and Brandon Weeden.

For a runner with this much hype coming from the offseason, Randle simply left too much to be desired behind the big-time Cowboys offensive line and now has his career on the line.