Baltimore Ravens Interested In Re-Signing Jacoby Jones

Baltimore Ravens may well be re-united with a former fan favorite Jacoby Jones after the wide receiver was released from the San Diego Chargers.

Head coach John Harbaugh had been on the practice field when the news broke, and he eventually found out when he walked off from Ravens personnel.

Steve Smith Sr., who is the Ravens’ leading receiver this season, picked up a season-ending Achilles injury during their win over the Chargers last Sunday.

The injury forced Baltimore into signing wide receiver Joe Morgan to the 53-man squad, however, Morgan was signed before the head coach found out about Jones.

Harbaugh, who spoke to, said, “[This is] the first I’ve heard of Jacoby’s situation. I would assume that’s something we would talk about today a little bit and see where we’re at.”

Jones spent three years in Baltimore and played a major part predominantly in his first two, and it could be said that the Ravens wouldn’t have won Super Bowl XLVII without him.

The wide receiver caught the ‘Mile High Miracle’ against the Denver Broncos in the divisional playoff game that season, and he also had an incredible 108-yard kickoff return for a touchdown in Super Bowl XLVII.

In his final season with Baltimore last season, Jones was a little bit off the boil, despite averaging 30.6 yards on kick-off returns, as he fumbled three times on punt returns.

The statistic that does stand out was that he had no touchdowns. Jones caught nine passes for 131 yards in 16 games, while having trouble with drops, which explained his release.

San Diego ran out of patience with Jones after a career-low 21.4 yards per kickoff return average, and a minus four yard average on five punt returns.

After suffering an ankle sprain in the Chargers season opener against the Detroit Lions, he was absent for three games.

The Green Bay Packers,  New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys are speculating about whether to take the wide receiver on, but a return to Baltimore looks more favorable for Jones.

The Ravens now have their bye week after they moved to 2-6 for the season. They have two home games back-to-back when they return to action against the Jacksonville Jaguars and the St. Louis Rams.