Score Arizona Cardinals - Seattle Seahawks of 2015 NFL Football (39-32)
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Score Arizona Cardinals - Seattle Seahawks of 2015 NFL Football (39-32)

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On the other side of the field, the Seahawks need to start putting it all together. The Hawks have a manageable schedule left with games against San Francisco, Baltimore, Cleveland and St. Louis among others. The team is running out of time to start a hot streak. Kam Chancellor led the team with a staggering 19 tackles. The defense as a whole kept the Hawks in the game despite allowing 39 points. The group accounted for three sacks, an interception and a touchdown. Seattle hosts the 49ers next weekend. 

The Cardinals move to 7-2 and will take on the 49ers next week. Arizona's offense played well, with the passing game in particular providing a significant impact. In the future, they'll need to get more production on the ground as Chris Johnson ran the ball 25 times for only 58 yards. Larry Fitzgerald was the star for the Cards. The veteran wideout caught 10 passes for 130 yards. 

4th Quarter (0:00) Game over as Arizona wins it. 

4th Quarter (1:00) Fitzgerald catches the onside kick to ice the game for Arizona. 

4th Quarter (1:03) Graham makes an eight-yard catch. Steven Hauschka on to kick a field goal and he makes it. 39-32. 

4th Quarter (1:29) Wilson scrambles for the first down. Seahawks driving. 

4th Quarter (1:58) Ellington runs for a 48-yard touchdown. Big play for the Cardinals. The PAT is good. 10 point game. 

4th Quarter (2:07) 3rd and four here. Massive play coming up here. Seattle needs a stop on this drive. 

4th Quarter (2:41) Johnson picks up two on the carry. 2nd and eight now 

4th Quarter (2:57) Seattle uses the team's first timeout. 

4th Quarter (3:00) Johnson picks up a fresh set of downs on the ground. The Seahawks need a stop here.  

4th Quarter (5:13) Arizona runs on first and second down. It is now 3rd and three for the Cardinals. 

4th Quarter (6:09) The Seahawks can't convert, Ryan punts. Seattle needs a stop here on this next defensive stand. 

4th Quarter (6:43) Lynch catches a short pass for eight yards to move the ball to the 50-yard line. 

4th Quarter (7:13) Baldwin makes another catch, this one for 14 yards. 

4th Quarter (7:53) Wilson lofts a pass to Doug Baldwin for 28 yards. 

4th Quarter (8:41) The PAT is good. Arizona now leading the Hawks by three. 

4th Quarter (8:41) Palmer connects with Gresham for a touchdown. 31-29 ballgame before the PAT attempt. 

4th Quarter (9:19) Brown makes another grab, this one for 20 yards. Arizona driving. 

4th Quarter (9:31) Palmer throws another incomplete pass. The quarterback took a shot from Cliff Avril on the play. 

4th Quarter (10:00) Jaron Brown makes a game-saving catch to tip a pass to himself and pick up the first down. Sherman nearly intercepted the pass. 

4th Quarter (12:09) Palmer can't connect with John Brown near the sidelines. 

4th Quarter (13:00) The Seahawks bring the blitz again. K.J Wright strips Palmer and Bobby Wagner recovers it for a touchdown. Seattle goes for two again, but can't convert. Still, the Hawks are up by four. 

4th Quarter (14:49) Seattle can't convert as Wilson lobs it into the end zone. The Hawks appeared to be looking fofr a penalty, but there wasn't one. 

4th Quarter (14:49) The officials rule Wright down at the three yard line. Marshawn Lynch runs it in on the next play. Handshakes all around, 25-23 ballgame. Seattle will go for two. 

4th Quarter (14:49) Cliff Avril strips Carson Palmer of the ball on a sack. K.J. Wright picks up the ball and scores, however it looks like Palmer may have tripped him up. Wright stumbled and hit the ground before getting into the end zone. 

3rd Quarter (0:00) The 3rd quarter ends. Stil 25-17, Arizona with the ball following another Jon Ryan punt.

3rd Quarter (1:07) After Wilson scrambles for a five-yard gain, the quarterback throws the ball away on second down. 3rd and 15 now for Seattle. 

3rd Quarter (1:56) An 11-yard run by Lynch is wiped out by a holding call. 

3rd Quarter (2:03) The Cardinals challgene as Will Tukuafu is awarded the first down on 4th and inches. Arizona is using the team's third challenge of the game.

3rd Quarter (2:19) The Cardinals win the challenge. 4th and inches now. Wilson and company will go for it. Crucial play here. 

3rd Quarter (2:30) Wilson scrambles on 3rd down to pick up the first down. Arizona has challenged the spot of the ball. Close play in terms of where the ball is spotted. 

3rd Quarter (3:56) Arizona with a 3rd and six after a penalty. Carson Palmer is forced to throw it away after pressure from Michael Bennett. Intentional grounding is called on the play. Fourth down. The Cardinals will kick out of the team's own end zone. 

3rd Quarter (4:47) Arizona takes over with the ball, but the crowd is very much a factor again. 

3rd Quarter (4:52) Wilson makes Arizona pay for the penalty. Baldwin hauls in another big catch, this one for 32 yards and a touchdown. The PAT is good. 25-17game. 

3rd Quarter (5:17) Arizona is called for holding on a play when Russell Wilson is sacked. Seattle catches a break. 

3rd Quarter (6:02) Doug Baldwin picks 33 yards through the air. The big reception is a good sign for the Hawks. 

3rd Quarter (6:39) Frostee Rucker is called for a false-start penalty, but the field goal is good on the next play. 25-10. 

3rd Quarter (7:09) Andre Ellington picks up eight yards, but it isn't enough for the first down. The field goal unit is on for Arizona. 

3rd Quarter (8:30) Tyrann Mathieu makes an interception off a deep throw from Wilson. Big play for the Cardinals. 

3rd Quarter (9:30) Strong tackle by DeShawn Shead to stop Chris Johnson on second down. The defensive back came on the blitz and tripped up the running back. 

3rd Quarter (11:39) Doug Baldwin is able to haul in an eight-yard catch, but it isn't enough on 3rd and nine. steven hauschka comes on and hits the field goal to cut the lead to 12. 22-10 ballgame. 

3rd Quarter (13:15) Wilson connects with Graham for a 30-yard gain. Seattle has showed well coming out of halftime. 

3rd Quarter (13:40) Thomas Rawls makes an appearence and runs for 13 yards. First down Seattle. 

3rd Quarter (14:55) Lynch with a trademark, physical run. The running back picks up 16. 

3rd Quarter (14:55) Tyler Lockett returns the kickoff 23 yards to start the second half. 

For Seattle, the Seahawks simply need more of the ball. The team looked better later in the second half. If they can continue that level of play for the rest of the game, they have a chance. The defense just needs to make stops and get off the field.

Arizona needs to keep doing what the team is doing. They're moving the ball efficiently through the air. Carson Palmer has already amassed 235 passing yards and two touchdowns. The Cardinals could do with more production on the ground. Chris Johnson only has 27 yards on 13 carries. 

2nd Quarter (0:00) The first half ends as the Cardinals convert on the field goal. 22-7 ballgame. 

2nd Quarter (0:03) The Cardinals pick up a first down and will now try for a field goal to end the half. 

2nd Quarter (0:16) The pass is ruled incomplete.

2nd Quarter (0:16) The Seahawks appear to have forced a fumble, but the officials don't call it. The next play begins, but is stopped due to it still being under review. Crucial call here as the Cards are in field goal range. 

2nd Quarter (1:27) Fitzgerald with a big catch. Highlight-reel stuff from the veteran. Cardinals driving here. 

2nd Quarter (1:52) Fantastic response by the Hawks. Will Tukuafu caps the drive off with a short touchdown run. The PAT is good. 19-7 now. 

2nd Quarter (1:55) Wilson goes back to Graham, this time yielding another incompletion. However, the Cardinals are flagged for pass interference. 

2nd Quarter (2:00) Jimmy Graham just misses a touchdown. The tight end seemed to catch the ball, and made it into the end zone. However, he can't hang on. Incomplete pass. 

2nd Quarter (2:22) Paul Richardson hauls in a 40-yard completion from Wilson. Really good response by the Hawks here. 

2nd Quarter (2:55) Wilson scrambles for 11 yards after Marshawn Lynch picks up a first down on the ground. 

2nd Quarter (3:52) Wilson starts the Hawks' drive with an eight-yard completion to Doug Baldwin. Good start for Seattle. 

2nd Quarter (4:02) The PAT is good. 19-0 Cards. 

2nd Quarter (4:08) Floyd catches what seems to be a touchdown on a long pass from Palmer. Seattle's having some issues stopping the Cardinals' passing offense. The Seahawks have some work to do here. 

2nd Quarter (5:38) Wilson tries to connect with Doug Baldwin for a first down, but the pass is broken up. Seattle punts again.

2nd Quarter (6:29) After a holding call, Wilson can't connect with Jermaine Kearse on 1st and 20. 2nd and 20 now.

2nd Quarter (6:41) Richard Sherman with the blown coverage as Palmer connects with Michael Floyd for a 27-yard score. The extra point is good. 12-0 Cardinals. 

2nd Quarter (7:00) Ahtyba Rubin sacks Palmer. Big defensive play for the Hawks. 3rd and 14 now. 

2nd Quarter (8:22) Palmer finds Jermaine Gresham for a 12-yard completion. First down Cardinals. 

2nd Quarter (9:27) Cardinals' guard Mike Iupati is down on the field. Scary play. Seems to be his head or neck injury. An ambulance has been brought onto the field. 

2nd Quarter (11:09)  A 42-yard completion to Michael Floyd is wiped out due to an illegal formation penalty. 

2nd Quarter (12:03) Palmer goes deep, looking for John BrownRichard Sherman nearly intercepts the pass.

2nd Quarter (12:14) Russell Wilson runs into his own man, and drops the ball in the end zone. He falls on it, but not before being tackled for a safety. 5-0 Cardinals. 

2nd Quarter (12:55) The Cardinals offense stalls at the end of the team's drive. Arizona settles for a field goal. 3-0 ballgame. 

2nd Quarter (14:37) Fitzgerald starts the 2nd quarter with another catch. This one goes for 13 yards. 

1st Quarter (0:00) The 1st quarter ends. 

1st Quarter (0:42) Palmer connects with Larry Fitzgerald for 22 yards and a first down. The veteran wideout has already caught four passes for 49 yards. 

1st Quarter (1:04) Ryan punts again after Wilson can't connect with Luke Willson.

1st Quarter (1:14) Lynch with an extremly physical run. 'Beast Mode' picks up 10 yards. 

1st Quarter (2:30) Palmer looks into the end zone, but all he can find is Earl Thomas. The Seahawks' safety comes away with an interception to give Seattle the ball. Thomas was downed in the end zone. Russell Wilson and company will take over at the 20 yard line. 

1st Quarter (2:42) Richard Sherman bats away an intended pass to Fitzgerald on a slant route. After another incompletion, the Cards now are facing 3rd and goal. 

1st Quarter (4:22) Palmer connects with former Seahawk Darren Fells for a first down. The Cardinals continue to move the ball. 

1st Quarter (5:42) A false-start penalty pushes the Cardinals out of field goal range on 3rd and 13. Palmer looks deep for Fitzgerald, but  the pass is incomplete. A defensive holding call on Seattle gives Arizona a new set of downs. 

1st Quarter (5:42) Seattle takes the first time out of the game. Arizona is driving. Fitzgerald already has three catches. 

1st Quarter (6:39) Palmer connects with Larry Fitzgerald for a 15-yard gain. 

1st Quarter (7:49) Chris Johnson runs for no gain as Kam Chancellor brings down the running back. 

1st Quarter (9:35) Carson Palmer roles out on a play-action pass to find Michael Floyd for a 10-yard completion.

1st Quarter (10:30) Wilson roles out and misses Doug Baldwin on 3rd down. Jon Ryan punts on 4th and 12. 

1st Quarter (12:08) The Hawks are flagged for a facemask on Lynch's first run of the game. 15-yard penalty, so now it is 1st and 25 for Seattle. 

1st Quarter (12:34) On 3rd down, Russell Wilson goes to Jimmy Graham. The tight end picks up three yards and a first down. 

1st Quarter (13:13) Marshawn Lynch is active and starting for the Hawks. 

1st Quarter (13:34) Arizona can't get anything going on the team's first drive. The Cardinals are only able to manage three yards on a run by Chris Johnson.

1st Quarter (15:00) Steven Hauschka kicks off for a touchback to start the game. Arizona starts with the ball. 

Arizona Cardinals Injury Report: Wide receiver John Brown (hamstring) and cornerback Lyle Sendlein (shoulder) are both listed as questionable. Fellow cornerback Jerraud Powers (hamstring), linebacker Alex Okafor (calf), tight end Darren Fells (shoulder) and wide receivers Brittan Golden (groin) and Larry Fitzgerald (ankle) are all listed as probable.

Seattle Seahawks Injury Report: Receiver Ricardo Lockette (neck) is the only player the Hawks have ruled out. The longtime Seahawk was placed on injured reserve in order to make room for fellow wideout Paul Richardson. Running back Marshawn Lynch (abdominal) is questionable. Tight end Luke Willson (toe), tackle Russell Okung (toe/ankle) and defensive tackle Michael Bennett (non-injury related) have all been listed as probable. Defensive lineman David King (groin) is listed as doubtful.

The Hawks and Cardinals will have had plenty of time to prepare for each other seeing as both are coming off of bye weeks. Because of that, it will only make the matchup and the game that much better. Seattle’s defense will have had two full weeks to prepare for Arizona’s potent offense. That same offense will have had the same time to get ready for the crowd noise and the Seahawks’ elite defense. With all the time to prepare for the game, both teams will be at their best.

One interesting matchup to watch will be how Cardinals’ running back Chris Johnson fares against Seattle’s strong run defense. The former All-Pro struggled in New York, but has found great success in the desert. Johnson has ran for more rushing yards in eight games (676) than he had in 16 games last season (663). He’s also tripled his touchdown total. The running back faces a stingy Seattle run-stopping unit that has held running backs to the sixth-fewest rushing yards and a mere 3.8 yards per carry.

Sunday’s contest marks the third straight game in which Pete Carroll will be facing a team with one of his former USC players in a prominent role. After beating Reggie Bush and Matt Cassel, Carroll will face Carson Palmer. The former Heisman Trophy winner isn’t the only former USC quarterback on the roster, Matt Barkley is one of Palmer’s backups. The Cardinals also employ two former Seahawks in tight end Darren Fells and defensive lineman Cory Redding.

The Cardinals’ coaching staff will be hoping the team’s multi-faceted attack can pile up the yards against a stingy Seattle defense. Eight different Arizona skill players have found the endzone this season. Seven of those eight have scored multiple times. Larry Fitzgerald currently leads the team’s skill players with seven touchdowns, all of which have come through the air.  Change-of-pace running back David Johnson isn’t far behind with five. Johnson has scored three rushing touchdowns while catching two scores from Carson Palmer.

This game also marks the return of Seahawks’ receiver Paul Richardson. The second-year wideout has missed every game this season due to his placement on the Physically Unable to Perform list. This was due to a torn ACL that Richardson suffered during the Hawks’ playoff win against the Carolina Panthers last season. Richardson provides an immediate boost to Seattle’s receiving corps. Over the final four games of last season, the speedy receiver hauled in 15 catches on 22 targets for 167 yards and a touchdown. Ricardo Lockette (neck) was placed on injured reserve to create roster space. 

Primetime Matchup: This is the Seahawks’ fourth primetime matchup this season. The team previously played the Green Bay Packers on Sunday Night Football in Week 2. The Hawks also played the Detroit Lions on Monday Night Football in Week 4. Seattle has also matched up with the San Francisco 49ers on Thursday Night Football in Week 7. Pete Carroll’s team is 2-1 in primetime so far this season. The Seahawks have only one primetime game left on the team’s schedule, a Week 14 contest on the road versus the Baltimore Ravens. On the other side of the field, this is only Arizona’s second primetime game of the year. The Cardinals previously beat the Ravens in Week 7 on Monday Night Football. Arizona will play host to the Cincinnati Bengals next week on Sunday Night Football before taking on the Minnesota Vikings in Week 14 on Thursday Night Football.

Welcome to VAVEL NFL’s LIVE coverage of the 2015 NFL Regular Season Week 10 matchup between the Arizona Cardinals and the Seattle Seahawks. My name is Ben Rosener, and I’ll be playing the role of typist/pundit/commentator, or whatever term you like. I will be providing minute-to-minute updates, commentary and results of the game. Kickoff is scheduled for Sunday night, November 15th at 8:30 pm EST at Seattle’s CenturyLink Field.