Get To Know More About The Color Rush Jerseys

Get To Know More About The Color Rush Jerseys

The NFL have introduced new Color Rush jerseys which brings a whole new light to Thursday Night Football for four weeks of the regular season.

Andrew McDonnell

Thursday Night Football will bring a different look for eight lucky teams this season. The Buffalo BillsNew York JetsTennessee Titans, Jacksonville JaguarsCarolina PanthersDallas CowboysTampa Bay Buccaneers and St. Louis Rams will all be wearing the new Color Rush uniforms.

On the Thursdays of November 12, November 19, November 26 and December 17, teams will be introduced into the league’s new idea, but no one seems to know what it all means.

The Color Rush uniforms debuted last Thursday for the divisional clash between the Bills and the Jets, which caused problems for football fans who are color blind.

Those watching last night’s game shouldn’t have had the same problem with the Jags and the Titans, as Jacksonville woar a gold color and Tennessee woar a light blue.

Football fans have been able to get an idea for what their team will be wearing and some of those uniforms look very familiar compared to others looking completely new.

After releasing a trailer for the Thanksgiving afternoon uniforms for the Panthers and the Cowboys, fans have been able to view quick snapshots of each of the jerseys, though not any full views until.

Dallas’ jersey may look familiar because they have worn it before, and they have worn the star on the shoulder jerseys before on Thanksgiving in the past, but they usually go with the blue jerseys and white shoulders, while this year the color’s have swapped.

Buffalo Bills (Red jerseys with blue and white striped sleeves) @ New York Jets (lighter shade of green jerseys)

Buffalo's jerseys look a lot like the alternate jerseys that they have worn before, with a few tweaks here and there, while the Jets have gone much lighter and bolder with theirs, making it look more like a shade of the past.

Tennessee Titans (Light blue jerseys) @ Jacksonville Jaguars (All-new yellow jerseys)

Is there really anything different with the Titans’ jersey? Except for a different shoulder piping, whereas the Jags’ jersey couldn’t be further from the same. The biggest deviation yet, they have never worn yellow uniforms before, but the shade is somewhat similar to the color that is on the back of their two-tone helmets.

Carolina Panthers (Light blue jerseys) @ Dallas Cowboys (White star on the shoulder jerseys)

Carolina’s alternate jersey is pretty similar to the one they will wear on Thanksgiving, except for different shoulder piping, like the Titans. However, we have seen Dallas’ before, but they usually go with the blue jerseys with white shoulders.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Red jerseys with a unique badge and different shoulder design) @ St. Louis Rams (Throwback lighter blue jerseys except the colors are reversed)

Although the jerseys haven’t been fully released yet, there are photos that give a glimpse of what they will look like. Tampa Bay’s is arguably the greatest of all eight, they have gotten rid of the three-tone sleeves and have a different logo, while the Rams have a yellow base and a light blue ram on the shoulder, which also looks potentially great.