Who Is Baltimore Ravens' New Star Kaelin Clay?

Who Is Baltimore Ravens' New Star Kaelin Clay?

It isn't often that you see a rookie come into the league and score on a huge punt return on just his fourth attempt, so who is Kaelin Clay of the Baltimore Ravens?

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The Baltimore Ravens picked up Kaelin Clay two weeks ago and John Harbaugh didn’t quite know what to expect, but now the wide-receiver/returner has made quite a name for himself.

Clay scored an 82-yard touchdown on a punt return on Monday Night Football against divisional rivals the Cleveland Browns, which set in motion the Ravens’ scoring, getting them out to an early lead, and they won 33-27 in the end.

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Huge college football blunder for Utah

The former Utah wide-receiver had beaten everybody on the Oregon defence and sprinted to the end-zone for a 78-yard touchdown, but the refs didn’t signal and Oregon took the ball 100-yards for a touchdown, so what happened?

Clay pretty clearly dropped the ball right before he went into the end zone before anyone realized it hadn’t been a touchdown, and the ball had sat there for a few seconds before Oregon’s Joe Walker ran the ball back the other way.

Clay, who spoke to Ravens.com, said: “I don’t think people will ever stop talking about that [college mistake]. It is what it is. I don’t really care about it anymore. It’s in the past. I’m just extremely happy we got this win today.

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Background knowledge on the Ravens' new wide-receiver

Clay was an All-American college returner. The Utah product led the Pac-12 and finished fourth in the country with an average of 15 yards per punt, including three punt returns for touchdowns.

The wide-receiver was a sixth-round pick who didn’t actually make it into the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ 53-man roster. This is when he found himself on the Detroit Lions’ practice squad, where the Ravens picked him up from.

And on his fourth return as a Baltimore Raven, Clay’s acceleration and elusiveness were on full display, after side-stepping the first player he came to, he was too fast for anyone to catch and sailed into the end zone.

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Clay gives insight on TD run and college drop

Clay also told Ravens.com: “I knew I was going to have room to catch the ball. I’ve been studying this punter for a while. You’ve just got to get it and go. It’s basically off instincts. I had great blocks, set my blockers up, and the rest is history.”

The 82-yard run was the Ravens’ first punt return for a touchdown since 2013, it is tied for the fifth longest in the team’s history.

When Clay had arrived in Baltimore, he had made a promise to hold onto the ball all the way into the end zone, but the college blunder was on his mind as he entered the end zone.

“The main thing I wanted to do was cross that goal line with the football. I did that and we had six points on the board,” he said.