Charles "Peanut" Tillman announces retirement from the NFL

After a 13-year career, long-time Chicago Bears cornerback Charles “Peanut” Tillman decided to announce his retirement on Monday via his Twitter account:

The attached video shows Tillman being a minor annoyance toward family and close friends, and ultimately ending with him hanging up his cleats after “punching out” of work for the last time.

A defensive maestro

Known for his uncanny ability to knock the ball loose from opposing ball carriers, Tillman’s on-field legacy will be that of a savvy and cunning defensive presence.

Tillman forced a total of 44 fumbles in his 13-year NFL career. For context, Charles Woodson (who also called it quits in 2015), forced 33 fumbles in 18 years. Tillman added 38 interceptions and eight touchdowns to his final turnover tally.

Perhaps Tillman’s most memorable in-game moment will be his “Mossing” of peak Randy Moss in the final moments of a pivotal regular season game in 2003.

Randy Moss versus Charles Tillman
Randy Moss versus Charles Tillman

An unforgettable legacy

While Tillman reminded everyone who he was for the majority of his career on the field in his farewell video, the native born Chicagoan has become a cornerstone in the community he spent 12 years of his professional career in.

The Charles Tillman Cornerstone Foundation was established in 2005 and establishes a mission to “provide opportunities and resources to children and families who are in need,” according to the foundation’s website.

Over the course of the foundation’s existence, Tillman has shown a strong support for Chicago area hospitals through programs like Charles’ Locker and Field of Dreams. The former provides chronically and critically ill children and their families with consumer tech items, like iPads and video game systems, they wouldn't otherwise have access to.

Although Charles Tillman never got to realize his career goal of earning a Super Bowl ring (despite two appearances, one with Chicago and another with Carolina), there’s little doubt he’ll be leaving behind a legacy impacting the lives of those less fortunate and often forgotten individuals.