Cowboys vs 49ers: Touchdowns and Highlights: Cowboys 9-49ers 17 , 2019 NFL Preseason
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San Francisco wins the game

Another two incompleted pass of Mike White defined the game for the home team

Q4: 0:22

Two consecutive incompleted pass of Mike White

3 and goal on Sf 4


Q4 0:34

San Francisco committed 35 yard penalty (Pass Interference)

Dallas Cowboys in redzone


Q4 0:40

incompleted pass Mike White

2 and 10

q4 0:46

After San Francisco punted with 50 second to end the game, Mike White passed to Devin Smith to the right for 19 yard gain, tackled by Tim Harris Jr.

1 and 10 Cowboys in his 26 yard line.


Q4 1:50

Brandon Wilds rushed for 1 yard gain. Dallas called his third timeout

3 and 9 on Dall 47



Q4: 2:00

Wilton Speight incomplete pass to the left intended for Shawn Poindexter

2 and 10 SF on 48 Dall

q4 2:00

Four consecutive incomplete pass cause san francisco to recover the ball in the 48 yard of dallas and when there are 2 minutes left to finish the game



Mike White 15 yards completed pass  for Codey McElroy

1 and 10 in midfield

Q4 4:07

Jordan Chunn rushed to the right for 4 yard gain. Dallas committed 15 yard penalty (Unsportsmanlike Conduct)

3 and 12 on DAL 19


Mike White passed to Jalen Guyton to the right for 9 yard gain

2 and 1

Q4 4:37

San Francisco kicked off, Reggie Davis returned kickoff for 21 yards

It's 4:47 minutes to the end of the match. Dallas Cowboys must move the ball quickly if you want to tie the match


Robbie Gould kicked a 53-yard field goal and moves the difference away to 8 points.

Q4: 6:02

Wilton Speight passed to Richie James Jr. to the left for 6 yard gain

4 and 8 SF on -dall 35

Q4- 7:25 

Brandon Wilds rushed up the middle for 2 yard gain

2 AND 8 on Dall 35

Illegal block San Francisco

2 and 18 on Dall 45



Mike White sacked by LaRoy Reynolds for 2 yard loss. Mike White fumbled. Azeez Al-Shaair recovered fumble for no gain



Darius Jackson rushed to the left for 1 yard gain

2 and 9


We are in the middle of fourth quarter and the 49ers are still the winners of the game.

Q4 8:58

C.J. Beathard passed to Austin Walter to the left for 5 yard gain

Fourh down

Sf punted. Reggie Davis returned punt for 17 yards

Cowboys begins attack in DAL 38

Q4 9:55

San Francisco committed 10 yard penalty (Holding)

3 and 15 on SF27


Brandon Wilds rushed up the middle for 6 yard gain

q4 10:33

Brandon Wilds rushed to the left for 1 yard loss

Q4  12:25 


Brandon Wilds rushed to the right for 5 yard gain

2 and 5 on SF 11


mike hite passed to devin smith for 15 yards

4 and 2

Kasey Redferd punted. Richie James Jr. returned for no gain




Mike White sacked by Jeremiah Valoaga for 7 yard loss

q4 14:28

Mike White incomplete pass to  Jalen Guyton



C.J. Beathard passed to Jalen Hurd to the left for 6 yard touchdown

Nown Jale Hurd has 2 TD in his first NFL game






False Start San Francisco committed 5 yard penalty 

Q3: 1:40 on SF 20 yards

Austin Walter rush for no gain

3 and 10 49ers


C.J. Beathard incomplete pass for Jalen Hurd

2 and 10


Punt for dallas cowboys ball again. San Francisco with the ball again

Mike White passed to Mike Weber Jr. down the middle for 5 yard loss

Excellent reading of the defensive player who made an aggressive tacle


Incomplete pass

Mike White incomplete pass to Jon'Vea Johnson

3 and 10


Mike White passed to Mike Weber Jr. to the for no gain

2 and 10

San Francisco committed 15 yard penalty (Personal Foul)

Dallas first down on Dallas 43

Q3 5:02

Mike White sacked by Jeremiah Valoaga for 4 yard loss.

3 and 8


Mike Weber Jr. strong rushed to the left for 9 yard gain

With 5 minutes to go until the end of the quarter, the score still does not move.

Q3- 5:21

Dallas Defense intercepted!!!


C.J. Beathard pass intercepted down the middle intended for Jalen Hurd. Donovan Wilson intercepted C.J. Beathard for no gain

San Francisco on Dallas 26 yards fields.


Austin Walter rushed up the middle for 2 yard gain. San Francisco in 26 

Q3 7:13 
C.J. Beathard passed to Deebo Samuel to the left for 16 yard gain


Austin Walter rushed up the middle for 10 yard gain. First Down 49ers


Brandon Wilds run, single-yard gain

Q3 - 8:36

Kasey Redfern punted. Richie James Jr. returned punt for 10 yards

Cooper Rush completed pass to 5-yard Dalton Schultz

Dallas penalty (Illegal Touch)

Q3 9:53 

Darius Jackson rushed to the left for 3 yard gain

It will be the first march of the Dallas Cowboys in the second half.

Mitch Wishnowsky punted. Cedrick Wilson returned punt for no gain

Q3 10:07 

C.J. Beathard incomplete pass to the left intended for Deebo Samuel

C.J. Beathard incomplete pass to the right intended for Deebo Samuel

A new foul forces them to go back five yards more to the 49ers.

Offensive holding deprives San Francisco of a good run

The 49ers attack in the third quarter

C.J. Beathard passed to Kaden Smith down the middle for 17 yard gain, tackled by Chris Covington

Half time

First half comes to an end. The Cowboys lead the 49ers 9 to 7 at the Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara.

Maher gives Dallas the lead

Third field goal made of the night for Maher in four attempts. Dallas lead San Francisco 9-7 as we go into half time.

Q2. 1:16.

Cowboys will try to make a quick run ahead of halftime.

Chidowe Awuzie making big moves for the Dallas D.

Q1. 4:09.

Maher makes his second field goal of the night to increase the Cowboys lead to 6-0. Good drive by Cooper Rush as the QB. 

Q1. 5:00

Rush and Wilson make a good couple of combinations and the Cowboys are already in the Niners's 40 yard line. 

Q1. 9:41

Automatic first down for the 49ers. Pass interference by Dallas

Q1. 11:20.

Maher makes the field goal and Dallas leads 3-0. 

Q1. 11:50.

The Cowboys already in the red zone. 

Q1. 13:54

Late flag and pass interference from the niners'. First down for Dallas.


First down for Dallas after a 10 yard pass from Das to Gallop.

Q1. 15:00

Dak Prescott will take the football in his own 30-yard-line after a good kickoff return.

Nick Muelles leads the home team coming out from the locker room.

The boss made the trip to NorCal!

Jason Witten is back at it!

28 listed players on the inactive list for the 49ers, including Garoppolo and Sherman. 

Dak Prescott will start for Dallas while Nick Muelles will do the same for the Niners'.

Trust me when I say fans have been waiting this game for a minute.

Pre season starts now for the Dallas Cowboys in the hunt for greatness in the NFL. 

It is all smiles and hand shakes when the helmets are off, but the moment they gear up...

It feels good to be home for the 49ers. The Levi's Stadium is more than ready for tonight's kick-off.

Jason Witten is clearly enjoying every second out of this comeback. Cowboys fans can start to smile too.

Taryn Christion could see action for Dallas. He's been practicing at receiver and punt returner as well as QB.

It's less than 45 minutes for the long wait to be over. Football season is BACK!

Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott won't be gearing up today in hopes of a new contract.

We'll also have to wait awhile for QB Jimmy Garappolo return from a knee injury.

The day could not be better to play football. San Francisco's breeze, Levis Stadium and two hungry franchises like Cowboys and local 49ers.

Tickets are still available if you are around the Bay Area, announced San Francisco 49ers in social media.

After his retirement last year, Cowboys star Jesse Witten is gearing up today as a professional NFL player. The excitement is real.

Cowboys are off to their first preseason game. QB Dak Prescott can't be more excited.

Games @ 8pm ET

Saturday's NFL Preseason action begins at 8pm ET when Bengals take on Chiefs and Rams faces Raiders.

Two and a half hours separate us from the preseason kick-off for Cowboys and 49ers. The road to the Super Bowl starts here!

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Tony Pollard's moment

One of the most benefited by the Elliot’s hold out is rookie Tony Pollard. The fourth-round selection has shined throughout these two weeks of camp. Pollard averaged 6.8 yards per carry, 12.4 yards per reception and 30.1 yards per kickoff return.

He scored nine touchdowns running, nine receiving and seven returning. "One of the most exciting players to me of this training camp," said Dak Prescott about the rookie. 

Robert Quinn out

On top of that, DE Robert Quinn broke his hand and was suspended two games by the league couple days after the injury. “Defensive end Robert Quinn will definitely miss the first two regular-season games now. The NFL has announced the veteran pass-rusher has been suspended for two games for a violation of the league’s policy on performance-enhancing substances. Quinn had recently returned to Dallas to undergo surgery on a fractured left hand that he sustained in practice earlier this week,” read on Cowboys official statement.

Ezekiel Elliot's drama

Dallas Cowboys’ training camp is full of uncertainty and drama with Ezekiel Elliott’s absence. As Elliot holds out in pursuit of a contract extension, the Cowboys running back is looking for a paycheck similar to the $45 million guaranteed Todd Gurley got from the Los Angeles Rams.

On the other side of the negotiating table, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is thinking more along the lines of the $35 million guaranteed contract the Jets paid Le’Veon Bell, according to the Dallas Morning News.

49ers injury list

Defensive end Nick Bosa won’t see action in any of the preseason games due to high ankle sprain, announced 49ers GM John Lynch.

The San Francisco team hopes to have Bosa ready for Week 1. Also, RB Jerick McKinnon suffered a setback in his attempt to return from an ACL injury. Will miss roughly the next two weeks.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback position will split between C.J. Beathard and Nick Mullens tonight.

However, Coach Kyle Shanahan didn’t say which one will be the starter. “I wouldn’t say anyone has the edge, because I don’t want to go there yet,” he said to KNBR radio station.

For 49ers and Cowboys, the road to the LIV Super Bowl starts in this precise game. The training camp time is over and the NFL preseason gets going tonight for both teams.

How to watch 49ers vs Cowboys live TV and Stream

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Kick-off time

The 49ers vs Cowboys will be played at the Levi’s Stadium, in San Francisco. The kick-off is scheduled at 9pm ET.

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