Touchdowns and Highlights: Green Bay Packers 10-3 Chicago Bears, 2019 NFL
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10:31 PMa year ago
In defensive duel, Green Bay played better and got its first victory of the season
10:29 PMa year ago


Green Bay Packers 10-3 Chicago Bears
10:28 PMa year ago

4Q 01:02

Fourth chance that Chicago fails to advance after a capture and Green Bay will win 10-3
10:27 PMa year ago
This was the Chicago QB interception.
10:24 PMa year ago

4Q 01:45

Three and out to Green Bay. The Bears will have one last chance
10:19 PMa year ago

2Q 01:58

Trubisky makes a mistake and is intercepted in the end zone.

Two-minute break

10:15 PMa year ago

4Q 03:37

Long reception of Robinson and Chicago is already in field goal zone
10:12 PMa year ago

4Q 04:10

Packers challenge Cohen's reception
10:11 PMa year ago
10:09 PMa year ago

4Q 04:45

Robinson gets the reception and gets the first down
10:05 PMa year ago

Field goal Packers 4Q 05:15

39-yard Crosby increases lead 10-3
10:02 PMa year ago

4Q 07:54

Rodgers had been captured but Chicago commits an illegal contact to give away the first down.
10:00 PMa year ago

4Q 08:48

Tonyan in free midfield does the reception and moves the chains
9:57 PMa year ago

4Q 10:41

Davis with reception of over 25 yards to get out of deep zone
9:52 PMa year ago

4Q 11:57

Bears' bad offensive and with a 4&31 to clear.
9:51 PMa year ago

4Q 12:45

Gabriel punished for offensive pass interference
9:49 PMa year ago

4Q 13:30

Double flag followed against Chicago and will be first chance and 30 yards to advance
9:47 PMa year ago
The Packers defied a possible interference to the offensive, but the decision remains with full pass
9:44 PMa year ago

4Q 13:44

Trubisky goes out of the protection bag and finds the first down when he finds one of his receptors.
9:43 PMa year ago

4Q 14:42

Robinson gets the first down plus he gets a personal foul to gain 15 yards more
9:38 PMa year ago

End of third quarter

Green Bay Packers 7-3 Chicago Bears
9:33 PMa year ago

3Q 02:59

Jones moves the chains by land.
9:32 PMa year ago

3Q 03:54

Chicago is played in fourth down and Trubisky does not reach the goal and is knocked down seven yards before arriving.
9:28 PMa year ago

3Q 04:59

Montgomery with the reception and Chicago is already inside the 35th yard of the rival
9:27 PMa year ago
The capture a few minutes ago of Aaron Rodgers
9:24 PMa year ago

3Q 06:30

Cohen returns the ball a few yards and the Bears will start inside their 25 yard.
9:22 PMa year ago

3Q 07:46

Complications in the protective bag and Green Bay will have a third and long chance
9:18 PMa year ago

3Q 09:12

Missing a yard, Trubisky runs and doesn't make the first down.
9:13 PMa year ago

3Q 11:24

Another sack against Rodgers and Green Bay comes out of the field goal zone.
9:12 PMa year ago

3Q 12:08

Rodgers runs, gets the first down but loses the ball and gets it back. Although there was an offensive holding company
9:10 PMa year ago

3Q 12:59

First time out of Packers
9:08 PMa year ago

3Q 13:04

Smith punished for pass interference and Green Bay settles in enemy territory
9:08 PMa year ago

3Q 13:11

Holding against Green Bay and will repeat the second chance with 17 yards to advance
9:03 PMa year ago

3Q 14:10

Chicago gains two yards in three plays and will quickly deliver the ball
9:01 PMa year ago

3Q 15:00

The third quarter begins
8:47 PMa year ago

Half time

Green Bay Packers 7-3 Chicago Bears
8:46 PMa year ago

2Q 00:09

Graham with reception and GB in midfield. Uses his last time out
8:44 PMa year ago

2Q 00:24

3&9 Green Bay's defense doesn't allow yards and asks for time out with a last chance on the offensive.
8:41 PMa year ago

2Q 00:48

Within the 20 yard, Chicago will begin its last offensive of the second quarter.
8:38 PMa year ago

2Q 00:55

3&4 Rodgers goes deep but pass is incomplete
8:37 PMa year ago

2Q 01:40

3&7 Short pass from Rodgers to Williams for first down 
8:32 PMa year ago

2Q 02:00

Two-minute break

Packers 7-3 Bears

8:31 PMa year ago
3&14 Savage avoids reception and Chicago from deep within their field to clear.
8:30 PMa year ago

2Q 03:30

Smith makes the sack and Chicago goes further and further back.
8:29 PMa year ago

2Q 04:12

1&20 Holding of Chicago
8:24 PMa year ago

2Q 05:25

Chicago on the offensive from its 11th Yard
8:24 PMa year ago

2Q 06:11

3&5 Pressure on Rodgers suffering his third sack of the night
8:22 PMa year ago
Great agility of Allen Robinson to achieve the reception
8:21 PMa year ago

2Q 07:59

Adams again with the replay and Green Bay keeps his offensive on the field
8:19 PMa year ago

2Q 10:23

Valdes and Green Bay Reception gets first down at the 10 yard
8:15 PMa year ago

2Q 11:10

Great Chicago kick. Green Bay will start from the 2nd yard.
8:15 PMa year ago

2Q 11:35

3&1 Green Bay's defensive girdle and does not allow first down
8:14 PMa year ago
This was the first touchdown of the NFL 100.
8:12 PMa year ago

2Q 12:34

Long reception for Robinson and Chicago is in the middle of the field.
8:08 PMa year ago
The kick point is good
8:08 PMa year ago

Touchdown Green Bay

Pass from Rodgers to eight-yard Graham to take the lead.
8:07 PMa year ago

2Q 13:15

Great reception of Adams and Packers are already in the goal zone
8:06 PMa year ago

2Q 14:08

Big play for Green Bay. Valdes with long reception and for the first time are already in Chicago territory.
8:05 PMa year ago

2Q 14:43

Time out Packers
8:05 PMa year ago
Green Bay added -12 yards in the first quarter. Worst since 1994
8:03 PMa year ago

2Q 14:54

Almost intercepted Trubisky and Chicago delivers the ball
8:00 PMa year ago

Ends first quarter

Green Bay Packers 0-3 Chicago Bears
7:58 PMa year ago

1Q 00:26

2&4 Montgomery and Chicago run advances with another first down
7:57 PMa year ago

1Q 01:46

Paterson pass interference and Chicago Moves Chains
7:56 PMa year ago

1Q 01:50

Now time out of the Bears.
7:54 PMa year ago
The first points of the season
7:51 PMa year ago

1Q 03:13

Chicago will start within its yard 10
7:50 PMa year ago

1Q 03:20

Rodgers sends incomplete pass to Adams and Green Bay to kick from yard 45
7:45 PMa year ago

1Q 04:09

Field goal Piñeiro 38 yardas
7:42 PMa year ago

1Q 06:29

Montgomery run and Chicago has another first down.


Time out Bears

7:41 PMa year ago
The pressure on Rodgers has been relentless for the first few minutes.
7:37 PMa year ago

1Q 08:15

Another sack for Aaron Rodgers. Chicago's defensive dominates the start of the game
7:35 PMa year ago

1Q 09:33

Almost intercepted at Jimmy Graham's bad reception.
7:32 PMa year ago
This is the first sack of the season.
7:31 PMa year ago

1Q 10:02

Trubisky is captured by Martinez and Chicago in the middle of the field.
7:29 PMa year ago

1Q 11:30

Trubisky runs and gets another first down
7:27 PMa year ago

1Q 12:40

Holding Packers and we have the first fist down of the game
7:26 PMa year ago

1Q 13:01

Return of the Bears and start from their yard 40
7:25 PMa year ago

1Q 13:38

Rodgers is captured in 3rd down by Harris and Green Bay three plays and to clear.
7:23 PMa year ago

1Q - 15:00

Start the match

Green Bay with the first offensive

7:22 PMa year ago
Tribute paid to some Bears champion players in the 1980s
7:16 PMa year ago
Exactly a year ago they met in the opening match. Green Bay made a comeback epic to get the first win of the year.
7:14 PMa year ago
We are minutes away from the start of the NFL 100 season.
7:02 PMa year ago
The Packers never said whether Jimmy Graham broke his finger or just dislocated it, but either way he warmed up with only a little tape on his right ring finger. Doesn't look like anything that should adversely impact him.
Photo: @RobDemovsky
Photo: @RobDemovsky
6:56 PMa year ago
Green Bay Packers are already on the field. Teams warmups finished ten minutes ago.
6:19 PMa year ago
Quarterback Mitch Trubisky arrived at Soldier Field before the Chicago Bears take on the Green Bay Packers tonight in the first NFL game of the 2019 regular season.

6:16 PMa year ago
The very first Thursday Night Football of the season you will be able to follow it with us here on VAVEL!
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Live coverage starts now!

In about less than an hour, the helmets of Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears will be clashing.
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Lastest games

In the last five games, the Packers are 4-1 ahead, but in the last match the Bears won at home 24-17.

12:37 PMa year ago

Winning away from home

The Packers had a hard time winning as visitors in 2018. In fact, in the most recent preseason, they finished with a 2-2 mark, winning at home but losing away from home.
12:37 PMa year ago

Preseason bad

The preseason mark does not indicate that as it happens in the regular season, however, Chicago had a record of 1-3, although it won the most important game that was week 3 by beating the Indianapolis Colts 27-17.
12:37 PMa year ago

Bears: project consolidation

Chicago was the surprise last season when they won NFC North. This year, they start as favorites to win the division with a solid defensive and a 'not-so-new' Mitchell Trubisky.
12:37 PMa year ago

Packers: the beginning of an era

Matt Lafleur begins his management at the head of Green Bay and will seek to put them to playoffs. It will be interesting to see what level Aaron Rodgers is at, as the team's aspirations are focused on him.
12:36 PMa year ago

For pride

The NFL changed the first match to be the 100th season, because of it placed the oldest rivalry in the league that is Packers vs Bears.
Foto: Packers
Foto: Packers
12:34 PMa year ago

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If you want to watch the game on TV, your option is: NBC.

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Kick-off time

The Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears match will be played at the stadium Soldier Field, in Chicago, Estados Unidos. The kick-off is scheduled at 20:20pm ET.
12:33 PMa year ago

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