Highlights and Touchdowns: Chiefs 40-26 Jaguars, 2019 NFL Season
Photo: VAVEL 

Highlights and Touchdowns: Chiefs 40-26 Jaguars, 2019 NFL Season

Patrick Mahomes threw 3 touchdown passes and Sammy Watkins scored the same number of touchdowns for the first win of the season for Kansas City.

Enrique Ortega Sánchez
Game Resume
Thank you for joining us for the Chiefs and Jaguars match broadcast.
4Q - 0:00
Finish the game. Kansas City Chiefs, beat Jacksonville Jaguars 40-26.
4Q - 1:25
Kansas City inside the red zone, after Damien Williams' haul.
4Q - 1:40
19-yard LeSean McCoy haul, Chiefs are at the 28-yard Jacksonville.
4Q - 1:55
Minshew scoring pass to 21-yard Conley. Lambo bonus point, right.
4Q - 2:00
Two-minute break
4Q - 2:50
Minshew's shipment to 16-yard Conley. Jacksonville is in the 21-yard Kansas City.
4Q - 3:33
The Jacksonville offensive will have one of its last attacks from the 25th yard.
4Q - 3:33 Kansas City Field Goal
Harrison Butker's 35-yard field goal.
4Q - 3:46
Wylie's punishment, avoid Damien Williams' touchdown.
4Q - 5:14
Clark intercepts Mishew's pass looking for Fournette. Now Kansas City's attack will be inside the red zone, at the 12-yard.
4Q - 05:25
Three plays and Kansas out. Clear and now, Jacksonville will have his attack at the 20 yard.
4Q - 7:27
The Kansas City attack will begin at the 46th yard.
4Q - 7:32
Jacksonville two-point conversion fails.
4Q - 7:32 Touchdown Jaguars
Minshew scoring pass to 15-yard Westrbook. Jaguars go for the two points.
4Q - 9:00
Another long pass to Chark that gets the Jaguars into rival territory.
4Q -
Sammy Watkins got his third touchdown of the day.
4Q - 10:49
Jaguars return to the court at the 21-yard.
4Q - 10:56 Touchdown Chiefs
Pass three yards from Mahomes to Watkins for the touchdown, the third for both in the game. Harrison Burker gets the extra point right.
4Q - 11:54
Screen Pass from Mahomes to Williams and again, Kansas City in red zone.
So was Damien Williams' one-yard touchdown.
4Q - 14:00
LeSean McCoy run over 20 yards.
3Q - 0:00
Finish the third quarter. Chiefs with ovoid at 40 yard.
3Q - 0:15
Punt Jacksonville. Chiefs will have possession in his 27 yard.
3Q - 1:17
Capture to the QB of the Jaguars, second chance within their 10 yard.
3Q - 2:20
The second Jaguar attack in 3rd quarter will begin at the 22nd yard.
3Q - 2:25 Touchdown Kansas City
Damien Williams runs a yard for the Touchdown. Butker's extra point, right.
3Q - 3:22
1&goal to Kansas City at yard 1.
3Q - 7:32
First time out of Jacksonville. The Chiefs attack is in their 49 yard at 3&1.
3Q - 8:50
Fournette loose ball, return ovoid to Chiefs possession.
3Q - 11:17
Fournette reaches the rival 33 yard with a 15-yard haul.
3Q - 15:00
Actions are resumed. Jacksonville has the first offensive of the third quarter at the 25th yard.
2Q - 0:00
Finish the first half. Kansas City goes to half-time with a 10 point lead.
2Q - 0:24 Field Goal Kansas City
Harrison Butker score 46-yard field goal
It is announced that Tyreek Hill will not return to the game because of the shoulder injury.
2Q - 2:00
Two-minute break. Kansas City is getting closer to getting more points.
2Q - 4:10
Pass screen to Damien Williams advancing 17 yards.
At the 25-yard, Kansas City starts a new offensive
2Q 4:22 Jaguars Field Goal
Josh Lambo's 23-yard field goal attempt that hits.
2Q - 7:36
Long shipment of Minshew II to Chark and they're already in the red zone.
2Q - 7:57 Chiefs Field Goal
Harrison Butker's 20-yard field goal.
2Q - 8:48
Myles Jack is being kicked out of the game for personal foul.
2Q - 10:17
Pass from Mahomes to Watkins and visitors enter the red zone
2Q - 11:24
Travis Kelce's big play, it goes to the 35 yard on the other side.
Chiefs Launch New Attack at 25 Yard
2Q - 11:36 Field Goal Jaguars
Josh Lambo gets a 37-yard field goal.
2Q - 14:17
He's already got three 1&10 Minshew IIs and the Jaguars are in rival territory.
In doubt Tyreek Hill's return to the game because of a shoulder injury.
1Q Ends
Kansas City's 10 point advantage over Jacksonville after the first 15 minutes of the game.
The video of the second scoring pass from Mahomes to Watkins 
Officer. Nick Foles is out of the game with a shoulder injury. He will take Gardner Minshew II to take over the Jacksonville offensive.
1Q - 2:36
Again, long pass from Patrick Mahomes to Sammy Watkins arriving at the diagonals. 49 yard shipment. Butker's extra point is good.
1Q - 5:13
Nick Foles is reported to have gone to the dressing room for a medical checkup.
1Q - 5:18
Kansas City to Begin at 20 Yard
 Nick Foles thus launched his first touchdown pass with the Jaguars
1-Q 5:23 Touchdown Jaguars
Pass Nick Foles to 35-yard DJ Chark for scoring. Extra point is good.
1Q - 7:15
Foles finds Conley for more than 20 yards and gets the first chance. In addition there is punishment for personal foul against Kansas and Jacksonville will be in the 47th yard on the other side.
1Q - 8:57
Second offensive for Jaguars, from the 25 yard start Foles and company
1Q - 8:57 Field Goal Chiefs
From 15 yards, Butker hits the field goal.
1Q - 9:00
Incomplete mahomes pass and it will be 4&3. Chiefs will go for the field goal.
1Q - 10:51
Pass from Mahomes to Sammy Watkins and they're in the red zone.
1Q - 11:33
Mahomes first meets Travis Kelce and they are already in rival territory.
1Q - 11:44
It will clear Jaguars, after only three moves. Chiefs will have their second offensive series from the 19-yard.
1Q - 13:24
At the 25th yard, Jaguars will have their first offensive.
So was the connection Mahomes - Watkins 
1Q - 13:24
Harrison Butker gets the extra point right
1Q - 13:24 Touchdown Kansas City
Kansas City Touchdown. Find Mahomes on screen pass to Sammy Watkins and escapes 68 yards.
1Q - 14:56
Kansas City to Initiate Attack on 24 Yard
1Q - 15:00
Start the match

Kansas City with the first offensive

All set for Jaguars to kick-start NFL season 100 
Patrick Mahomes' speech to his teammates before going out on the court.
This is how Jaguars prepare for Kick Off against Chiefs
Photo: Christian Torres
Photo: Christian Torres
Last season's Most Valuable Player, Patrick Mahomes, already warming up at TIAA Bank Stadium
Photo: Christian Torres
Photo: Christian Torres
The inactive players of Chiefs & Jaguars

Kansas City Chiefs begin their warm-up exercises on the court
Foto: Christian Torres
Foto: Christian Torres
Our partner Christian Torres is at TIAA Bank Stadium to take us the details of Chiefs vs Jaguars.
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Mahomes doesn't want to be a One - Season - Wonder
After astonishing the NFL last year with their passes and yards winning right and left, will come the second year of great test for Mahomes. Patrick showed that he has a unique talent, but now with the teams studying him better, he will have to show his best qualities.
Photo: Washington Post
Photo: Washington Post
The opportunity that Foles deserved
Nick Foles finally has the multi-million dollar contract he wanted, but now he's taking on a big responsibility for bringing the Jaguars to a successful conclusion. With Jacksonville with a great defense, Foles must be that heavy blow in the attack to make the team a candidate in the AFC.
Photo: Big Cat Country
Photo: Big Cat Country
Chiefs: Team News
Xavier Williams (DT) and Jordan Lucas (S) are in doubt about the visiting team.
Photo: Chiefs
Photo: Chiefs
Jaguars: Team News
In the injury report there are already two players discarded: Cedric Ogbuehi (OL) and Josh Oliver (TE). And Cam Robinson (OL) and Marcell Dareus (DT) remain in doubt.
Photo: Jaguars
Photo: Jaguars
What to expect today?
It will be Nick Foles' debut as the Jaguars' starting QB with very high expectations, having to measure up to one of the best teams in the AFC.
The Chiefs, after staying on the shores of the Super Bowl, will be looking to consolidate as a candidate for the Vince Lombardi trophy.
Photo: USA Today
Photo: USA Today
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Kick-Off Time 1pm ET
The Kansas City Chiefs vs Jacksonville Jaguars match will be played at the TIAA Bank Field, in Jacksonville, US. The kick-off is scheduled at 1pm ET.
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