Touchdowns and Highlights: New York Giants 17-35 Dallas Cowboys, 2019 NFL Season
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Touchdowns and Highlights: New York Giants 17-35 Dallas Cowboys, 2019 NFL Season

Follow along for New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys live stream online, TV channel, lineups preview and score updates of the 2019 Competition. Kick-off time: 4:25pm ET.

Adrián Hernández
End game
Daniel Jones' Fumble, Dallas takes the ball and time runs out

Final: New York Giants 17-35 Dallas Cowboys

4Q 01:25
Daniel Jones is already as QB of the Giants in the final moments
With this annotation, the Giants approached
4Q 02:00
4&10 Dallas will deliver the ball with Giants who no longer have time out
4Q 02:49
Touchdown Giants

Gallman with short haul to make the marker more decorous

4Q 04:00
Great reception of Ingram and NYG is already at the 30 yard
4Q 05:20
4&15 Many punishments in this offensive for Dallas and will have to deliver the ball
4Q 10:44
New York will have the ball from their 10 yard.
4Q 12:00
Dallas consumes time by land, but still manages to move the chains and already passed the midfield
4Q 14:01
4&9 Giants do not advance and will deliver the ball again
First touchdown of the season for Elliott
Final third quarter
New York Giants 10-35 Dallas Cowboys
3Q 01:15
Touchdown Dallas

Elliott debuts in the season and with the 10 yard run, increases the 35-10 lead.

3Q 03:45
Another big Gallup play with 62 yard reception
3Q 05:13
The Giants are one yard away from scoring the first and goal. Manning carrying that is braked on the hit line
Cobb's first touchdown with Dallas
3Q 08:21
Ingram with reception and Giants already inside the 40 yard
3Q 09:48
Touchdown Dallas By center a solitary Cobb receives 25 yard shipment to increase the 28-10 advantage
3Q 10:50
Prescott bombing of Cooper in reception of more than 35 yards
3Q 10:59
Field goal Rosas 28 yards

Giants 10-21 Cowboys

3Q 13:25
The Giants play fourth and get to move the chains.
3Q 14:25
Latimer with large reception for visitors
3Q 15:00
The third quarter starts
Dallas Day's third touchdown
Half time
Bombing of the goal zone that the defensive batters.

New York Giants 7-21 Dallas Cowboys

4Q 00:09
Time out Dallas
2Q 01:13
Touchdown Dallas

Deep pass from Prescott to Cooper to increase advantage

2Q 02:00
Prescott with personal transport to keep the offensive alive.

Two-minute break

2Q 06:14
Prescott's personal drive to get another first down
2Q 07:16
Good Prescott chemistry with Cobb once again gets the first and ten
Touchdown Witten
2Q 08:31
Short pass from Manning to Elisson and New York will once again deliver the ball
2Q 10:19
Touchdown Dallas

Dak meets Jason Witten at the three-yard reception, who returns with a touchdown after his brief retirement.

2Q 10:44
Copp takes off the defensive and gets the first and goal
2Q 13:20
Gallup makes a great reception and Dallas is already in rival territory
2Q 14:50
Cooper with reception to move the chains
End of first quarter
New York Giants 7-7 Dallas Cowboys
1Q 00:18
The Giants deliver the ball and Dallas will start from the 6-yard.
Touchdown Jarwin
1Q 03:01
Ingram with reception to get the first and ten
1Q 03:19
Touchdown Dallas

Prescott finds his closed wing alone to tie the game

1q 05:40
Dallas advances from midfield for the first time in the game. Gallop Reception
1Q 07:19
Randall Cob with reception to move the chains in the second series of Dallas
The touchdown
1Q 08:06
Touchdown Giants

Reception of two yards of Ingram after Manning pass

1q 09:27
Time out Giants
1Q 11:00
Big play for Barkley running for more than 30 yards and the Giants are already in field goal position 
1Q 11:45
Barkley releases the ball, but the Giants retain possession
So was Dallas' first reception in the game.
1Q 12:21
4&5 The Cowboys fail to advance and will deliver the ball in midfield
1Q 13:35
Fake play and pass and Dallas moves the chains again.
1Q 14:52
Cooper's reception for the first and ten
1Q 15:00
Start the game
The Manning brothers' greeting
Dallas will look to repeat as NFC East champion and once and for all end the drought of not reaching the Super Bowl.
The Giants ended up as the worst team in NFC East, so they will try to have a better 2019.
The first date in the NFC East were divisional matches. So far, the Eagles beat the Redskins 29-20.
Image of the last victory of Dallas against New York
The Giants will be looking for a surprise in Dallas
Manning already prepares to start the season
Dak living with the fans a few minutes to start the game
Spectacular half-time that there will be today
Yesterday, the Cowboys cut Alfred Morris to include Elliott in the squad that will play the match against the Giants.
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Lastest games
Of the last five games, Dallas has a 4-1 lead. In 2018 they swept the series with victories at the beginning and end of the season.
Positive balance in preseason
The Cowboys added a mark of 2-2 in preseason, but left a good taste in the mouth, counting the victory of week 3 against the Houston Texans 34-0.

Unbeaten in preseason... good sign?
The Giants were one of three teams that finished the preseason undefeated, although this does not necessarily indicate that it will happen in the regular season. It is worth remembering the case of the Browns in 2015, who won all their preseason matches and lost all of the regular campaign.

Cowboys: taking the leap in quality
This year Dallas seems to come with high expectations, especially with the agreement with Ezekiel Elliott to become the best runner in the league. Dallas qualified for the playoffs last year, although they were eliminated by current NFC champions Los Angeles Rams.
Giants: for the vindication
The vote of confidence has been given to Eli Manning once again, but criticism from his own supporters could take away his title if he doesn't start in the best way. Daniel Jones was selected in the last Draft and 2019 could be his debut year.
Rivalry at its best
There is no doubt that divisional matches are played to the death and this match is no exception. Once again Giants and Cowboys open the season in order to get the first win of the season.
How to watch New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys Live TV and Stream
If you want to watch the game on TV, your option is: FOX.

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Kick-off time
The New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys match will be played at the stadium AT&T Stadium, in Texas, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 16:25 pm ET.
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