Touchdowns and Highlights: Denver Broncos 16-24 Oakland Raiders, 2019 NFL Season
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Touchdowns and Highlights: Denver Broncos 16-24 Oakland Raiders, 2019 NFL Season

Follow along for Denver Broncos vs Oakland Raiders live stream online, TV channel, lineups preview and score updates of the 2019 Competition. Kick-off time: 8:20 pm ET.

Adrián Hernández
End game
Denver Broncos 16-24 Oakland Raiders
4Q 00:58
Raiders get first and ten to win the match
Flacco's first scoring pass in Denver
4Q 02:00
Two-minute break
4Q 02:15
Touchdown Denver

1 yard Sanders Reception to put tight game 24-16

4Q 03:48
Field goal Raiders

29-yard Carson Expands Host's Advantage

4Q 08:27
Harris with a great comeback and leaves Raiders beyond the rival's 40 yard
The third touchdown of the game
4Q 08:38
Field goal Denver

39 yards on the kick to approach 21-9.

4Q 09:12
Flacco takes a long time to release the ball and is captured.
4Q 11:05
Denver's best play. Flacco bombshell who decided to let go of his arm.
4Q 11:52
Touchdown Raiders

Jacobs with the 4 yard run to widen the difference 21-6

4Q 12:42
Great reception from Williams to get Oakland into the rival's 5-yard
4Q 14:10
Long reception of Jacobs to move the chains
Final third quarter
Denver Broncos 6-14 Oakland Raiders
3Q 01:25
Oakland's midfield offensive is over after Carr's incomplete pass.
3Q 02:45
Jacobs run that advances more than 10 yards
3Q 03:42
Field goal Denver

26-yard Brandon McManus brings visitors closer

3Q 03:45
Hamilton drops the ball in the end zone
The match is stopped because there is a player of the Raiders shaken in the grass.
3Q 06:18
Lindsay now with the three-yard reception to move the chains.
3Q 07:17
Cartage that falls short of a yard and the Raiders clear.
3Q 09:20
Field goal Broncos

Brandon McManus connects the 27-yard kick to put the first three points of the game. 14-3

Oakland loses the challenge
Oakland challenges play on possible Flacco fumble
3Q 09:22
Sack on Joe Flacco and Denver will have a fourth chance six yards from scoring.
3Q 10.45
Lindsay's ride and they're five yards away from scoring.
3Q 12:29
Fant with the reception and Denver's already threatening to score.
3q 14:10
Sotton with midfield reception to move chains
3Q 15:00
The third quarter begins
The Oakland offensive has looked better, they have had a good balance between ground and air attack, so they will try to maintain efficiency in the second half.
Half time
Denver Broncos 0-14 Oakland Raiders

Visitors attempted a distant 64-yard field goal that failed.

2Q 00:24
Passing interference on the defensive and Denver maintains the attack
This was Jacobs' flight.
2Q 00:32
First time out of Denver in the game
2Q 01:11
Incredibly, Hannilton with midfield reception to move the chains
2Q 02:00
Two-minute break
2q 02:28
Lindsay with the short haul and Denver moves the chains.
2Q 03:30
Touchdown Raiders

Jacobs jumps into the air two yards and gets the score.

2Q 06:06
Short haul of Jacobos, but the Raiders are already in the red zone of the rival
2Q 08:15
Fake play and pass, Carr complete in deep send with Williams
2Q 10:27
Jacobs short haul to move the ball from compromised zone
2Q 12:14
Flacco gets pressed, drops the ball, but gets Denver back. Fourth down
Final first quarter
Denver Broncos 0-7 Oakland Raiders
1Q 00:28
Sutton reception between two players to move the chains
1Q 02:00
Denver moves forward despite having punishment for holding
1Q 02:45
Short pass from Carr to Moreau and the Raiders will deliver the ball
1q 04:08
Carr was accurate in the first few minutes of the game.
1Q 05:24
Switch from Carr to Waller to move the chains
First touchdown pass of the season for Carr
1Q 07:00
Three and out to Denver who couldn't get the first and ten.
1q 08:52
Touchdown Raiders

Reception in Williams cross trajectory to place the first points of the game

1Q 10:33
Waller with the reception of 25 yatrdas and Oakland is already in the red zone
1Q 11:03
The Raiders are already in Denver territory. Carr has completed 3 of 3
1Q 15:00
The match starts
Josh Jacobs will now be in charge of taking control of the ground offensive.
The head of the offensive ready to start the season
Neither of the two teams on paper looks to fight for the championship division, but from the MNF will want to prove otherwise.
Fans more than annoyed after Antonio Brown's departure
Broncos declare ready for MNF game
Derek Carr needs to prove once and for all that he is the quarterback Oakland has needed so badly in recent years.
A new era begins in Denver. Joe Flacco will assume the controls of the offensive, what will be his performance in the season?
These are the Denver players who won't be here today.
60 years of being a Raider
That's how the Raiders' players got to the stadium.
In the West AFC, the Chiefs and Chargers have already won, which team will be left in the basement in this division?
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Lastest games
The record of confrontations is balanced in the last 5 games with three wins for Denver by two for Oakland. Although in the last two occasions that they have played in California, the Raiders have come out with the triumph.
Key player Raiders
Josh Jacobs, the first Raiders Draft team in 2019, will debut in the ground attack where he is expected to be an explosive player and help Carr balance the offensive.

Key player Broncos
Joe Flacco comes from losing the title in Baltimore with Lamar Jackson, but will have a second chance to show that he still has a good level.

Raiders: for a better year
The Raiders will try to make 2019 a better year, however, the eyes were focused on the novel with Antonio Brown who, in the end, was left free and was quickly signed by the Patriots.
Broncos: new era
Since Peyton Manning left, the Broncos haven't had an elite quarterback. By 2019 they will test with Joe Flacco and their first test will come against a divisional rival.
Closing the day
Once again the Raiders will play the double billboard of the first Monday Night Football and they will do it facing a divisional rival, the Denver Broncos.
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Kick-off time
The Denver Broncos vs Oakland Raiders match will be played at the stadium Oakland-Alameda Coliseum, in California, Estados Unidos. The kick-off is scheduled at 22:20 pm ET.
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