0-7, TD CONNER. 7-7, TD DISSLY. 7-10, FG BOSWELL. TD, 14-10 DISSLY. 14-13 FG, BOSWELL. 21-13, TD PENNY. 21-19, TYD MCDONALD. 28-19, METCALF. 28-26, TD MCDONALD.
Touchdowns and Highlights: Seattle Seahawks 28-26 Pittsburgh Steelers, 2019 NFL Season
Photo: VAVEL

Touchdowns and Highlights: Seattle Seahawks 28-26 Pittsburgh Steelers, 2019 NFL Season

Follow along for Seattle Seahawks vs Pittsburgh Steelers live stream online, TV channel, lineups preview and score updates of the 2019 Competition. Kick-off time: 1pm ET.

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End game
Seattle 28-26 Pittsburgh
4Q 01:55
Seattle gets the first and ten and they're gonna win the game.
Time out of Seattle
4Q 02:00
Wilson carries staff, but he stays one yard away from the first and ten. They'll have time to think about what they're going to decide.
Second time out of Pittsburgh
The score that squeezed the game
Time out of Pittsburgh
4Q 03:16
Wilson with personal run for the first and ten
4q 04:06
Lockett with reception to go on the offensive
4Q 05:25
Dissly with 11 yard reception
4Q 05:34
Touchdown Pittsburgh

Three-yard Rudolph connects with McDonald for score 29-26

4Q 05:37
Bush recovers the ball and Pittsburgh is two yards from scoring
4Q 05:49
Seattle On The Offensive In Their Tenth Tarda
Seattle's fourth touchdown
This was Pittsburgh's approaching notation.
4Q 07:15
Touchdown Seahawks

Metcalf with notation reception and Seattle goes ahead 28-19

4Q 08:47
Edmunds is punished for pass interference and Seattle will have a great field position.
4Q 08:43
Pete Caroll has challenged a possible pass interference
4Q 11:16
Touchdown Steelers

Rudolph finds Mc Donald on a 9-yard connection.

Two-point conversion is intercepted. 21-19

4Q 11:58
Sammuel with the haul and are already in first and goal
4Q 13:18
Rudolph with personal hauling to put Pittsburgh in the red zone
Penny with her first touchdown of the season.
4Q 14:47
Jonhson from the ground gets the reception on 3&8
Ends third quarter
Seattle 21-13 Pittsburgh
3Q 01:25
Sammuels with reception on play pass screen to continue with the offensive forward.
3Q 02:01
Juju more participatory and gets the reception to move the chains
3Q 02:56
Touchdown Seattle

The hole opened up for Penny and she's running over 30 yards.

3Q 04:27
Carson by the band gets to move the chains to Seattle
This was Seattle's second touchdown.
3Q 06:38
Field goal Steelers

33-yard Boswell to place result 14-13

3Q 06:43
Juju doesn't get the first and ten and the Steelers will try the field goal
3Q 08:51
Rudolph bombing Juju to be in the red zone
3Q 09:37
Conner exploits the hole to gain 14 yards.
3Q 09:49
Touchdown Seattle

Second Dissly scoring reception to give Seattle the edge

3Q 10:27
Banett resists the strong blow but Seattle is already in the red zone
3Q 11:46
Metcalf with 13 yard reception to keep the offensive alive
3Q 12:35
Rudolph is intercepted and Seattle will have a good field position.
Ben Roethlisberger stays on the bench because of a problem with his arm and Mason Rudolph takes over.
3Q 13:23
Lockett with the reception of 8 yards, but falls short of the goal and Seattle to clear.
3Q 15:00
The third quarter begins
Half time
Mayers misses the 58-yard field goal.

Break: Seattle 7-10 Pittsburgh

2Q 01:06
Seattle Continues Offensive Thanks to Penny's Short Carrier
2Q 01:26
Lockett with reception and Seattle already in midfield
2Q 02:00
Two-minute break
2Q 02:28
Pittsburgh Field Goal

42-yard Boswell to regain advantage

2q 02:45
Conner with the reception but stays away from the first and ten
Second time out of Pittsburgh
2Q 04:52
James Washington with another reception to move the chains
2Q 05:43
Juju Smith Schuter with the first reception of the match to move the chains
2Q 05:54
Third and long that can't complete Seattle and clear.
2Q 07:19
They diverted the pass to Ben Roethlisberger and again Pittsburgh to clear.
The score of the tie
2Q 08:40
Touchdown Seattle

Wilson with the 14-yard pass to tie the game.

2Q 08:45
Pittsburgh personal foul and give away the first and ten
2Q 09:00
3&1 that Penny can't get
2Q 11:23
Penny with the bullfight through the center and add another first and ten
Second time out of Seattle
2Q 12:54
Turner with reception of more than 10 yards for the first and ten
This was the first score of 2019 for Pittsburgh.
2Q 13:53
Carson's Maximum Advance to Move Seattle Chains
2Q 14:44
Touchdown Steelers

Conner's short run to enter the end zone

2Q 14:47
Seattle defensive interference and first and goal for Pittsburgh
Final first quarter
Seattle 0-0 Pittsburgh
1Q 0:11
The Steelers defensive retrieves the ball and although he had scored, does not count for an illegal block. Pittsburgh on the offensive
1Q 01:18
Carson takes advantage of the hole on the right side to move the chains.
1q 01:30
Holton doesn't get the reception and the Steelers kick in.
Time out of Pittsburgh
1Q 02:59
Stell's big moves to give the first and ten of the game to Pittsburgh
1Q 05:43
Incessant pressure from the Steelers on Wilson who capture him once again. Seattle to Clear
Time out Seattle
1Q 06:05
Second capture of the day for Wilson. Seattle with third and long to go
1Q 07:46
The Steelers' defender fails the tacleada and Lockett takes advantage to make the first and ten
1Q 09:23
Carson's 20-yard run to get the first and ten.
1Q 10:02
Big Ben pressed into the protection bag and the Steelers again to clear.
1Q 11:30
Wilson also suffers his first sack of the game at the hands of TJ Watt
1Q 12:46
Metcalf with 14 yard reception to move the Seattle chains
1Q 13:35
First sack for Roethlisberger and Steelers three and out.
1Q 15:00
Start the game. Pittsburgh on the offensive
A great postcard of Wilson's pre-match warm-up.
Photo: Seattle
Photo: Seattle
Seattle fans at Heinz Field
Photo: 12s
Photo: 12s
In the historic, Seattle has an advantage with 9 wins in exchange for eight defeats.


Jerome Bettis' ex-runner also sends his support to the team with which he was champion in the Super Bowl XL.
Pittsburgh's defense declares itself ready for the game. They will try to have a better display compared to last Sunday.
D. K. Metcalf shone through the airway with 89 yards at 4 receptions
Russell Wilson had more discrete numbers, but more effectively, because he threw 14 of 20 for 195 yards with two touchdowns.
The ground attack didn't work against the Patriots, as James Conner ran 10 attempts for just 21 yards.
Last week Ben Roethlisberger pitched 27 of 47 for 276 yards and an interception, although his numbers are expected to improve at home.
Great reception for Kelly!
Will you be able to celebrate Juju in the same way this afternoon?
The last time they met was in 2015 with victory for Seattle at home 39-30
Photo: Seattle times
Photo: Seattle times
These are the players who won't see any activity this Sunday in Seattle:
Here are some of the Steelers' pre-game warm-ups
Pittsburgh's arrival at Heinz Field
The Steelers have measured Seattle at Heinz Field with two wins in this decade, both of which were whitewashed.
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Lastest games
The record is short between the two teams in recent years with just five games and a slim lead for Pittsburgh with three wins by two defeats, although when they have played at Heinz Field, the Steelers have not only won but also blanked.
How to watch Seattle Seahawks vs Pittsburgh Steelers Live TV and Stream
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Key player Pittsburgh
It's time for James Conner to become a reference in the team's ground attack and serve as an escape valve when required by Ben Roethlisberger.

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Key player Seattle
Russell Wilson remains the soul of the attack and has led Seattle to victories they could not have imagined.

Giving another face
The Steelers were widely dominated by New England in Foxborough. Neither ground nor air attack worked, while the defensive never found the formula to stop Tom Brady.
Suffered victory
The Seattle Seahawks achieved a 21-20 home win over the Bengals, but came from behind a couple of times to achieve it.
Steelers: avoiding a bad start
Without Bell and Brown, it would be disastrous for the Steelers to start with two defeats. At home they have become strong in recent years and will seek to revalidate it once again.
Seattle:f or consolidation
Seattle's debut left some doubts about what the team has in store for the season, so they'll be looking for a better display.
The Super Bowl XL recession
Thirteen years ago these teams competed in the Vince Lombardi trophy, where the Steelers won 21-10 in Detroit.
Kick-off time
The Seattle Seahawks vs Pittsburgh Steelers match will be played at the stadium Heinz Field, in Pittsburgh, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 1:00 pm ET.
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