Kick-off: 1pm ET.
Touchdowns and highlights: Dallas Cowboys 31-21 Washington Redskins
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Touchdowns and highlights: Dallas Cowboys 31-21 Washington Redskins

Follow along for Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins live stream online, TV channel, roster preview and score updates of the 2019 NFL. Kickoff time: Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins: 1pm ET.

Enrique Ortega Sánchez


4Q - 0:00
Finish the game. Dallas beats Washington 31-21.
4Q - 2:00
Two-minute break.
4Q - 2:15 Touchdown Washington.
Touchdown. Keenum finds McLaurin, extra good point.
4Q - 2:40
First and goal on 1. Close to scoring Washington.
Zeke Elliott ran two yards to complete his first touchdown of the day.


4Q - 5:07 Touchdown Dallas
Touchdown Cowboys. 2 yard run by Zeke Elliott. Extra point by Maher is good.
4Q - 7:00
Pass 10 yards from Prescott to Smith and there's 1&goal to Dallas.
4Q - 11:04
Washington played the fourth chance and not the concrete one.
4Q - 13:51 FG Dallas
Brett Maher's 25-yard field goal good attempt by Dallas.
3Q 00:00
Finish the third quarter. Dallas threatens in 1st and goal.
3Q :45
The Cowboys are already in the red zone. 1&goal in two after Pollard's bullfight.
3Q - 4:23
The second attack of the second half of Dallas begins at the 25-yard.
3Q - 4:30 Touchdown Washington
Touchdown. Keenum meets Richardson in an eight-yard pass. The extra point is right.
3Q - 6:00
Keenum sent to Quinn and the Redskins are already in the red zone.
Dak Prescott thus connected with Amari Copper for the third touchdown of the day for Dallas.


3Q - 7:42
Keenum finds McLaurin at 35 Dallas.
3Q - 9:58
The Washington offensive begins at the 25th yard.
3Q 9:59 Touchdown Dallas
Connects Dak Prescott to 10 yard Amari Cooper. Brett Maher gets the extra point.
3Q - 12:45
Dallas is already in rival territory, couple of Elliott hauls and now, good reception from Gallup.
3Q - 15:00
The first offensive of the second half of Dallas begins at the 25-yard.
In the final seconds of the first half, Dallas turned the scoreboard over with a two-yard pass to Witten. 
Dallas tied the game with Prescott's 51-yard pass with Smith.
2Q . 0:00
Finish the first half. Dallas beats Washington 14-7.
2Q - :09 Touchdown Dallas
Touchdown. Pass two yards from Prescott to Witten. Extra point from Maher is good.
2Q - 2:00
Dak Prescott escapes at Red Option and reaches the 21th yard in Washington.
That's how the Redskins went ahead with Peterson's TD.
2Q - 4:32
Three and out for the Redskins offensive. Dallas will have his offensive from the 18th yard.
2Q - 6:50 Touchdown Dallas
Prescott's bombing of Smith for 51 yards and touchdown is given. Maher hits the extra point and the match is tied.
2Q - 9:44
Crawford to Keenum capture. Redskins Punt and Dallas attack will be from the 14th yard.
2Q - 11:22
Pause on the field of play due to injury to Dallas DL: Woods.
2Q - 12:49
Capture over Dak Prescott and there's a new punt for Cowboys. The Redskins attack will begin at the 26th yard.
2Q - 14:15
Touchdown Redskins. Adrian Peterson's one-yard run. Extra point is good.
1Q -0:00
Finish the first quarter. Washington at yard 1 thanks to a screen pass with Adrian Peterson.
1Q - 1:58
Enter Washington red zone with full pass with Trey Quinn
1Q - 5:08
Interception of Prescott, he recovers the Nicholson ball and returns it to the opponent's 40 yard.
1Q - 6:46
Elliot's 15-yard run, Cowboys to the 34-yard.
1Q - 8:40
Dallas stops Washington in midfield and there'll be a new punt. The Cowboys will have their second offensive series from the 10th yard.
1Q - 11:04
Dallas punt and Washington in their second offensive series will start at the 35 yard.
1Q - 12:10
Washington Punt and the first attack on Dallas will begin at the 10th yard.
1Q - 14:07
Go from Keenum to 10 yard Sprinkel and get the first chance.
1Q - 15:00
Start the game. Washington will have the first possession since the 25th yard.
Dak Prescott ready to go to the grill and play Week 2.

Inactive players for Washington

These are the inactive Dallas players for noon in Washington:
#10 T. Austin
#37 D. Wilson
#57 L. Gifford
#61 A. Redmond
#69 B. Knight
#79 T. Hill
#97 T. Charlton
Zeke Elliott is already warming up at FedEX Field.

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Lastest games
In the most recent match played by both teams, Dallas beat the Redskins (31-23). Highlighting Amari Cooper with a great performance, catching two touchdown passes for 180 yards.


Washington Redskins: Key player
Adrian Peterson, RB Washington. The veteran runner will be activated for the first time in the campaign, after not having played in the first week. His experience will be key for the attacks in first and second opportunity are by land getting several delays.
Foto: UPI
Foto: UPI
Dallas Cowboys: Key Player
Ezekiel Elliot, RB Dallas. After being limited the first week for not having done preseason with the team, will come the best version of Elliott. With the Redskins down in their defensive line, Zeke's assignment will be to be Dallas' battle horse to run between tackles and also serve as a hook for Dak Prescott to play actions.
Photo: Sporting News
Photo: Sporting News
Washington Redskins: News
Plagued by injuries are the Redskins, among which stand out and are ruled out for the game: Derrius Guice (RB), Jonathan Allen (DL), Caleb Brantley (DT), Jordan Reed (TE) and Colt McCoy (QB).
Photo: Diario AS USA
Photo: Diario AS USA
Dallas Cowboys: Team News
In the injury report before the game, Tavon Austin (concussion) and rookie Luke Gifford (ankle) have been ruled out.
Photo: Blogging The Boys
Photo: Blogging The Boys
Washington: Must not allow a (0-2) in the division
In their Philadelphia debut, the Redskins let go of their first-half lead over the Eagles and lost the game. The hard blow must be forgotten, now the mission will be to become strong at home not to have a bad record in their division just at the dawn of the season.
Foto: Washington Post
Photo: Washington Post
Dallas: For the leadership of the division
A great start to the season had the Cowboys in the season, defeating (35-17) the Giants with a great performance by Dak Prescott who launched 4 toudown passes. Now in Washington, must consolidate a good initial streak of Jason Garrett's team.
Photo: Mediotiempo
Photo: Mediotiempo
How to watch Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins Live TV and Stream
If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: FOX.

If you want to directly stream it: FOX Play.

If you want to watch in on internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

Kick-off time 1PMET
The Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins match will be played at the FedEX Field, in Landover, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 1pm ET.
One of the oldest rivalries of the NFL will have its first chapter in this season 100. The Redskins will seek not to get (0-2) in their division against a Cowboys who began the season in extraordinary form.

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