Touchdowns and Highlights: Cleveland Browns 23-3 New York Jets, 2019 NFL Season
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Touchdowns and Highlights: Cleveland Browns 23-3 New York Jets, 2019 NFL Season

Follow along for Cleveland Browns vs New York Jets live stream online, TV channel, lineups preview and score updates of the 2019 NFL Regular Season. Kick-off time: 8:15 pm ET.

Adrián Hernández


End game
Browns 23-3 Jets
4Q 01:13
Mayfield is captured and the Browns will hand over the ball.
4Q 02:00
Two-minute break. Cleveland is still on the offensive but the game is sentenced.
4Q 05:31
Strong impact on Chobb, although he manages to move the chains.
4Q 06:59
Bell had already entered the goal area, but the ball is pulled out and now is possession for Cleveland
4Q 09:50
Roberts intercepts Darnold and the Jets will come on the offensive.
4Q 12:50
Chubb runs to win the first and ten
4Q 12:50
The Jets play in fourth but fall short to a yard and deliver the ball
4Q 14:48
Deception and Falk finds Anderson for the first and ten.
Final third quarter
Browns 23-3 Jets
3Q 00:20
Bell's big leap to get the first and ten.
3Q 00:58
Johnson is two yards away from moving the chains and the Browns to deliver the ball.
Odell Beckham being Odell Beckham in the game 
3Q 02:17
Three and out for the Jets after Falk's incomplete pass.
3Q 03:32
Touchdown Browns

Odel Beckham Jr. reappears and an 89-yard pass based on speed increases the difference. 23-3.

3Q 03:38
Bell falls short on the fourth chance and the Jets go out without points when they were already in the red zone.
3Q 05:42
Falk begins to look better and reconnects with Anderson to keep the offensive alive.
3Q 06:55
Anderson with the long reception to move the chains and enter rival territory.
3Q 07:18
Mayfield has to escape pressure and launch incomplete. Again the defensive Jets doing the job
3Q 09:32
Montgomery with short reception that is insufficient. Jets to kick again
3Q 10:48
Falk is captured for the second time at night
3Q 11:53
Maylfield tries personal carriage, but fails to advance the missing two yards. 
3Q 13:15
Bell with 7-yard reception, but Jets to clear.
3Q 14:13
Luke Falk is captured in the first move of the offensive.
3Q 15:00
The third quarter begins
Half time
Goal of field Browns

Seibert 43 yards gives the Browns a 13-yard lead back at half-time. 16-3.

2Q 00:43
Jets don't work in the ground attack and Cleveland will have one last chance.
2Q 01:01
It was all for the Browns offensive. Clear.
2Q 02:00
Mayfield's long pass to move the chains

Two-minute break

2Q 02:56
Field goal Jets

46-yard Ficken gets first points from New Yorkers

2Q 03:32
Montgomery runs but falls short of advancing
2Q 05:28
Bell, by land, achieves a second first and ten consecutive
Luke Falk takes over the offensive controls.
2Q 07:58
Personal foul against the Browns, but Siemian is lying on the playing field and possibly fractured his ankle.

Bad news for the Jets

2Q 09:50
Bell with the run to move the Jets' chains.
Chubb's bullfight for the first touchdown of the game
2Q 10:16
Touchdown Browns

Nick Chubb with 19-yard hauling to make the first six-point score of the game. 13-0.

2Q 10:23
Holding against the defensive and first and ten for the Browns.
2Q 11:05
The Browns are two yards away from moving the chains.
2Q 13:12
Beckham with another great reception to give him the first and ten on the offensive.
2Q 13:58
The Jets ended with a bad series and in 4&29 to clear.
The first quarter ends
Browns 6-0 Jets
1Q 01:17
First and ten of the Jets derived from a personal foul against the quarterback.
1Q 02:38
Beckham with the reception, but it falls short of the first and ten. Cleveland for the first time in the game to clear.
1Q 04:34
Chubb with reception on screen pass to move the chains
1Q 05:30
They're always looking for Thomas, but the pass is a little off. Again three and out for the Jets.
1Q 06:16
Goal of field Browns

Seibert of 48 yards increases the difference.

1Q 07:52
Rudeza to the passer and the Jets give away the first and ten
We left them the big Beckham Jr. catch.
1Q 08:47
The Browns are in a good position to start close to midfield.
1Q 08:58
Pressure for Siemian and in third long can not advance. Jets to kick
1Q 09:40
First sack of the day for Trevor Siemian
1Q 10:27
Field goal Browns

23-yard Seibert Overtakes Visitors

1Q 10:30
Mayfield sends the pass incomplete and the Browns to kick a field goal.
1q 11:26
Impressive reception from Odell Beckham leaving the Browns in the goal zone.
1Q 12:40
Mayfield's long pass to find Lonesome Johnson to place himself in enemy territory.
1Q 14:05
Chubb gets the first and ten of the match
1Q 15:00
The match starts
The Jets will seek to approach a game of leaders Bills and Patriots who have a 2-0 record.
Bell is said to have recovered 100% of his shoulder, so he has cleared up any doubts as to his ownership.
These are the Browns players who won't be participating tonight:
On September 20, 2018, Mayfield debuted in the NFL and did so with a win over the Jets.
Baker Mayfield prepares for the start of the MNF
Demaryius Thomas will make his debut just days after being exchanged to the Jets from the Patriots. 
Bell, the Jets' star runner, participated in 23 combined plays against the Bills.
Odel Beckham Jr. will return to the stadium he played for a long time at home with the New York Giants.
The Cleveland Browns were favourites to win the first match of the season, but lost 43-13 to the Titans.
The Jets come from losing a game in which they had a 16-point lead and ended up losing by one to the Bills.
Le'Veon Bell will participate in tonight's game.
Tonight is the 50th anniversary of the first game on Monday night. On that occasion, Jets and Browns played the first game.
Tonight is the 50th anniversary of the first game on Monday night. On that occasion, Jets and Browns played the first game.
The Jets won't have their QB Sam Darnold tonight.
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Lastest games
The Jets have the lead in the last series of games with a 4-1 lead, however, in 2018 they faced each other in Cleveland and the Browns won 21-17.
How to watch Cleveland Browns vs New York Jets Live TV and Stream
If you want to watch the game on TV, your option is: ESPN and ESP Deportes.

If you want to directly stream it: ESPN and NFL Game Pass.

If you want to watch in on internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

Key player New York
Demaryius Thomas was barely hired by the Jets this week from the Patriots. Although his performance has come to less in recent years, he is a player of care in the air attack.

Key player Cleveland
Odell Beckham Jr returns to the big apple and will try to have a better show to be the leader in the Browns air raid.

Surprise us?
The Jets lost the lead to the Bills and ended up falling by a point. They have the opportunity to return to play at home and in prime time in MNF.
Win and convince
Cleveland fell surprisingly to Tennessee in the opening week when he was a favorite to win at home.
Jets: without Darnold
New York will suffer the loss for a few weeks of his quarterback Sam Darnold, so will enter the scene substitute Trevor Siemian.
Browns: For the first victory
Cleveland is a very talented team and placed by some specialists to win the North AFC over Ravens and Steelers.
Rarely in the last few years have Browns and Jets appeared in Monday Night Football and they will on this occasion to close round two.
Kick-off time
The Cleveland Browns vs New York Jets match will be played at the stadium MetLife Stadium, in New York, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:15 pm ET.
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