Touchdowns and highlights Dolphins 6-31 Cowboys, 2019 NFL
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3:35 PMa year ago


3:10 PMa year ago

4Q - 0:00

The game is over, Dallas wins its third and Miami still doesn't win.
3:04 PMa year ago

4Q - 2:00

Two minute warning.
3:01 PMa year ago

4Q - 3:45 TD Dallas

Tony Pollard's 17-yard run for the score. Maher's extra point is good.
2:50 PMa year ago

4Q - 5:27

Can't make it past Miami on 4th chance and Dallas will get the ovoid.
2:47 PMa year ago

4Q 7:02

Miami's on the line for the fourth time and they make it through.
2:42 PMa year ago

4Q - 7:54

55-yard field goal attempt by Brett Maher who misses.
2:39 PMa year ago

4Q - 9:13

Tony Pollard's big haul for over 30 yards, Dallas at the red zone gates.
2:33 PMa year ago

4Q - 12:39

Dolphins punt. Cowboys will have the ball in new offensive from their own territory.
2:29 PMa year ago

4Q - 13:05

Collins captures Josh Rosen and ends the attack. Cowboys give Miami a new chance for a personal foul to the clearer.
2:25 PMa year ago

4Q - 14:49

Miami inicia su primer ataque del último cuarto en la yarda 23.
2:21 PMa year ago

3Q - 0:00

Finish the third quarter. Dallas in 4&1 in its own territory.
2:17 PMa year ago

3Q - 1:51

Three and out for the Dolphins. Cowboys will have their attack from the 20 yard.
2:14 PMa year ago
Dak Prescott with his touchdown on the ground.
2:12 PMa year ago

3Q - 3:30 TD Dallas

Prescott runs for 9 yards and touchdown goes down. Maher's extra point is good.
2:09 PMa year ago

3Q - 4:19

Now pass from Prescott to Cooper, Dallas is in the red zone.
2:09 PMa year ago

3Q - 5:00

13-yard pass from Prescott to Elliott and Cowboys are back in rival territory.
2:01 PMa year ago

3Q 8:59

Robert Quinn's capture of Josh Rosen. Miami punt and Dallas will begin their new attack in their 24 yard.
1:56 PMa year ago
The Dak Prescott - Amari Cooper connection brought a new touchdown to Dallas.
1:53 PMa year ago

3Q 12:28 TD Dallas

Dak Prescott's touchdown pass to Amari Cooper, 19-yard shipment. Extra point from Maher is good.
1:51 PMa year ago

3Q 13:38

Connects Prescott with Devin Smith, played 34 yards and are already in Dolphins territory
1:47 PMa year ago

3Q - 15:00

First attack of second half Cowboys begin at 25 yard.
1:36 PMa year ago
The key play for Dallas, the loose ball Lawrence recovered.
1:33 PMa year ago

2Q 0:00

Finish the first Half
1:29 PMa year ago

2Q - :25

Drake's loose ball and he recovers DeMarcus Lawrence.
1:28 PMa year ago

1Q - :31

1&goal for Dolphins
1:27 PMa year ago

2Q - :40

Enter Miami to red zone with Drake run.
1:21 PMa year ago

2Q - 2:00

Two minute warning.
1:19 PMa year ago

2Q - 3:09

Cowboys punt. The Dolphins offensive will start at the 16-yard.
1:12 PMa year ago

2Q - 5:58 FG Miami.

33-yard field goal Jason Sanders is good.
1:07 PMa year ago

2Q - 7:35

Ryan Fitzpatrick finds Preston Williams inside the 25-yard.
1:00 PMa year ago

2Q - 10:33

They'll have to punt the Cowboys. Miami will have a new attack from their 36 yard.
12:57 PMa year ago

2Q - 12:00

Dar encuentra a Cooper para salir de zona comprometida.
12:53 PMa year ago

2Q - 13:50

Three and out to Miami. Dallas Attack will start at its own 8-yard. 
12:49 PMa year ago

2Q - 14:44

Prescott's intercepted pass, McCain takes the ovoid.
12:46 PMa year ago

1Q 0:00

Finish 1st quarter.
12:44 PMa year ago

1Q - :53

Cowboys initiate attack on 25-yard.
12:42 PMa year ago

1Q - :53 FG Miami

Dallas prevents Miami TD. FG attempt of 21 yards successful.
12:39 PMa year ago

1Q - 3:21

1&goal for Miami, connects Rosen again with Williams.
12:37 PMa year ago

1Q - 3:31

Rosen connects to Williams and Miami's already in the red zone.
12:36 PMa year ago
So was the Dallas TD, which connected Dak to Cooper.
12:35 PMa year ago

1Q - 5:57

Touchback. New Miami series starts at 25 yard.
12:32 PMa year ago

1Q - 5:57 TD Dallas

Prescott's touchdown pass to 5-yard Amari Cooper. Maher's extra point is good.
12:30 PMa year ago

1Q - 6:50

Inside the 10 Dallas yard after Elliott's haul.
12:29 PMa year ago

1Q - 7:34

Long pass from Prescott to Jason Witten and they get almost 20 yards on the shipment.
12:26 PMa year ago

1Q - 8:38

Pass Dallas to rival territory on 40th with a pass from Prescott to Smith.
12:24 PMa year ago

1Q - 9:23

Three and out to Miami. Dallas will start a new attack on the 46-yard of its own.
12:20 PMa year ago

1Q - 10:18

Pause on the field of play due to injury to WR Allen Hurns.
12:18 PMa year ago

1Q - 10:21

Miami begins its attack on the 19-yard.
12:16 PMa year ago

1Q - 10:27

Brett Maher's 28-yard field goal attempt is successful, Dallas takes the lead.
12:13 PMa year ago

1Q - 11:40

Enter red zone Dallas with Zeke Elliott hauling.
12:11 PMa year ago

1Q - 13:23

Cowboys' First Attack Begins in Their Own Yard 37
12:08 PMa year ago

1Q - 13:23

Jason Sanders' 47-yard field goal attempt that misses.
12:06 PMa year ago

1Q - 14:24

Long pass from Josh Rosen to DeVante Parker who catches a hand and reaches rival territory. Miami's offense is placed at the 29th yard.
12:03 PMa year ago

1Q - 15:00

Dallas punt, Miami kicks off its first offensive at the 25-yard.
11:55 AMa year ago
The Dolphins will be playing in their Aqua uniform this afternoon in Arlington.
11:53 AMa year ago
The Cowboys come out to the grill.
11:07 AMa year ago
So was Dak Prescott's arrival at AT&T Stadium. Dallas QB will be looking for their third consecutive match by getting at least three touchdown passes.
Photo: Dallas Cowboys
Photo: Dallas Cowboys
11:04 AMa year ago
These will be the inactive Dallas players for this Week 3 match:

#10 Tavon Austin, #13 Michael Gallup, #25 Xavier Woods, #57 Luke Gifford, #69 Brandon Knight, #98 Tyrone Crawford and #99 Antwaun Woods

12:41 PMa year ago

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Lastest games

It was in 2015 that Cowboys and Dolphins met for the last time in the NFL. Dallas beat Miami (24-14) in a game with enough errors from both QB's, but in the end Tony Romo's two touchdown passes made the difference.
Photo: Primero y Diez
Photo: Primero y Diez
12:32 PMa year ago

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If you want to watch the game on TV, your option is: FOX.

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Key player: Dallas

Amari Cooper, WR Dallas. After Michael Gallup's knee injury, Cooper will take on even greater importance in Dallas' attack. So far this season, he's already scored two touchdowns and has 150 yards.
Foto: NBC Sports
Foto: NBC Sports
12:22 PMa year ago

Key player: Miami

Josh Rosen, QB. After his exchange to Miami and with the two defeats of the team, Rosen in the week has become the starting field marsical. He will be looking for an acceptable performance in Dallas so that he can remain in the starting line-up for the remainder of the 2019 season.
Photo: FOX Deportes
Photo: FOX Deportes
11:32 AMa year ago

Cowboys: Trouble-Free Triumph in Washington

Dallas Cowboys visited FedEX Field last Sunday. They started losing the game (0-7), but there was a big reaction from Dak Prescott and company. The Dallas QB threw three scoring, plus a TD of 'Zeke' Elliott by land dictated the score of (31-21).
Foto: Marca
Foto: Marca
11:26 AMa year ago

Dolphins: Humiliated at Home by the Pats

Miami showed very badly in its second home game of 2019. They were whitewashed by New England (43-0) and showed the defense of the Patriots to intercept on two occasions Fitrzpatrick. With the score so high, Josh Rosen had to enter as QB of the Dolphins.
Photo: AS USA
Photo: AS USA
11:21 AMa year ago

Dallas: Stay One of NFC's Best

In the first two weeks, Dallas has demonstrated a good level, although it still does not face quality rivals. Dak Prescott has commanded the Cowboys offensive and so far, have not depended on the ground attack with Ezekiel Elliott.
Photo: CBS Sports
Photo: CBS Sports
11:13 AMa year ago

Miami: Surprise with Josh Rosen

After a worrying start for Miami, Head Coach Brian Flores has decided to give the title as QB to Josh Rosen, a player who came in exchange from the Arizona Cardinals.
Photo: Arizona Sports
Photo: Arizona Sports
11:03 AMa year ago

Kick-off time 1PM ET

The Miami Dolphins vs Dallas Cowboys match will be played at the AT&T Stadium, in Arlington, US. The kick-off is scheduled at 1pm ET.
10:57 AMa year ago
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