0-7, TD JONES. 0-10, FG CROSBY. 7-10, TD JEFFERY. 7-13, FG CROSBY. 14-13, TD GARRETT. 21-13, TD HOWARD. 21-20, TD ALLISON. 27-20, TD HOWARD. 27-27, TD GRAHAM. 34-27, TD HOWARD.
Touchdowns and Highlights: Philadelphia Eagles 34-27 Green Bay Packers, 2019 NFL Season
Photo: VAVEL

Touchdowns and Highlights: Philadelphia Eagles 34-27 Green Bay Packers, 2019 NFL Season

Follow along for Philadelphia Eagles vs Green Bay Packers live stream online, TV channel, lineups preview and score updates of the 2019 NFL. Kick-off time: 8:20 pm ET.

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End game
Eagles 34-27 Packers
4Q 00:20
Interception of Aaron Rodgers and the Eagles take the undefeated from Green Bay at Lambeau Field
4Q 01:06
Graham with first reception and goal
4Q 01:54
Defensive interference and Packers breathe when moving chains
4Q 01:59
Two-minute break
4Q 02:45
Jones with blocks and Green Bay advances
4Q 04:09
Once again Rodgers does the hauling to keep the offensive alive.
4Q 05:09
Incomplete pass of Wentz and the Eagles to clear
Personal Foul of Green Bay giving away the first and ten
4Q 06:42
Again the Eagles move the chains, now by air with Ertz
4Q 08:08
The Packers still haven't stopped the Eagles' ground attack.
4Q 09:00
Four times in the 2nd yard and the Packers fail to score and come out empty-handed.
4Q 10:37
Adams reception and first and goal for Green Bay
4Q 11:50
Jones is whipped by Brown and the Packers advance 15 yards more
4Q 12:10
Rodgers with the haul to get to his 44 yard. Jones then enters enemy territory removing several contacts.
Third touchdown for Howard
First annotation connection of the day between Rodgers and Graham
4Q 14:13
Touchdown Eagles

Howard on a power basis gives back the advantage to his team 34-27

Final third quarter
Eagles 27-27 Packers
There's no pass interference and the Eagles will have a third chance.
3Q 01:35
Ertz with the reception to go ahead with the offensive
3Q 03:05
Great Sanders haul that explodes the hole to gain more than 35 yards.
3Q 03:16
Touchdown Packers

Rodgers finds in the area promised to Graham to tie the match2 27-27

3Q 04:15
Rodgers escapes pressure and throws pass to move chains
3Q 06:28
Rodgers escapes pressure and manages to move the chains
3Q 06:50
For the first time in the third quarter, Eagles three and out. Rodgers will be on the offensive.
Time out of Philadelphia
This time by air and so Howard scored
3Q 07:50
Rodgers about to be intercepted and fails in third down. Packers to clear
3Q 09:12
Touchdown Eagles

Howard with the solitary reception to give another hit on the Lambeau Field, but fail in the conversion of two points. 27-20

3Q 10:17
Jeffery with the reception and the Eagles in area to make more points
3Q 11:58
Sanders moves chains over land after achieving 6 yards
The referees point out that there is no punishment and Green Bay to clear.
3Q 13:03
The Packers do not advance, but the coach already challenged a possible interference pass
3Q 14:13
Douglas with the pass interference and the Packers are already close to midfield.
3Q 15:00
The second half begins
2Q 0
Rodgers with less than 50 seconds on the clock approached the Packers on the scoreboard
Half time
Eagles 21-20 Packers
2Q 00:08
Touchdown Packers

Allison with the reception inside the diagonals and Green Bay shortens the difference. 21-20

2Q 00:14
Allison with the big reception inside the 20 yard.
Howard with the terrestrial annotation
2Q 00:55
Adams moves the chains in a short pass
2Q 00:59
Touchdown of the Eagles

Howard with the short haul and already take off on marker 21-13.

This was the Eagles' second touchdown.
2Q 01:53
Rodgers releases the ball and the Eagles recover them inside the opponent's 20 yard.
2Q 02:00
Two-minute break
2Q 02:45
Touchdown Eagles

Garrett with the reception and the Eagles turn the game around. 14-13

2Q 03:15
Wentz Staff to Achieve the First and Goal
2Q 05:10
Ertz with the reception and the Eagles are already in the red zone.
2Q 06:32
Personal Foul against Wentz and the Eagles advance 15 yards more
2Q 06:59
The decision is changed and Philadelphia manages to move the chains and they are already in midfield.
2Q 06:49
Green Bay scored after recovering a loose ball, although the play will be reviewed
2Q 10:24
Goal of field Packers

31-yard Crosby increases the lead, but Green Bay misses another opportunity in the red zone. 13-7

This was Philadelphia's controversial touchdown.
2Q 10:09
Green Bay's big play again features the Rodgers-Adams connection. In addition, punishment of the Eagles for pulling the mask.
2Q 11:48
Touchdown Eagles

Jeffery in the end zone scores the first points of the Eagles-10-7

2q 12:24
First and goal for the Eagles who are already in the 4th yard.
2Q 13:51
Great kick back and the Eagles WILL START from the yard 34
2Q 14:01
Goal of field Packers

30 yard Crosby connects to increase advantage 10-0

2Q 14:04
Rodgers with incomplete pass to Adams and the Packers to try a field goal 
End first quarter
Eagles 0-7 Packers

Green Bay already in the red zone after getting the first and ten with the reception of Graham

1Q 02:08
Adams reappears and gets an easy first and ten. 
1Q 03:26
Play action and Lewis moves the chains in a spectacular move
1Q 05:01
Philadelphia personal Foul and again give away the first and ten
1Q 05:59
Adams Reception for Green Bay to leave the deep zone of their field
1Q 07:31
Wentz seeks personal carriage, but is stopped before the finish line and the Eagles kick.
1Q 09:09
Ertz with 17 yard reception for moving chains
In this way Green Bay got the first points of the game
1Q 10:31
Touchdown Packers

Jones short run to put the first points of the game. 7-0

Time out Packers
1Q 11:43
Rodgers bombing finds Adams and the Packers are already in the opponent's 8-yard
1Q 12:38
Williams is left lying in the field by a strong impact on the head. The referees scored personal foul and Green Bay thus achieves its first and ten of the game.
1Q 12:58
High Wentz pass looking for Ertz and Philadelphia to clear. 
1Q 14:16
Howard with the haul on the right side and Philadelphia's almost halfway through.
1Q 15:00
Start the match
Philadelphia is two games away from leader Dallas, so you can't afford to lose one more game.
The Packers if they win will retain the leadership of NFC North no matter what happens with the other teams
Philadelphia goes for first away win
Aaron Rodgers' pre-game warm-up
Carson Wentz has better quarterback index in 2019 (91.2) compared to 2017
Eagles: inactive list
Without cornerback Ronald Darby (hamstring), wide receiver DeSean Jackson (abdomen), and defensive tackle Tim Jernigan (foot) due to injury. Also inactive for the Eagles are quarterback Nate Sudfeld, defensive end Shareef Miller, guard Nate Herbig, and guard/tackle Matt Pryor.
Philadelphia Eagles' locker room is set for tonight's game. This is how it looks for the players.
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Lastest games
Green Bay has the measure of the Eagles, with five wins from the last six games, including the last time they played at Lambeau Field in 2014.
How to watch Philadelphia Eagles vs Green Bay Packers Live TV and Stream
If you want to watch the game on TV, your option is: FOX and NFL Network.

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Key player Green Bay
The Packers should never be discarded, especially when Aaron Rodgers is on the offensive, capable of changing the game with a blast from half the court.
Key player Philadelphia
Jordan Haward arrived to establish a better ground attack but has not surpassed 100 yards in three games, so he hopes to have a better display at the TNF.
Third game in a row at home
The Packers defeated the Vikings on the second day and the Broncos on the third, both at Lambeau Field, but this will be the first in prime time.
Fewer errors
Many timely deliveries have led to two defeats in Philadelphia's first three games.
Packers: the undefeated
Green Bay has been one of the pleasant surprises of the season and not because of Aaron Rodgers' offensive, but because of the defense that has forced three deliveries of the rival's ball in each game.
Eagles: Get up
There are already two difference games with the Cowboys leaders and one more could no longer allow it. The Eagles have two consecutive defeats against Falcons and Lions.
Although they are not from the same division, Eagles and Packers have had a great rivalry in recent decades, facing each other in Playoff games.
Kick-off time
The Philadelphia Eagles vs Green Bay Packers match will be played at the stadium Lambeau Field, in Wisconsin, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:20 pm ET.
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