6-0, TD BOLDEN. 13-0, TD. SLATER. 13-3, FG HAUSCHKA. 13-10, TD ALLEN. 16-10, FG GOSTKOWSKI.
Touchdowns and Highlights: New England Patriots 16-10 Buffalo Bills, 2019 NFL Season
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Touchdowns and Highlights: New England Patriots 16-10 Buffalo Bills, 2019 NFL Season

Follow along for New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills live stream online, TV channel, lineups preview and score updates of the 2019 NFL. Kick-off time: 1:00 pm ET.

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End game
Patriots 16-10 Bills
4Q 01:27
The ball is diverted to Barkley and Collins is intercepted. Victory for New England
4Q 02:00
Knox with the reception and they're already at the 40 yard.

Two-minute break

4Q 02:35
Beasley advances 17 yards to move the chains.
4Q 03:19
Buffalo's defensive team do their job again and they will have the ball once again
4Q 4:18
Sony Michel with carrying to finally achieve a first and ten
4Q 05:41
Short pass from Barkley and the Bills to clear
4Q 07:14
Yeldon with another reception and gets the first and ten
4Q 07:36
Again the pressure falls on Brady who has to get rid of the ball. Fourth and to clear.
4Q 08:44
Barkley with the pass incomplete and Buffalo to deliver the ball
4Q 09:01
Yeldon catches the ball and the Bills in enemy territory 
4Q 09:13
White with the reception but stays at the 5-yard. Patriots in area committed to clearing
4Q 10:23
Brooks intercepts in the red zone and the Bills leave empty-handed.
4Q 11:05
Gore is one yard away from scoring and the Bills will have fourth down.
4Q 13:15
Personal Foul and the Bills inside the 10 yard are already there.
4Q 14:10
Brown with the big reception and the Bills keep the offensive alive.
4Q 14:46
Allen is hit hard and he's in shock. The Patriots give away the first and ten
last time out of Buffalo
Final third quarter
Patriots 16-10 Bills
3Q 00:20
Brown with the catch and the Bills in midfield.
3Q 00:58
Goal of field Patriots

23-yard Gostkowski extends the Patriots' lead. 16-10.

3Q 01:34
Brady with the pass to Dorsett, but it's three yards from scoring.
3Q 03:11
Patriots big game where Gordon gets the first and goal
3Q 03:57
Jackson intercepts Allen and the Patriots will have great possession.
3Q 04:12
Gore hauling and moving chains for compromised zone Bills
3Q 05:35
Burkhead with the reception but falls short of the mark. Patriots to kick
3Q 06:59
The Patriots defensive gets the capture on Allen and to clear
Allen with the staff and annotation of the Bills
3Q 09:00
Brady's pressed and he's got to throw it out. Patriots to clear.
3Q 10:37
Touchdown Bills

Allen with staff from yard 1 to approach 13-10.

3Q 13:28
Yeldon with another reception and the Bills are already inside the opponent's 25.
3Q 14:45
Yeldon with the reception and earns extra yards to move the chains.
3Q 15:00
The second half begins
Half time
Patriots 13-3 Bills

Hauschka misses the 49-yard field goal that goes off course.

2Q 00:10
Allen is captured and the Bills attempt a field goal.
2Q 00:27
Knox with great reception in the 27th yard of the rival
2Q 01:23
Escapade from Allen and manages to move the chains
2Q 01:40
Brady's bomb that's incomplete. Patriots to Clear
2Q 01:58
Field goal

Buffalo is present on the scoreboard with a field goal of 43 yards

2Q 02:00
Two-minute break.

Allen is captured and the Bills will face fourth chance

2Q 03:18
Gore's drive to the 31st yard on the other side. 49 yards total
2Q 04:08
Hyde intercepts Tom Brady in the red zone after an attack of almost eight minutes.
Second time out of New England
2Q 05:40
Passing interference against the defensive and New England is already inside the 10 yard
2Q 05:47
Edelamn with reception to the 35 yard, but New England will have fourth chance.
2Q 07:01
Dorsett by land moves the chains
2Q 08:09
Quick pass from Brady to Gordon to move the chains.
2Q 09:37
Pass the screen and White gets the 10 yards he needed on the third chance.
The challenge didn't proceed and the Bills lose time away.
Buffalo challenges play to check ball placement
1Q 10:33
Based on not stopping moving his legs, White manages to move the chains
Time out New England
2Q 12:35
Allen throws a bad pass at Beasley and again Buffalo kicks.
This was the second pass intercepted at Allen.
2Q 14:48
Brady's long pass, but it's incomplete in trying to find Dorsett. Fourth and clear
Ends first quarter
Patriots 13-0 Bills
1Q 00:02
Allen's bomb but is intercepted by Jackson.
1Q 00:14
Allen pressed throws incomplete, but 12 men on the defensive the Patriots give away the first and ten
1Q 01:44
Three and out for the Patriots. To clear
Special teams appear in New England
1Q 03:27
Collin with another sack of the day and Buffalo to clear.
Time out Bills
So was the first annotation of the Patriots
1Q 06:10
Buffalo's big play with Frank Gore's over 30 yard hauling
This was Brady's pass to White who left them in the goal zone prior to the first touchdown.
1Q 06:22
Touchdown of the Patriots

They block the kick and the Patriots return it to the diagonals. 13-0.

1Q 06:30
Allen tries to connect with Brown but the pass is incomplete. The Bills to kick
Here you can see the sweater of the mythical Tom Brady

1Q 07:35
Touchdown Patriots

Bolden with four yard hauling to put the first points of the game. They miss the extra point. 6-0

1Q 08:10
White with first reception and goal for the Patriots
1Q 09:31
White with just reception at the mark to keep the offensive alive
1Q 10:32
McCarthy intercepts Josh Allen and the Patriots will be in midfield.
1Q 12:15
Frank Gore with his first haul of the day to gain 10 yards
1Q 12:43
Allen had been arrested, but the Pats defensive commits a holding and gives away the first and ten.
1Q 13:25
Brady was looking for Dorsett, but the pass is too short. The Patriots to clear
1Q 14:40
Sony Michel quickly moves the chains in the first move of the offensive
1Q 15:00
The game begins
This is the stadium a few minutes away from the start of the match.

Josh Allen adds 750 yards with 3 touchdowns and 3 interceptions
In the first three weeks, Tom Brady adds 911 yards, 7 touchdowns and no interceptions.
Miami and Jets are very far with a mark of 0-3, so Patriots and Bills will already be playing the top of the AFC East.
Ladies and gentlemen, Tom Brady enters the field to warm up.
The Patriots have five consecutive victories in any field
Since 2011, the Bills don't beat the Patriots at home. On that occasion they won 34-31.
New England leads the series broadly with 74-43-1
Buffalo's aim is to take the undefeated from the Patriots.
That's how some of Buffalo's players got to the stadium.
For their part, these elements of the Bills will not be playing at home in a few minutes.

These are the Patriots players who won't see any activity this day.

One hour before the game between Patriots and Bills begins, we begin with NFL Sunday coverage.
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Lastest games
Since 2011 the Bills do not beat at home the Patriots, who tie eight consecutive victories, including that of 2018 when they won 25-6.
How to watch New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills Live TV and Stream
If you want to watch the game on TV, your option is: CBS.

If you want to directly stream it: CBS and NFL Game Pass.

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Key player Buffalo
Years go by and another player who remains at a great level is runner Frank Gore, who has given balance to the land game of the Bills.
Key player New England
42 years old and Tom Brady is still one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. The outlook is not at all straightforward in the face of a field that is always difficult for the Patriots.

Making the locale count
The Bills suffered too much to beat the Bengals last week, so their fans will try to give the surprise of the day.
Perfect step against divisional rivals
Miami was whitewashed and the Jets didn't have a good time against New England. Will Bill Belichick's team be able to pick up another win now against the Bills?
Bills: Are they real?
If there's a deceptive 3-0 mark it's Buffalo, who for the first time this season will face an elite team to show what they're made of.
Patriots: big defensive
The Patriots have made a good impression, especially on the defensive where they only allowed three points in three games. It should be noted that the Jets scored 14 points but it was with their defensive and special teams.
This will be the first confrontation of two of the season in which both teams will be measured, since both will try to maintain the condition of undefeated.
Kick-off time
The New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills match will be played at the stadium Ralph Wilson, in Buffalo, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 1:00 pm ET.
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