Video Highlights and Touchdowns: Cowboys 10-12 Saints, 2019 NFL
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4Q - 0:00

Finish the game. With an interception of Williams' Prescott, Saints takes away Cowboys' undefeated.

4Q - 1:39

New Orleans punt, Dallas' last attack starts at 11-yard.

4Q - 2:00

Two-minute break. New Orleans threatens with its ground attack.

4Q - 5:22

The Dallas attack is not prospering. Punt and New Orleans will have the ovoid in its 37 yard.

4Q - 6:51

Robert Quinn's capture of Teddy Bridgewater. New Orlenas punt and the Dallas attack will begin at the 9-yard.

4Q - 11:26

Cowboys punt. Saints attack starts at 20 yard.

4Q - 13:36

Touchback, Dallas initiates attack on 25-yard.

4Q - 13:41 FG New Orleans

Lutz's 26-yard field goal attempt converts to retake the lead.

3Q - 0:00

Finish the third quarter with a one-point advantage for Dallas.

3Q - 0:59

Brigewater's QB Sneak to get the first chance and enter the red zone.

3Q - 5:07

1&10 by Alvin Kamara and New Orleans goes into rival territory.

3Q - 7:47 TD Dallas

Elliott's yard hauling, Maher's extra point is good.

3Q - 8:36

Pass over 30 yards from Prescott to Jarwin, 1&goal to Dallas.

3Q - 10:11

Prescott finds Cooper for 1&10 and they're already in rival territory.

3Q - 13:31

Three and out to New Orlenas. Punt and Dallas will have their first attack of the second half from their 15 yard.

3Q - 15:00

New Orleans will begin its offensive at the 25th yard.

This was Cobb's fumble that opened the door for New Orleans to score their third field goal of the game.

2Q 0:00 FG New Orleans

Lutz's 19-yard field goal that hits and completes the first half.

2Q - 1:31

The play is confirmed, New Orleans with great ground position in the final minutes of the first half.

2Q - 1:31

Dallas is played in 4&1 and there's Cobb fumble, the play is being reviewed.

2Q - 2:00

Two minute warning

2Q - 4:39

Three and out to Saints. Punt of the locals and Dallas will have the ovoid for new attack from the 23rd yard.

So was Jason Witten's loose ball.

2Q - 6:59

Witten's loose ball, Bell recovers and New Orleans' attack will be from rival territory.

2Q - 8:42

Touchback. Dak Prescott y compañía inician ataque en su yarda 25.

2Q - 9:17 FG New Orleans

Will Lutz's 42-yard field goal attempt that completes and puts the Saints up.

2Q - 9:20

Capture Granderson to Bridewater and you'll have to look for New Orleans field goal.

2Q - 11:28

Bridgewater Pass with Michael Thomas, 1&10 for New Orleans and they are inside red zone.

2Q - 13:27

Three and out to Dallas. New Orleans will have its offensive from the 50 yard.

2Q - 14:55

Touchback, Dallas begins new attack on 25-yard.

2Q - 14:56 FG New Orleans

Will Lutz's 40-yard field goal to tie the game.

1Q - 0:00

Finish the first quarter. Dallas stopped the offensive of New Orleans and in 4ta opportunity they will try goal of field.

1Q - 2:08

Reversible play with Harris and the Saints are inside the red zone at the 15-yard.

1Q - 3:30

New Orleans surprise play with Taysom Hill hauling and are at the red zone gates.

1Q - 4:10

Alvin Kamara runs for 15 yards and passes into rival territory.

1Q - 5:01

Kickback from New Orleans and your attack will begin at the 26-yard.

1Q - 5:09 FG Dallas

Brett Maher's successful 28-yard field goal.

1Q - 6:21

Prescott finds Witten to get the 1&10 and be in the red zone.

This was the turnover of the match, Dallas in excellent ground position.

1Q - 8:42

Jeff Heath intercepts Teddy Bridgewater, ball for the visit.

1Q - 9:55

A holding punishment stops the 20-yard run Teddy Bridgewater had made.

That's how the Saints came out on the grill to face their second game of the year at prime time.

1Q - 11:57

Prescott is short when looking for 1&10. Dallas punt and the New Orleans attack will begin at the 13th yard.

1Q - 13:43

Dallas in midfield, thanks to the first and ten Dak Prescott gets with short pass to Jason Witten.

1Q - 15:00

Start the game, New Orleans kick. Dallas will have his first attack from his 25 yard.

Panoramic view of the Mercedes Benz Super Dome, a full house is expected tonight.
Photo: kevinkugler
Photo: kevinkugler

Jerry Jones at the Stadium to watch his team's game.

Zeke Elliott preparing for battle.

#Saints inactives vs. Cowboys (W4):


Drew Brees

Saquan Hampton

Tre’Quan Smith

Mario Edwards Jr.

Will Clapp

Ethan Greenidge

Ken Crawley

Mexican fans of Cowboys will be present in Mercedes Benz Super Dome. 

This is How it looks the Mercedes Benz Super Dome for the Sunday Night Football match Dallas vs New Orleans 

Inactive players of Dallas Cowboys: Michael Gallup, Donovan Wilson, Luke Gifford, Adam Redmond, Brandon Knight, Tyrone Crawford y Antwaun Woods.

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Lastest games

The last time Saints and Cowboys saw each other was on a Thursday night last season at AT&T Stadium. Giving one of the bells of the season, Dallas cut a streak of more than 10 victories to New Orleans.

How to watch Dallas Cowboys vs New Orleans Saints Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your option is: NBC.

If you want to directly stream it: NBC and NFL Game Pass.

If you want to watch in on internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

Key player New Orleans Saints

Alvin Kamara, RB New Orleans. Another great start to the season for Kamara and that takes even more relevance in the grill with the injury of Brees. He has 300 yards combined between air and land, plus three touchdowns in the three games that have taken place in the season.

Key player Dallas Cowboys

Ezekiel Elliott, RB Dallas. The star rider of the Vaqueros didn't do pre-season, but little by little he is taking his best level. He currently has 289 yards and two touchdowns, but as he plays more snaps, it should be just as important as previous seasons.

New Orleans Saints, a balanced attack

The first mission without Brees was very complicated as CenturyLink Field, home of the Seahawks, had to be put in. With a great game of Alvin Kamara, they were able to resolve to rise to victory, despite the reaction he had in the last quarter Seattle.

Dallas Cowboys, undefeated

One of the best teams so far is the Cowboys. But against the Dolphins last week they didn't have their best performance. The victory by scoreboard (6-31) hides a little the facilities that gave the defense of Dallas to Miami could move the chains at will.

Saints: Demonstrate that they are not dependent on Brees

A couple of weeks ago, the Saints were left without Drew Brees because of a thumb injury that will leave him out for about six weeks. Although it seems that the team has not lowered its level. Under Sean Payton's strategy the team must walk under a balanced attack by air and ground.

Cowboys: First quality rival

The Dallas Cowboys' unbeaten start (3-0) may seem a little misleading. As the three rivals he has faced, all have negative marks. Against the Saints, their mission is to prove their worth in the league.

Duel that will bring out sparks

The Cowboys will expose their undefeated at the start of the season against the Saints who want the team not to fall to the injury of their QB starter: Drew Brees.

The Dallas Cowboys vs New Orleans Saints match will be played at the stadium Mecedes Benz Superdome, in New Orleans, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:15 pm ET.

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