3-0, FG - 28 yds Bullock. 3-7, TD Conner, 21 yds. 3-10, FG - Boswell, 29 yds. 3-17, TD Samuels, 2 yds. 3-24, TD Johnson, 43 yds. 3-27, FG - Boswell, 49 yds.
Video Highlights and Touchdowns: Bengals 3-27 Steelers, 2019 NFL
Image: VAVEL

Video Highlights and Touchdowns: Bengals 3-27 Steelers, 2019 NFL

The Steelers achieve their first victory of the year with a good performance from QB: Mason Rudolph.

Enrique Ortega Sánchez


4Q - 0:00
The game is over, Pittsburgh wins its first game of the year and gets one game away from the division leadership. Cincinnati still can't win so far in 2019.
4Q - 1;52
The eighth catch falls on Andy Dalton. And in 4th chance, they will give good ground position to Pittsburgh to finish the game.
4Q - 2:00
Two-minute break.
4Q - 2:31
Hayden's defensive interference and Cincinnati's offensive that advances to rival territory is still alive.
4Q - 4:22
Joe Mixon carries a yard at 4&1 that keeps the Cincinnati offensive alive.
4Q - 5:51 FG Steelers
49-yard Boswell field goal
4Q - 9:09
Rudolph meets Samuels and manages to get the first chance as well as out of midfield.
4Q - 11:02
Andy Dalton is intercepted on the diagonals.
4Q - 13:20
Pass from Dalton to Golden Tate, they're already in the red zone.
3Q - 0:00
Finish third quarter. Cincinnati in Middle Camp. 
3Q - 3:45
Three and out to Pittsburgh. Touchback and start attack on 20 yard. 
3Q - 5:19
With two captures, the Cincinnati offensive series ends. Pittsburgh Attack Begins at 31 Yard
3Q - 9:24 TD Steelers
Pass 43 yards from Rudolph to Diontae Johnson for the score. Boswell's extra point is good
3Q - 9:20
Three and out to Cincinnati. Pittsburgh will have new offensive from the 43rd yard of the rival
3Q - 10:36
Touchback. Cincinnati begins attack at 25 yard. 
3Q - 10:36 TD Steelers
2yd run by Samuels. Extra point by Boswell is good. 
3Q - 11:00
Conner 20 yard run, 1&goal at yard 2
3Q - 12:14
Pass from Rudolph to Samuels for 15 yards and you're already in ri territory.
3Q - 14:50
 Conner's 25-yard drive on the first play of the third quarter.
2Q - 0:00
Finish the first half. Pittsburgh's seven-point advantage over Cincinnati.
2Q - 0:58
Touchback. Bengals attack starts at 25 yard.
2Q - 0:58 FG Steelers
Chris Boswell's 29-yard field goal attempt good.
2Q - 2:00
Two-minute break.
2Q - 2:25
Conner's 15-yard run, Pittsburgh goes into the Red Zone.
The loose ball that Watt recovered.
2Q - 5:49
Andy Dalton's Fumble, retrieves T.J. Watt.
James Conner scored the first touchdown of the night and he's ahead of Pittsburgh.
2Q - 6:28
Catch pass John Ross III and the Bengals are already in the red zone.
2Q - 7:44
Reception of Tyler Boyd and passes the offensive visitor to rival territory.
2Q - 10:28
Cincy's attack will start at 25 yards.
2Q - 10:32 TD Steelers
21 yards pass of Mason Rudolph to James Conner to take the lead. Boswell's extra point is good.
2Q - 13:12
Bengals punt. Pittsburgh will have a great ground position when they start their attack in the opponent's 46th yard.
2Q - 14:12
Steelers Punt, the Cincinnati attack will be from the 10 yard.
1Q - 0:00
Finish the first quarter. Pittsburgh is in midfield.
1Q - 1:28
The challenge doesn't prosper and Steelers lose time away. Second and long for Pittsburgh.
1Q - 1:28
Mike Tomlin will challenge a play where Pittsburgh's offensive interference was marked.
1Q - 3:11
Three and out for Bengals. Dalton was saved from interception, Hayden released the ovoid. Pittsburgh's new offensive will start from the 20th yard.
1Q - 4:02
Pittsburgh didn't reach the first opportunity in 4&goal with James Conner's ground play. Cincinnati will have great ground position for its third offensive of the match
1Q - 6:30
James Conner's 10 yard drive for first chance and they make it to midfield.
1Q - 8:22
Pittsburgh attack starts at 25 yard.
1Q - 8:22 FG Bengals
Bullock's 28-yard field goal that hits and puts the visitor up.
1Q - 9:16
Johnson's loose ball, Cincinnati recovers it and the red zone offense will return to the grill.
1Q - 10:02
Punt of the Bengals, because they not being able to get a long third chance. Steelers will have their first attack from the 12th yard.
1Q - 12:40
The Bengals reach rival territory with a pass from Dalton to Boyd in a 15-yard gain.
1Q - 14:55
Start the game. Bengals have the first possession since their 20th yard.
Mason Rudolph is ready for his first Monday Night Football.
Andy Dalton puts the arm to warm up so that it is ready for the start of the game in a few minutes.

Heinz Field visiting team warming up: Cincinnati Bengals.


Inactive players of Pittsburgh for tonight's match. 

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In a few moments we will share all the details of Cincinnati Bengals vs Pittsburgh Steelers, as well as the latest information from the Heinz Field. Don't miss out on the match with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online game.
Lastest game
These two teams met in the last match of the 2018 regular season. Both teams were already eliminated and it was a match of mere formality. Victory went to Pittsburgh, closed by a score of (16-13) at Paul Brown Stadium.

Key player Steelers
JuJu Smith Schuster, WR Pittsburgh. As Steelers are playing with their substitute QB for the remainder of the season, they must become their attacking partner the team's number one receiver. JuJu must be safe with his hands and not let go of Rudolph for his offensive to advance.

Key player Bengals
Joe Mixon, RB Cincinnati.  Given the injury suffered by A.J. Green and that has not been accurate Andy Dalton in his air shipments. The alternative for the Bengals attack must be by land. Mixon has the ability to shoulder this low volume offensive.

Pittsburgh without taking advantage of San Francisco errors
It was way, even incredible how the Steelers could not win on their visit to Levi's Stadium. 49'ers had four deliveries and were not enough to win the game. San Francisco rose to victory (20-24) and give the third defeat followed by the steel curtain.

Cincinnati lose in Buffalo
The week before, the Bengals entered New Era Field where they were dominated at will by the Bills. Bufallo had control of the game the first three quarters, which meant the defeat of the visitors. They reacted in the last quarter but it wasn't enough for them to at least tie the game and send it in extra time.

Steelers: Life without Big Ben
When it was confirmed after Week 2 that Ben Roethilsberger would be out all season, the team's aspirations fell. With Mason Rudolph in the offensive controls have not yet been able to be consistent, but this Monday may be the take-off for what remains of 2019.
Bengals: Total Inconsistency
Cincinnati is one of several teams that have started with their first three lost games and seems to be a deceptive record. Because they have had good games, especially against San Francisco where match circumstances deprived them of having their first victory.
Divisional Game
Pittsburgh and Cincinnati have not started the 2019 season in the best way, but the aspirations are not yet finished despite not having won yet, no match. Whoever wins tonight will be just one win away from the North AFC leadership.
The Cincinnati Bengals vs Pittsburgh Steelers match will be played at the stadium Heinz Field, in Pittsburgh, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:15 pm ET.
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