3-0, FG TUCKER. 10-0, TD INGRAM. 10-7, TD SMITH SCHUSTER. 17-7, TD BROWN. 17-10, FG BOSWELL. 17-13, FG BOSWELL. 17-20, TD CONNER. 20-20 FG TUCKER. 20-23, FG BOSWELL. 23-23, FG TUCKER. 26-23, FG TUCKER
Video highlights and touchdowns: Baltimore Ravens 26-23 Pittsburgh Steelers, 2019 NFL Season
Image: VAVEL

Video highlights and touchdowns: Baltimore Ravens 26-23 Pittsburgh Steelers, 2019 NFL Season

Follow along for Baltimore Ravens vs Pittsburgh Steelers live stream online, TV channel, lineups preview and score updates of the 2019 NFL. Kick-off time: 1:00 pm ET.

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End game
Ravens 26-23 Steelers

Tucker's field goal to seal the victory

OT 07:24
Fumble on Juju Smith Schuter and Baltimore will have a great possession
OT 08:16
Baltimore three and out. To clear
OT 10:00
Baltimore with the first offensive
4Q 00:10
Field goal Ravens

Tucker 48 yards to tie the match 23-23

4Q 01:10
Lamar with carriage and first and ten
4Q 01:56
Two-minute break
4Q 02:24
Personal Foul and the Ravens advance 15 yards.
4Q 02:37
Field goal Steelers

From 33 yards Boswell takes back the advantage of the home team 23-20

4Q 03:10
Samuels reception but fall short of the first and ten
4Q 05:20
Hudges escapes more than 20 yards and the Steelers knock on the door.
4Q 06:10
Baltimore corridor stopped at yard 1. Ravens to clear.
4Q 07:09
Andrews is checked on the playing field for a possible commotion.
4Q 07:31
Fourth down to Pittsburgh and midfield to clear.
4Q 08:50
Once again the connection Hudges and Smith Schuster appears
4Q 11:00
Hodges finds Smith Schuster to move the chains
4Q 11:39
Field goal Ravens

Justin Tucker does 26 yards to tie the game.

4Q 12:17
Baltimore stays five yards away and tries to score a field goal.
4Q 14:42
Jackson moves the chains and Baltimore knocks on the door from the 13th yard.
Final third quarter
Ravens 17-20 Steelers
3Q 00:38
Smith with reception to move the chains
3Q 02:52
Hurst with crossed path to move chains
Touchdown Conner
Third interception on Lamar Jackson.
3Q 03:42
Touchdown Steelers

Carrying a Conner yard to turn it 20-17

3Q 04:24
McDonald's with reception and they're already at the 1 yard.
3Q 05:22
Pittsburgh already in the Baltimore Red Zone
Change in position of quarterback in Pittsburgh, Devlin Hodges enters the field
3Q 07:26
Steelers get the first and ten, but Rudolph takes a strong impact on the head and is lying on the playing field
3Q 08:22
Third interception of Lamar, now by Bush. The play will be reviewed
3Q 09:01
Lamar Jackson staff that manages to move the chains
3Q 12:03|
Edmunds runs for six yards to continue the offensive.
3Q 13:45
Ingram moves the chains with a short forward motion
3Q 14:55
The third quarter begins
Half time
Ravens 17-13 Steelers

Boswell shortens the lead with a 29-yard kick

2Q 0:33
Hilton steals the ball from Jackson and the Steelers will have one last chance.
2Q 01:10
Ingram moves the chains by land
2Q 01:45
Rudolph's bomb that's incomplete. Steelers to deliver the ball
2Q 02:00
Reception from Washington to move the chains

Two-minute break

2Q 03:13
Second sack in a row for Lamar and the midfield Ravens to clear.
2Q 03:41
First catch of the game for Jackson
2Q 04:39
Field goal Steelers

41 yards from Chris Boswell to close the gap 17-10

Sack Mason Rudolph
Time out Steelers
2Q 05:53
Baltimore has challenged a possible fumble
2Q 06:42
Ball deflected to Lamar and Pittsburgh intercepts the ball
2Q 08:13
Incomplete pass from Rudolph to Jonhson and Steelers to clear.
2Q 09:55
Samuels with a solitary reception at the flat to move the chains.
Brown with TD Reception
2Q 11:21
Touchdown Baltimore

Brown with reception at the diagonals to put the result 17-7

2Q 12:05
Andrews with another reception and Baltimore is already in the red zone
2Q 13:12
Hurst with reception and Baltimore is already in Pittsburgh territory
That's how the Steelers scored
Final first quarter
Ravens 10-7 Steelers
1Q 01:31
Edwards gains a yard more than enough to move the chains
So was Baltimore's touchdown.
1Q 02:41
Touchdown Steelers

Rudolph to Smith Schuster pass for 10-7 score

1Q 03:18
It seems that the offensive reacts and now Conner gets the first and ten.
1Q 04:11
Washington with the first game reception to move the chains
1Q 04:48
Touchdown Ravens

Ingram in 4 yard haul increases the difference 10-0

1Q 07:09
Samuels acts as marshal and inserts the intercepted pass. Great possession for Baltimore
1Q 07:21
Field goal Ravens. Justin Tucker gives him the advantage 3-0
1Q 07:27
Incomplete pass from Jackson to Brown and the Ravens will try three points.
1Q 08:58
Lamar Jackson with personal carrying to move the chains
1Q 10:08
Andrews with the reception at third down to keep the offensive alive.
1Q 12:05
Ingram with carrying for first jeugo first and ten
1Q 13:15
Short reception for McDonald's and Steelers to clear.
1Q 15:00
The match begins
Baltimore with all the attitude to get a good result at Heinz Field
Lamar Jackson has thrown for more than 1,110 yards with 10 touchdowns and two interceptions.
So far, Mason Rudolph has 515 yards, 6 touchdowns and 2 interceptions.
Conner ready to face the Ravens
After a great start, Baltimore has added two consecutive defeats, an issue that will seek to break this afternoon
This will be Pittsburgh's third home game. They first lost to Seattle and then beat the Bengals.
Pittsburgh ready for second win of season
It's Breast Cancer Month

Baltimore fans were also present at Heinz Field

The Steelers' highest number of points this season has been 27; while Baltimore is in the top five of points scored per game.
Lamar Jackson's first game as a starter at Heinz Field

This is how Joe Haden warms up before the start of the match
Here is the list of players who will not be present by the Steelers for this game

One hour before the match begins, we begin the coverage of the Ravens vs Steelers, a classic match because of its intensity in the North AFC.
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Lastest games
These teams face each other twice a year and, of the last five games, four of them have been won by Pittsburgh, however the last time they were seen at the Heinz, Baltimore took the 26-14 win.
How to watch Baltimore Ravens vs Pittsburgh Steelers Live TV and Stream
If you want to watch the game on TV, your option is: CBS.

If you want to directly stream it: CBS and NFL Game Pass.

If you want to watch in on internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

Key player Pittsburgh
Juju Smith-Schuster will have to appear more in the aerial game and be the key man for Mason Rudolph during the match.

Key player Baltimore
Lamar Jackson has been one of the best passers this season and before a weak secondary of the Steelers, could cause them a lot of damage.

Youth and Explosiveness
The new third on the offensive led by Rudolph, Conner and Smith-Schuster will have to appear at home once again, as they did last Monday after beating Cincinnati 27-3.
Give another version
Cleveland made Baltimore look bad last week and this Sunday come out with the slogan to make a better role on the field of play
Steelers: the return
The season isn't over for Pittsburgh and if they win, they'd be in for the supremacy of the North AFC.
Ravens: big offensive
The Ravens have been the most explosive offensive at the start of the season to be the team that has scored more points.
One match that has had a special ingredient every match has been the Ravens vs. Steelers that, even, have come to play conference finals.
Kick-off time
The Baltimore Ravens vs Pittsburgh Steelers match will be played at the stadium Heinz Field, in Pittsburgh, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 1:00 pm ET.
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