0-7, TD Sims - 65 yds. 6-7, TD Brady a Edelman - 6 yds. 9-7, FG Nugent - 37 yds. 12-7, FG Nugent - 23 yds. 19-7, TD Brady a Bolden - 29 yds. 26-7, TD Michel - 14 yds. 33-7, TD Brady a Izzo - 10 yds.
Video Highlights and Touchdowns: Patriots 33-7 Redskins
Photo: VAVEL

Video Highlights and Touchdowns: Patriots 33-7 Redskins

The Patriots had a great second half, without letting the Redskins score to extend their unbeaten streak to five games.

Enrique Ortega Sánchez


4Q - 0:00
Finish the game.
4Q - 2:00
Two-minute break.
4Q - 4:03
Three and out to Washington. Patriots Attack begins in its yard 6.
4Q - 4:45
Three and out to New England. Washington attack starts at 35 yard.
4Q - 6:11
Washington punt. New England attack with Stidham on controls starts at 14th yard.
4Q -9:14 TD Patriots
Pass Tom Brady to Izzo for 10 yards. Extra point from Nugent is good.
4Q- 13:22
Un nuevo despeje de Washington. New England recibe el ovoíde en la yarda 41.
3Q - 0:00
Termina el tercer cuarto con ventaja cómoda para Patriots.
3Q - 1:22
Fourth capture of Brady. Patriots punt and Redskins attack will be from the 12th yard.
3Q - 3:40
Washington punt and New England's new attack will begin at the 16-yard.
3Q - 4:35 TD Patriots
14-yard Sony Michel run. Extra point from Nugent is good.
3Q - 5:15
Pass Tom Brady to Julian Edelman for over 30 yards and you'll have 1&goal.
3Q - 6:32
Sony Michel finds a place to run for more than 20 yards and pass into rival territory.
3Q - 7:41
Washington punt and New England will have a new attack from the 12-yard.
3Q - 9:52
McCoy finds McLaurin and takes the ovoid forward in midfield.
3Q - 10:57 TD Patriots
Tom Brady's 29-yard pass for Bolden and drop the second Touchdown for the Pats. Nugent's extra point is good.
2Q - 13:36
Pass from Brady to James White and into midfield.
3Q - 15:00
New England has the first offensive of the third quarter, from the 25-yard.
2Q - 0:00
Finish the first half, five points ahead of New England.
2Q - 0:30 FG New England
23-yard Nugent field goal that hits.
2Q - 0:51
Interception to McCoy, New England is in the red zone.
2Q - 1:49
Maybe Patriots' last attack starts at the 28-yard.
2Q - 2:00
Two-minute break.
2Q - 5:19
Intercepts Nicholson on Tom Brady's diagonals.
2Q - 6:09
Redskins steal ball, Patriots recover in opponent's 16-yard.
4Q - 6:18
New England Punt and Washington Attack starts at 10 yard.
2Q - 8:38
Three and out to Redskins. Offensive visitor will start from the 30 yard.
2Q - 10:35 FG New England
37-yard field goal attempt by Nugent.
2Q - 11:29
Nicholson's defensive interference with Edelman and New England is already in rival territory.
2Q - 13:30
Washington punt after McCoy's capture. New England Attack Begins in 20th Yard.
1Q . 0:00
Finish the first quarter. Washington with the possession of the ovoid in rival territory.
1Q - 2:30
Fails to pass on 4th chance New England and Redskins offensive starts on 26th yard.
With this Edelman TD, Patriots was put on the scoreboard.


1Q - 3:51
New England is already in rival territory, thanks to Edelman's pass.
1Q - 6:11
Three and out to Washington. The third offensive of the New England game will start from the 43rd yard.
That's how Sims put the Redskins upstairs.
1Q - 7:09 TD Patriots
Pass Brady to six-yard Edelman for scoring. Nugent's extra point is bad.
1Q - 7:54
Brady's consecutive passes to his TE and Michel's haul, have New England at 1&goal at the 9 yard.
1Q - 9:27 TD Redskins
Reversible play and Steven Sims escapes for 65 yards. Extra point is good.
1Q - 10:18
Capture Tom Brady. Punt of the Patriots and the Redskins offensive will begin from their 32nd yard.
1Q - 12:28
Capture McCoy and Washington punt. New England's attack will begin from its 17th yard.
1Q - 15:00
Game's on. The first possession will be for Washington from their 25th yard.
Thus the Patriots' exit from the tunnel to the court.


Colt McCoy is preparing for his first game as a 2019 starter.


The Patriots are warming up for this half-day game.


FedEX Field Wears Breast Cancer Campaign Logo

Tom Brady is ready in FEDEX FIELD. 

Inactive players of the away team: New England Patriots. 

Inactive players of Washington Redskins. 

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Lastest games
The last time Patriots and Redskins met was in the 2015 season. New England took the win by scoreline (10-27), keeping Bill Belichick's team unbeaten after eight weeks.
How to watch New England Patriots vs Washington Redskins Live TV and Stream
If you want to watch the game on TV, your option is: CBS.

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Key player Redskins
Colt McCoy, Reskins QB. After overcoming last season's terrible leg injury, McCoy has been named as the starter for this Sunday. Given the instability in QB's position, McCoy seems to be the light at the end of the tunnel. The mission in his debut in the 2019 season will not be easy, because the defense of New England has been one of the most decisive.
Photo: Game House
Photo: Game House
Key player Patriots
Tom Brady, QB of Patriots. The 43-year-old veteran quarterback must begin to take the pace he is known for New England's attack to regain points.  He will need to begin his steep offensive led by Julian Edelman and Josh Gordon.
Photo: CBS Boston
Photo: CBS Boston
Washington in free fall
The Redskins missed a golden opportunity when they lost 3-24 to the Giants in a divisional duel. The offensive had a severe change when Haskins debuted as QB, but that was not enough to prevent the fourth fall to the thread.
Photo: Marca
Photo: Marca
New England remains undefeated
A tough test faced New England the Sunday before they visited New Era Field, home of the Bills. Patriots took the victory (16-10) thanks to the power of their special teams, because the attack led by Tom Brady did not produce much.
Photo: AS USA
Photo: AS USA
Redskins: For the first victory
A total disaster has been the 2019 NFL season for Washington. It will be for this game against Patriots, in which they use their third Quarter Back. It looks complicated the mission to New England, but they must respect their home.
Patriots: Have a convincing performance
Although the Pats are just one of three teams still undefeated in the season, their last two wins have been a little hesitant against their division rivals. They now have the task of playing against a side they know little about and exploiting their full potential.
Every four years you see the faces
Being teams of different conferences, Patriots and Redskins only face four years. From the last time they faced each other, the player who remains active of the teams on the offensive is Tom Brady.
Kick-off time
The New England Patriots vs Washington Redskins match will be played at the stadium FedEX Field, in Landover, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 1:00 pm ET.
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