Video highlights and touchdowns: New York Giants 14-35 New England Patriots, 2019 NFL Season 
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10:31 PMa year ago


10:26 PMa year ago


Giants 14-35 Patriots
10:24 PMa year ago

4Q 01:52

Carriage to the goal area, first and ten Patriots thanks to Michel
10:22 PMa year ago

4Q 02:00

Two-minute break
10:20 PMa year ago

4Q 02:47

The Giants are in fourth, but they're not moving forward. The match is almost defined
10:18 PMa year ago

4Q 02:52

Giants challenge pass interference
10:17 PMa year ago

Touchdown Patriots 35-14

10:16 PMa year ago

4Q 03:11

Holding defensive and first and ten for the Giants.
10:09 PMa year ago

4Q 03:49

Touchdown Patriots

Brady's personal carriage for his second notation of the day.

10:08 PMa year ago

Touchdown Patriots 28-14

10:07 PMa year ago
Time out Giants
10:07 PMa year ago

4Q 04:20

Brady bombing Edelman for the first and goal
10:02 PMa year ago

4Q 06:41

Míchel removes the tacleada and achieves the first and ten
9:58 PMa year ago

4Q 07:07

Slatton with the reception that's failed and the Giants to clear.
9:55 PMa year ago

4Q 08:23

Touchdown Patriots. The play was reviewed and it was determined that it is a notation.
9:51 PMa year ago

4Q 08:32

Fumble that the Patriots recover and stay at the 1 yard
9:46 PMa year ago

4Q 09:28

They play in fourth and they don't advance. The Giants will be back
9:45 PMa year ago

4Q 10:02

White is arrested and the Patriots will face fourth chance within the 35 yard
9:43 PMa year ago

4Q 11:30

Second capture on Tom Brady
9:43 PMa year ago

4Q 12:00

White with the reception of 6 yards for the first and ten
9:41 PMa year ago

4Q 14:10

Brady's long pass and first and ten already in midfield
9:37 PMa year ago

Final third quarter

Giants 14-21 Patriots
9:37 PMa year ago

3Q 00:01

Incomplete pass from Jones and the Giants to clear.
9:35 PMa year ago

3Q 00:50

Statton with the reception to continue with the offensive
9:32 PMa year ago

Jones' third interception

9:30 PMa year ago

3Q 02:47

40-yard Nuggent failed field goal by giving the ovoid with the post
9:29 PMa year ago

3Q 03:20

White is arrested the third time
9:27 PMa year ago

3Q 04:15

Holding off the defensive and the Patriots go on the offensive
9:24 PMa year ago

3Q 05:40

Patriots move chains with Brady-Edelman connection
9:23 PMa year ago

3Q 06:55

Bolden with another screen pass and strives to achieve the first and ten
9:19 PMa year ago

3Q 09:37

White in play reception screen for the first and ten
9:18 PMa year ago

3Q 10:48

Brady on 1 yard staff to move chains
9:14 PMa year ago

3Q 12:12

Jones is intercepted again, this time in the red zone.
9:13 PMa year ago

3Q 12:51

Golden Tate keeps the offensive alive to continue the attack
9:11 PMa year ago

3Q 14:01

Ellison with the midfield reception and the Giants are already in enemy territory.
9:11 PMa year ago

3Q 14:20

Helliman with 10 yard haul to start the second half
9:09 PMa year ago

3Q 15:00

The third quarter begins
8:58 PMa year ago

Touchdown Patriots 21-14

8:55 PMa year ago

Half time

Giants 14-21 Patriots
8:53 PMa year ago

2Q 00:36

Now yes, touchdown Patriots

1-yard Brady staff for 21-14

8:49 PMa year ago

2Q 00:34

Touchdown Patriots

White with the touchdown at speed, but the play will be checked.

8:48 PMa year ago
Time out Patriots
8:47 PMa year ago

2Q 01:01

White with reception to get into the red zone
8:46 PMa year ago

2Q 01:51

Myers with the reception after Brady's deception
8:43 PMa year ago

2Q 02:00

Two-minute break
8:41 PMa year ago

Touchdown Giants

8:37 PMa year ago

2Q 04:48

Touchdown Giants

Brady and Golden Fumble retrieves for annotation

8:35 PMa year ago

Touchdown Giants

8:34 PMa year ago

2Q 05:50

Passing over 25 yards from Brady to Edelman
8:32 PMa year ago

Touchdown Patriots

8:30 PMa year ago

2Q 06:05

Touchdown Giants

Bombazo of jones and reception of Golden Tate to approach in the marker 14-7

8:29 PMa year ago

Second Jones interception.

8:24 PMa year ago

2Q 07:12

Touchdown Patriots. Bolden carries a yard to widen the difference 14-0
8:22 PMa year ago

2Q 08:45

Myers with first reception and goal
8:19 PMa year ago

2Q 09:26

Daniel Jones is wrong and intercepted
8:15 PMa year ago

2Q 10:46

Brady with another incomplete pass and the midfield Patriots to clear.
8:14 PMa year ago
The first touchdown of the game
8:12 PMa year ago

2Q 12:42

Short pass and James White manages to overcome the mark to continue with the offensive
8:11 PMa year ago

2Q 13:48

Full pass from Brady to Edelman for a 13-yard gain
8:09 PMa year ago

2Q 14:06

Golden Tate with the reception that is incomplete and the Giants to clear
8:06 PMa year ago
This was Brady's third interception of the season. 
8:04 PMa year ago

Final first quarter

Giants 0-7 Patriots
8:02 PMa year ago

1Q 01:10

First and ten of the game for the Giants
8:00 PMa year ago

1Q 01:41

Touchdown Patriots

Special teams block the kick and the defense scores.

7:59 PMa year ago

1Q 02:11

Pass screen that doesn't work and the Giants again to clear
7:56 PMa year ago

1Q 03:31

Patriots keep possession, but in third Brady throws incomplete and to clear
7:53 PMa year ago
The Giants have challenged a possible Edelman fumble.
7:51 PMa year ago

1Q 04:41

Connecting Brady to Izzo to move chains
7:50 PMa year ago
This was the party's first interception.
7:46 PMa year ago

1Q 05:30

Jones and the Giants are almost intercepted to clear out
7:43 PMa year ago

1Q 06:47

Brady goes into deep zone and is intercepted by Jenkings who returns her to the 35 yard on the other side.
7:41 PMa year ago

1Q 07:07

First ball delivery and Jones is intercepted. Patriots with great position
7:37 PMa year ago

1Q 07:57

White with reception but falls short of the mark. NE to clear
7:36 PMa year ago

1Q 09:37

Two men put pressure on Brady and catch him first chance.
7:35 PMa year ago
The historical pase of Tom Brady
7:32 PMa year ago

1Q 09:52

3&1 Jones escapes pressure and throws incomplete pass
7:30 PMa year ago
It should be noted that Tom Brady has become the second quarterback with the most yards in NFL history, surpassing Peyton Manning's 71,940.
7:28 PMa year ago

1Q 11:15

The referees measure with chains and... The Patriots were centimeters away from achieving it in fourth down.
7:26 PMa year ago

1Q 11:18

Michel can not advance a yard and the Patriots to face fourth down
7:25 PMa year ago

1Q 13:35

Bolden's huge haul to exploit the hole and settle in rival territory.
7:24 PMa year ago

1Q 14:12

Brady with the full pass to Michel to move the chains.
7:22 PMa year ago

1Q 15:00

Start the game
7:19 PMa year ago
Hold the debate... Will the Giants be able to remove the undefeated from the Patriots?
Photo: Giants
Photo: Giants
7:15 PMa year ago
The Giants come from suffering a hard setback at home to the Minnesota Vikings 28-10
7:14 PMa year ago
These are the inactive players of the Patriots
Foto: Patriots
Photo: Patriots
7:11 PMa year ago
Some important players won't be there for the Giants today.
Foto: Patriots
Photo: Patriots
7:09 PMa year ago
The Patriots' defence is one of the best in almost every area. In one of them, they are leaders in stealing balls.
7:08 PMa year ago
Before this game, Daniel Jones accumulated 760 yards, 4 touchdowns and 3 interceptions.
7:04 PMa year ago
Today we will have color rush in the uniform of New England
7:02 PMa year ago
This is how Edelman warms up for the start of the game.
7:00 PMa year ago
For the first time in many years there will be no meeting between Tom Bradt and Eli Manning, since now the new quarterback of the Giants is Daniel Jones.
6:57 PMa year ago
In recent statements by the owner of the Patriots, Robert Kraft, just mentioned to NFL Network that 'gronk' has not yet submitted all his documentation to withdraw and hopes that he will return.
11:33 PMa year ago

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Lastest games

Since 2007 they have met five times with a favorable balance for the Giants with three victories by two defeats.
11:33 PMa year ago

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11:32 PMa year ago

Key player New England

Tom Brady plays at a much better level every time he's home and has a positive mark on prime time matches.

11:32 PMa year ago

Key player New York

Daniel Jones has changed the face of the offensive and has led a couple of important victories for the big apple team.

11:30 PMa year ago

Keeping the undefeated

The Patriots are one of two teams in the NFL that have not lost and, in Las Vegas, are big favorites to win this game.
11:30 PMa year ago

Hitting the jackpot

New York will be looking to give the big surprise of the day and step into the contest for a ticket to the postseason.
11:29 PMa year ago

Patriots: the best defence

The Pats barely average just under seven points per game and will try to maintain that streak on Thursday night.
11:29 PMa year ago

Giants: Nothing is lost

Although they lost last week, the Giants are a game away from divisional leaders.
11:29 PMa year ago

SB Redemption

The Patriots and Giants have met twice for the Vince Lombardi trophy and in both New York won.
11:29 PMa year ago

Kick-off time

The New York Giants vs New England Patriots match will be played at the Gillette Stadium, in Foxborough, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:20 pm ET.
11:27 PMa year ago

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