Full highlights: Detroit Lions 22-23 Green Bay Packers, 2019 NFL
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Here is the summary of the match, with all the great plays, touchdowns and field goals. You can't miss it.

4Q 0:02

After time management and a big mistake by the referees, Mason Crosby scores the 23-yard field goal and the game is over.

4Q 1:36

Illegal use of hands by Flowers who gives the first and ten to Green Bay. Big mistake on the part of the officers.

4Q 1:45

Detroit burns its three times out, Green Bay is in third opportunity, a first and ten and can be the victory for the Packers in the absence of a field goal

4Q 2:00

You reach the 2-minute break. Green Bay maintains possession, with great time management.

4Q 3:47

Green Bay is already in midfield, they begin to consume time in hopes of getting points and not leave time to Detroit

4Q 6:53

Detroit complicates the game and fails to advance midfield and clear. Rodgers has the offensive series that can mean victory.

4Q 9:03

Touchdown of Lazano, great pass of Aaron Rodgers, begins to close the game, there is difference of 2 points and 9 minutes in the clock

4Q 10:10

Referees Mark Illegal Use of Hands That Keep Green Bay Offensive Alive, New First and Tenth in Green Bay

4Q 11:02

Great catch of Lewis that manages to move the chains and reach half the field, offensive series of vital importance for the Packers.

4Q 12:17

After Matt Le Flour's challenge, the referees change the decision and it's an incomplete pass again Matt Pratter enters the field with another field goal of more than 50 yards.

4Q 13:09

Intercepted pass of Justin Coleman in the Detroit 1 yard, is Green Bay's third installment of ball after a big mistake by Shepherd

4Q 14:43

Great reception of Valdes-Scanting, Green Bay reaches the 14-yard enemy camp, will seek to flip the marker from the red zone

3Q 0:00

Ends the third quarter, Green Bay begins with possession in the last quarter of the game can they overcome the scoreboard? Don't take off from here

3Q 0:29

The defensive Green Bay does the same and stops Matthew Stafford, the game begins to close as the minutes advance

3Q 2:39

Once again the Detroit defensive, manages to stop Aaron Rodgers and force the Packers from the 29 yard

3Q 3:34

Matt Pratter scores another field goal on his account in a 51-yard attempt, Detroit increases lead

3Q 6:55

The Packers are unable to recover from the yards lost in the first down and have to clear.

3Q 8:48

Five men in pressure on Rodgers and capture him, Green Bay retreats 6 yards

3Q 9:04Three chances and Matt Prater comes in to score a 41-yard field goal. Detroit has the lead in the game again.

Three chances and Matt Prater comes in to score a 41-yard field goal. Detroit has the lead in the game again.

3Q 10:11

Detroit then clears three plays, but rookie Darrius Shepherd makes a mistake in the field and there is fumble recovered by the Lions.

3Q 11:35

Allison goes to the dressing room to follow commotion protocol, won't return to the game.

3Q 12:40

In a 48-yard attempt, Crosby gets the field goal and ties the score.

3Q 14:17

Great move from Arron Rodger to Lewis pass, the Packers are already in enemy camp

3Q 14:31

The referees mark personal foul, after a strong entry helmet against helmet against Allison

3Q 15:00

Green Bay receives the ball at the beginning of the third quarter, look for the touchdown that comes from the scoreboard

2Q 0:07

Green Bay have to settle for a field goal after wasting three chances in the red zone. The match is closed by three points.

2Q 1:23

No one expected it and Jamaal Williams takes advantage of the defensive deconcentration. Packers once again in goal zone

2Q 1:57

First and ten very close to the 40 yard, after Rodgers pass to Allison.

2Q 3:46

Valdes-Scanting leaves the field for a possible injury to the ankle or knee, in a few moments we will say the situation of the player

2Q 5:15

Za'darius Smith captures Matthew Stafford and pulls him back to the 43rd yard. Detroit is forced to clear.

2Q 6:20

Kenny Golladay gets the first and ten for Detroit and they are already in the fifty yard.

2Q 7:31

Touchdown for the Packers, Jamaal Williams takes advantage of the mistakes in the Lions defense and gets the first points for Green Bay.

2Q 8:20

Once again the indiscipline in Detroit gives Aaron Rodgers a new chance. Out of place for the Lions and is first and goal for the Packers.

2Q 8:20

Another ball is released to Aaron Rodgers, who is already annoyed with his receivers. Fourth chance, Green Bay will try the field goal.

2Q 9:48

Jamaal Williams takes the Packers to their first red zone of the game with a 12-yard haul.

2Q 10:02

Holding company of Tracy Walker that gives life to the Green Bay offensive, that had already wasted its third opportunity.

2Q 10:07

What Aaron Jones missed! The receiver of Green Bay was alone and with opportunity to reach the diagonals, is third chance and five to advance

2Q 13:05

The protection bag has given Aaron Rodgers all the time in the world to search for his receivers. The Packers are already in the middle of the field.

2Q 13:28

An offensive series that has to be satisfied with another field goal. Lions surprise Green Bay and already win 13-0.

2Q 13:41

Wockenson fails to get the ball and loses the opportunity to get the second touchdown of the bookie.

1Q 0:00

Detroits Lions in enemy camp, finish first quarter with great danger for Green Bay, Stafford and company are lacking respect to the Packers

1Q 2:46

Matthew Stafford in personal play after not having free receiver gets in the first and ten. Detroit approaches midfield.

1Q 3:33

Tracy Walker recovers a fumble, start of nightmare for Green Bay Packers, once again Aaron Rodgers leaves the grill without scoring points

1Q 5:38

Aaron Rodger with pass to Aaron Jones gets to move the chains for the first time in the game, are close to midfield

1Q 6:35

The Packers' defense stops the Detroit offensive for the third time. The Lions are playing in fourth and goal and it's... TOUCHDOWN of Kerryon Johnson

1Q 8:45

First and goal for Detroit, Golladay receives a 4 yard pass to move the chains.

1Q 11:04

Once again Stafford arrives in the red zone with a 58-yard pass to Smith.

1Q 11:20

Three and out for Aaron Rodgers, who couldn't move the chains, Detroit will be back on the offensive.

1Q 12:41

After three chances in the red zone, a fumble and error in the third down, Matthew Stafford loses the opportunity to get the first touchdown of the match. They will have to settle for a field goal.

1Q 14:42

Hot start for the Lions, in the first play of the match they manage to take the ball to the 11-yard enemy field after a pass from Stafford to Golladay.

1Q 15:00

Start the game at Lembeau Stadium! Detroit Lions receive the ball to start the first offensive series of the match

Support of influencers

For lack of Fornite why not take a tour in Wisconsin? The streamer sensation Ninja, is in the Lembeau Stadium to support the team of his loves

Pure loyalty

If there's one thing Green Bay can boast about, apart from its great history within the NFL, it's the loyalty of its fans. In all 345 home games, their fans have responded with a full house.

With just over half an hour to go Darius Slay began to train and recognize the terrain, he is one of the players who can make a difference in today's game.

Fight for leadership

This divisional duel will define the leader of the NFC North, one of the toughest divisions of this season. To such a degree that the Bears, despite having a positive balance, are last.

Last match

The last time the Lions and Packers met, the result was positive for the visitors as they blanked 31-0 away to Green Bay.

Green Bay Packers inactives

For their part, the home team will have six absences for Monday Night Football, including Davante Adams. Here's the list of inactive players.

Detroit Lions inactives

The team led by Matt Patricia will have seven casualties for the divisional duel against Green Bay Packers, including guard Beau Benzchawel and De'Shawn Hand

Don't take off from here.

In a few moments we'll share all the details of Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers, plus the latest information from Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin, in this divisional duel for NFC North's top spot. Don't miss out on the game with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online game.

Watch out for this Detroit player.

Kenny Golladay is the second receiver with more danger causes in Detroit, after Marvin Jones, and this season his best game was against the Chargers, could come as a surprise in the MNF.

Watch out for this Packers player.

Aaron Jones did the unbelievable last week, with 4 touchdowns via land, making him a real danger to the Lions defense. The combination of the two Aaron's is being the sensation at Green Bay.

Where and how to see Detroits Lions vs Green Bayc Packers online and live

If you want to watch the game on TV, your option is: ESPN

If you want to directly stream it: ESPN and NFL Game Pass.

If you want to watch in on internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

The player to watch

Marvin Jones has become Matthew Stafford's faithful receiver, his receptions in recent games have been vital to Detroit's offensive, so his grilling activity tomorrow will be vitally important.

Significant ruled out

Davante Adams is one of three absentees for Monday Night Football, one of Aaron Rodgers' favourite receivers, and we'll have to see how much is missing inside the grill. Here's the list of injuries for the Packers.

A must-win for Green Bay

NFC North is one of the most closed divisions of the moment, at such a level that Chicago with a positive balance is in last place. Green Bay needs this victory to keep competing and prevent the Lions from taking first place.

New face of Detroit

In a season in which many teams have surprised, Detroit is one of them, in his second season in command Matt Patricia has turned the Lions into true beasts with a 3-1 record have had their best season start in a long time.

Good times for Green Bay

After having started the season on the left foot, the Packers have been able to recover and come with a four-game winning streak with an Aaron Rodgers who comes with a high standard.

Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of the Detroits Lions vs Green Bay Packers match, corresponding to week 5 of the NFL. The match will take place at Lambeau Field in Green Bay Wisonsin at 19:05.


The last time Lions and Packers met ended badly for Green Bay, who were blanked 31-0 away, they will now seek revenge for the last match in which they met.