Video highlights and touchdowns: Baltimore Ravens 30-16 Seattle Seahawks, 2019 NFL Season
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4Q 01:16

Lamar gets the first and ten and ensures victory

Time out Baltimore

4Q 01:49

Field goal Seattle

35-yard Myers connects. 30-16

4Q 01:58

Two-minute break

TD Ravens 30-13

4Q 02:51

Wilson bombing with Brown in connection of more than 35 yards

4Q 03:37

Touchdown Baltimore

Hurprey recovers the ball and scores to sentence the victory

4Q 03:37

Field goal Ravens

Tucker increases the lead to ten after the 22-yard kick.

4Q 04:31

Ingram with carrying that falls short. Fourth chance and to kick

4Q 06:48

Lamar finds Boyle alone to move the chains

4Q 08:25

Edwards with another run and Baltimore is already in enemy territory

4Q 09:37

Another Lamar haul to move the chains

4Q 11:04

Jackson's long haul to gain more than 30 yards

4Q 12:47

Baltimore on the offensive but will start boxed in

4Q 14:22

Rudeza to the passer and Seattle advances by punishment

TD Ravens 20-13

Final third quarter

Ravens 20-13 Seahawks

Metcalf with reception of first and ten to move chains

3Q 01:20

Touchdown Baltimore

Lamar Jackson's six-yard drive to take the lead 20-13


3Q 01:24

Jackson's long haul, but he's two yards away.

3Q 02:47

Ingram doesn't stop moving his legs and Baltimore is already inside the opponent's 20 yard.

3Q 04:06

Large gap in the middle and Edwards moves the chains

3Q 05:24

Hurst with reception and puts both feet on the ground to move the chains

3Q 06:42

Myers misses 52-yard field goal and Seattle leaves empty-handed

3Q 07:20

Lockett con la recepción, pero la cobertura defensiva es mejor y Seattle tendrá cuarta

3Q 09:21

Wilson takes advantage of space and gains nine yards to move the chains

3Q 10:19

Carson with hauling to move the chains and stay close to midfield

3Q 12:00

Andrews with the reception, but falls short of advancing and Baltimore to clear.

3Q 13:02

Ball deflected, pass incomplete and Seattle to clear

3Q 13:36

Brown with reception to move the chains

3Q 15:00

Start the third quarter. Seattle on the offensive

TD Ravens

Half time

Ravens 13-13 Seahawks

2Q 00:02

Field goal Seattle

31-yard Myers ties the game 13-13

2Q 01:53

Great reception for Lockett even though the whole load came to Wilson.

2Q 02:00

Two-minute break

2Q 03:27

Lockett with 13 yard reception to keep moving forward 

2Q 04:20

Carson with the run for the first and ten on the 20 yard.

2Q 05:00

Touchdown Baltimore

Wilson is intercepted and Marcus Peters turns her into a pick-six to turn her around. 13-10.

2Q 06:16

Over 20 yard haul and Seattle's already on rival ground.

2Q 06:42

Good defensive cover to prevent the pass and Baltimore three and out. Clear

2Q 07:36

Field goal Seattle

34 yards of Myers to increase the difference 10-6

2Q 07:39

Incomplete pass from Wilson and Seattle to try a field goal

Time out of Seattle

2Q 08:14

Moore breaks the tacleada and Seattle is already in the red zone

2Q 09:15

Turner with the long reception and Seattle is already in the 30 yard of the rival

2Q 11:00

Personal Foul Against Wilson and Seattle Advances 15 Yards

2Q 11:06

Field goal Ravens

28-yard Tucker tightens the score 7-3

2Q 12:28

Andrews with the reception after the terrestrial play feint

2Q 13:40

Jackson runs over 30 yards and the Ravens are in enemy territory.

TD Seattle 7-3

2Q 14:46

Touchdown Seattle. Wilson finds Lockett in the end zone to take advantage

Final first quarter

Ravens 3-0 Seahawks

Seattle is already inside the 10 yard and threatens to score.

1Q 02:14

Metcalf with the long reception and Seattle makes a big move to settle in enemy territory

1Q 03:59

Carson with the hauling to get his first and ten of the game

1Q 04:33

Third for Seattle and ask for time out

1Q 05:46

Lamar Jackson crosses the pass but it's incomplete. Midfield RAVENS to clear

1Q 07:10

Great mobility of Lamar Jackson to avoid capture and run four yards to move the chains

1Q 08:48

Wilson with incomplete pass and Seattle to clear quickly

1Q 10:19

Field goal Ravens

Justin Tucker converts the 25-yard attempt. 3-0

1Q 10:50

Edwards in third run but is stopped by Clowney

1Q 12:55

Boykin with the long reception and Baltimore is already in the red zone

1Q 14:06

From Jackson to Roberts and the Ravens move the chains

1Q 15:00

Start the game. Baltimore attacking inside their 20 yard

All set for the start of the game

Four years ago they met in Baltimore, but the victory went to Seattle.

San Francisco defeated the Redskins 9-0, forcing Seattle to win to continue as an escort to just one game

Former Texan, Clowney, so he warms up before the game.

Wilson is one of the candidates to win the season's MVP, although we're not halfway through the campaign yet.

Wilson's numbers are impressive as he accumulates 1,704 yards for 14 touchdowns and 0 interceptions.

Seattle is confident they can get the win this afternoon.

Lamar Jackson adds 1,507 yards, 11 touchdowns and five interceptions

Lamar Jackson jumps onto the pitch for warm-up

The Ravens are divisional leaders and are two ahead of Browns and Steelers.

Earl Thomas returns to what was once his home.

Brown's absence from Baltimore's roster of inactive players highlights

These are the Seattle players who won't see action for the NFL week 7 duel.

Seattle have only lost once in the season and went home to the Saints. This afternoon they are looking for victory in order not to separate from the 49ers.

One hour from the start of the game, we start with coverage of the Ravens vs Seahawks.

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Lastest games

Only five times they have played and two of them have been in Seattle, where the locals have won on both occasions and, in addition, since 2003, the Seahawks have not known defeat to Baltimore.

How to watch Baltimore Ravens vs Seattle Seahawks Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your option is: FOX.

If you want to directly stream it: FOX, DirecTV and NFL Game Pass.

If you want to watch in on internet, VAVEL USA is your best option!

Key player Seattle

Russell Wilson is already a candidate to be MVP of the league, because without him Seattle would have a record lower than 5-1.

Key player Baltimore

Lamar Jackson between his ground and air play has had good dividends in the season and has been one of the best players at the start of the campaign.

For the fourth win

Three consecutive wins, including a win over the Rams, is how the Seahawks get there.

Fierce Attack

The Ravens have come from defeating Steelers and Bengals, although this may be their second test of the season after falling to Chiefs a few weeks ago.

Seahawks: Validate the locale

One of the hardest stadiums to win is in Seattle, where Pete Carroll's team will be looking to stay with the 49ers.

Ravens: Hitting Authority

Despite the Ravens' good record, they have yet to convince and will have the opportunity to make a league hit against one of the contenders.

Kick-off time

The Baltimore Ravens vs Seattle Seahawks match will be played at the stadium CenturyLink Field, in Seattle, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 4:25 pm ET.

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