Video highlights and touchdowns: Eagles 10-37 Cowboys, 2019 NFL
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4Q - 0:00
Finish the game. Dallas wins.
4Q - 1:57
Two-minute break.
4Q - 3:44
Cowboys Punt, Philadelphia will have its attack at the 13-yard.
4Q - 6:47
Philadelphia's on the line for the fourth time and they don't pass. Dallas will have a ball in his 20 yard.
4Q - 8:46
With a pass to Sanders, Eagles are already in midfield.
4Q - 9:33
Philadelphia Attack Begins at 25-yard.
Dak Prescott got his touchdown by land.
4Q - 9:33 TD Cowboys
Run Prescott for 8 yards and score your first touchdown by game ground. Maher's extra point is good.
4Q - 10:54
New Philadelphia loose ball retrieved by Dallas.
4Q - 11:07
Mills intercepts Prescott on the diagonals.
4Q - 11:50
Xavier Woods intercepts Carson Wentz, Dallas attack will be from the opponent's 40 yard.
4Q - 12:36 FG Cowboys
They stop the Dallas attack in the red zone. Brett Maher scores a 29-yard field goal.
4Q - 14:53
Great reception from Amari Copper to pass Prescott and Dallas is in rival territory.
3Q - 0:00
Finish the third quarter. Advantage of 17 points for Dallas.
3Q - 2:08
Screen pass to Michael Gallup and Dallas is in rival territory.
3Q - 4:54
Dallas initiates attack on 25-yard.
3Q - 4:54 FG Eagles
Philadelphia does not pass into the rival yard 10. 36-yard field goal attempt by Jake Elliot scoring
3Q - 6:01
Long pass from Wentz to Agholor, Philadelphia's in the red zone.
3Q - 6:53
Jordan Howard catches a pass and the Eagles are already in rival territory.
3Q - 10:50
Cowboys punt. Philadelphia will initiate attack on their 43rd yard.
3Q - 15:00
Touchback. Dallas starts his first attack of the second half from his 25 yard.
With this Maher field goal, Dallas has a 20 point lead.
2Q - 0:00 FG Cowboys
Brett Maher's 63-yard field goal attempt that's good.
2Q - 0:17
Punt of Philadelphia. Dallas will have the last possession of the first half from the 38 yard.
2Q - 1:31
Touchback. Eagles will start at 25 yard.
2Q - 1:31 FG Cowboys
Brett Maher's 26-yard field goal attempt that's good.
2Q - 1:49
Elliott runs for 15 yards and Dallas is in the red zone.
2Q - 1:57
Pass over 30 yards from Prescott to Amari Cooper.

Two-minute break.

2Q - 2:47
He captures Wentz and Philadelphia gives the ball back to the opponent. Dallas begins his attack at the 19-yard.
2Q - 6:40
Eagles attack will start from the 25th yard.
Dak Prescott threw his first scoring pass of the game when he found Jarwin.
2Q - 6:40 TD Cowboys
Pass from a Prescott yard to Jarwin. Extra point from Maher is good.
2Q - 8:30
Pass from Prescott to Witten to enter red zone.
2Q - 11:10
Dallas plays it on 4th down and passes into rival territory.
2Q - 13:33
Three and out for Eagles. Cowboys will have a new attack from their 29 yard.
1Q - 0:00
Finish the first quarter. Dallas with the advantage.
1Q - 0:46
Cowboys punt. Eagles will have a new offensive from his 9 yard.
1Q - 2:37
Dallas passes to rival terriotrium with Dak Prescott pass to Amari Cooper.
1Q - 4:35
Dallas' new offensive begins at the 25th yard.
Dallas Goedert broke the zero on the score with this TD.


Elliott had thus set the partial score 0-14.
1Q - 4:38 TD Eagles
Pass from Carson Wentz to Dallas Goedert. Elliott's extra point is good.
1Q - 6:40
Woods personal foul to Jeffrey, Philadelphia is already in rival territory.
1Q - 7:17
Philadelphia's offensive is maintained by personal foul to Carson Wentz.
1Q - 8:51
Eagles Attack Begins at 13-yard.
1Q - 8:56 TD Cowboys
Run Elliott for a yard and touchdown. Brett Maher converts the extra point.
1Q - 9:08
No Touchdown for Dallas.
1Q - 9:08
16-yard run from Zeke Elliot for the score. Play is being reviewed.
1Q - 9:14
Carson Wentz loose ball, Dallas recovers and has possession in the 16-yard.
This is the TD the Dallas Cowboys are winning the game with.
1Q - 10:03
Philadelphia's new attack will begin at the 21-yard.
1Q - 10:08 / TD Cowboys
Tavon Austin travels 20 yards for the TD. Maher's extra point is good.
1Q - 10:42
Enter Dallas to Red Zone with screen pass to Ezekiel Elliott.
1Q - 13:10
Goedert's loose ball, Dallas will have its first offensive in rival territory.
1Q - 14:59
Touchback. Eagles will have the first attack of the night.
1Q - 15:00
Start the match
The Cowboys' mascot, setting the mood.

The Eagles go out to the court to finish the warm-up.
The Cowboys are already warming up on the AT&T Stadium grating.
Photo: Dallas Cowboys
Photo: Dallas Cowboys
Since November 2017, the Cowboys haven't lost to the Eagles.

Inactive players by Phialdelphia Eagles.
Foto: Eagles
Foto: Eagles
In this luxurious suit is how Ezekiel Elliot came to the stadium. How much will this outfit cost?
Our live coverage begins!
Less than an hour and a half for the initial kick of this Eagles vs Cowboys which, for many, has become one of the classics of the NFL in recent seasons.
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Key player Eagles
Carson Wentz, QB of Philadelphia Eagles. Like Prescott, Wentz is under pressure from his fans and management, because injuries have been present in the most pressing moments. Now on Sunday night, Carson must be accurate in his shipments so they have a chance to win the game.
Photo: Philadelphia Eagles
Photo: Philadelphia Eagles
Key player Cowboys
Dak Prescott, QB of Dallas Cowboys. Prescott had a promising start to the season with his first three wins. But in the moments of urgency he's experienced in these three straight defeats, he's been left to his own devices. Sunday's match against Philadelphia is an opportunity to stand out again and prove that he deserves his million-dollar contract.
Photo: CBS Sports
Photo: CBS Sports
Dallas accumulated his third defeat
It could be said that even incredibly, Dallas lost its third defeat (22-24) to the Jets who had not won so far in 2019. New York did not allow the Cowboys any points in the first half and Dallas' reaction was no longer enough to prevent the defeat.
Photo: USA Today
Photo: USA Today
Philadelphia lost its way in Minnesota.
A tricky game was presented to Philadelphia last weekend when they had to visit the US Bank Stadium. The Vikings completely wiped the Eagles off the field to beat them (20-38). Although there was an important reaction from the visiting team, they were only able to reduce the deficit of the defeat.
Photo: Eagles Wire
Photo: Eagles Wire
What to expect today?
Duel for the leadership of NFC East. Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys are tied for first place in the division with a 3-3 record, so a win will put them in a position of solitary leadership. Although it has been a hesitant start for both teams, the great opportunity to give a blow of authority presents itself in the Sunday Night Football.
Photo: Bleeding Green Nation
Photo: Bleeding Green Nation
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Kick-off time: 8:15pmET
The Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys match will be played at the AT&T Stadium, in Arlington, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:15pm ET.
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