Video highlights and touchdowns: New England Patriots 33-0 New York Jets, 2019 NFL Season 
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End game
Patriotas 33-0 Jets
2Q 02:00
Two-minute break
4Q 02:55
Lost ball of the Jets and visitors retrieve it within 40
4Q 03:05
Carrying that is far from the first and ten, so the Patriots to clear
Time out Patriots
4Q 04:49
I carry to make progress. People in the stadium shout Brady
4Q 06:07
Jets clear and Patriots start inside their yard 10.
4Q 06:40
Bell's cartage that is two yards away from advancing and also marked a holding
New England has wasted time away
New England has challenged the reception of the Jets
4Q 08:41
Darnold connects with Anderson to move the chains.
4Q 11:03
Brady escapes pressure and throws a pass that's two yards away from advancing.
TD Patriots 33-0
4Q 12:15
Three and out for the Jets.
4Q 12:32
TD Patriots

Sony Michel runs a yard to keep increasing the difference. 33-0

Time out Patriots
Darnold's Fourth Interception
Final third quarter
Patriots 26-0 Jets
3Q 00:50
Patriots Big Play with reception of more than 30 yards from White
3Q 02:25
Long and incomplete pass of Darnold and the Jets to clear
3Q 02:47
Darnold escapes pressure and finds Bell, yet marks a holding in the play
3Q 03:54
Brady gets rid of the ovoid and is punished. Fourth Chance and to Clear
3Q 04:40
Pass interference and the Jets give away the first and ten.
Tom Brady Interception
Safety 26-0
3Q 06:08
Darnold floats his pass and Brooks intercepts the shipment.
3Q 06:23
Passing interference and the Jets again in the red zone
3Q 07:02
Interception on Brady after a blow at the moment of releasing Williams pass
3Q 07:41
Center too high and Darnold throws the ball out for safety. 26-0
3Q 08:34
Brady's looking for Edelman but the pass is incomplete and to clear.
3Q 10:23
Michel with hauling for another first down
3Q 11:02
Darnold is intercepted again and Gilmort shows up with the stolen ovoid.
3Q 13:33
Bell Carrying to Achieve the First and Ten
3Q 15:00
The third quarter begins
Half time
Patriots 24-0 Jets
2Q 00:25
Fourth chance after pressure on Brady and the Patriots to clear.
Time Out New England
2Q 00:38
Dorsett's big catch to move the chains.
2Q 01:13
Raised pass from Darnold to Anderson and the Jets leave empty-handed.
The pass is marked as complete is the Jets face a 4&2
2Q 01:45
The pass will be checked for completeness
2Q 01:45
Darnold's incomplete pass and the Jets will have a fourth chance.
Sam Darnold Interception
2Q 01:58
Two-minute break
2Q 02:02
Thomas with the reception of 15 yards to achieve moving the chains
Darnold Interception
Time out Jets
2Q 03:34
The Patriots do not advance and clear from their compromised area.
2Q 05:25
Sam Darnold makes a mistake and is intercepted in the end zone.
2Q 06:18
Rudeza to the passer and the Jets are already in the red zone
TD Patriots 24-0
2Q 08:30
Darnold's incomplete pass, but there's one holding against the defensive and he gives them the first and ten.
2Q 09:18
TD Patriots

Michel with the carrying of a yard in third and goal to widen the difference 24-0

Fumble Darnold
2Q 12:35
Myers with reception and are already inside the yard 5
2Q 13:20
Michel's run to gain 10 yards
TD Patriots 17-0
2Q 13:33
Sam Darnold loses the ball and the Patriots recover it already in enemy territory.
2Q 14:42
19 yards on Bell's haul when he looked like he'd already dropped yards before.
Final first quarter
Patriots 17-0 Jets
1Q 00:09
TD Patriots

Dorsett with reception in the promised area to increase the lead 17-0

1Q 01:04
Watson with reception on the brand and New England maintains the offensive
1Q 01:41
Brady misses his shipment to Edelman and the Pats to gamble.
1Q 02:09
Great pass from Brady to Bolden to move the chains.
1Q 02:34
Darnold throws very short in third down and the Patriots for the third time on the offensive with good field position
Darnold Interception
TD Patriots 7-0
1Q 05:30
Sam Darnold is intercepted in the red zone.
1Q 06:50
TD Patriots

Michel with 4 yard run Ford 7-0

1Q 13:35
Edelamn run and first and ten
1Q 15:00
Start the game
The Patriots will seek to maintain the undefeated in New York, a team they defeated a few weeks ago.
Patriots will have key absences on the offensive

These are the New York players who won't see any action tonight.

We start with the coverage just over an hour before the start of the match between Patriots and Jets.
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Lastest games
2015 was the last victory at the Jets' home to the Patriots with a score of 26-20 in extra time. Since that date, they have accumulated defeats.
How to watch New England Patriots vs New York Jets Live TV and Stream
If you want to watch the game on TV, your option is: ESPN and ESPN Deportes.

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Key player New York
Sam Darnold returned from injury and led the victory against Dallas with 23 of 32 full passes for 338 yards, two touchdowns and an interception.

Key player New England
Tom Brady has had three interceptions in the last three games, but he remains a natural born and effective leader on the offensive with the possibility of generating damage thanks to the protection of his offensive line.

They're not dead
After defeating the Cowboys and with their full arsenal on the offensive, it's time for the Jets to show that they are a better team than their record indicates.
Best Offensive Play
The defensive has won in recent weeks, although the offensive has had lapses in every game that has not worked either on the ground or by air.
New York: Second home win
They come motivated from their first victory of the season and will try to take revenge on the Patriots after falling in week 3.
New England: Another blow of authority
The Patriots are the best team in the AFC and will be looking to revalidate it once again against a divisional rival.
Kick-off time
The New England Patriots vs New York Jets match will be played at the MetLife Stadium, in New Jersey, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 08:20 pm ET.
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