Highlights and touchdowns: Green Bay Packers 31-24 Kansas City Chiefs, 2019 NFL Season
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End game
Packers 31-24 Chiefs
4Q 01:56
Aaron Jones with the reception for the first and ten, so Green Bay will kneel and win this game
2Q 02:00
Two-minute break
Last time out of Kansas
4Q 02:46
Packers move chains and Kansas burns another time out
4Q 02:51
Jones is able to move the chains again.

Time out of Kansas

4Q 03:34
Three Jones hauls that manage to advance from a compromised zone and continue lowering the clock.
4Q 05:13
Moore Throws Incomplete to Kelce and Kansas to Clear
TD Packers 31-24
4Q 07:01
Kelce with a second effort manages to move the chains
TD Chiefs 24-24
4Q 08:02
Touchdown Packers

Jones receiver escapes more than 65 yards to diagonals to regain advantage 31-24

4Q 09:01
Touchdown Williams

Four-yard haul and this game's already tied.

4Q 10:21
Watkins advances to the goal zone. Kansas wants to tie the match
4Q 11:01
Watkins with the long reception to already be placed in the red zone of points 
4Q 11:59
Hill with reception by the side to get to midfield
4Q 12:58
Robinson with reception for the first and ten
TD Packers 24-17
Flumble McCoy
4Q 13:57
Touchdown Packers

Williams with the great reception inside the end zone and Green Bay takes the lead 24-17.

Final third quarter
Packers 17-17 Chiefs
3Q 00:20
Long Rodgers haul and advance to the 11-yard
3Q 01:19
McCoy drops the ball and Green Bay recovers inside the 35 yard
3Q 01:31
Goal of field Packers

35-yard Crosby equals 17-17

3Q 02:06
Rodgers is captured and the Packers will attempt a field goal
Time out Packers
3Q 03:33
Jones with the reception and are already in goal zone
3Q 05:11
Allison now appears with a seven-yard reception to get inside the opponent's 30 yard.
3Q 07:11
Graham with midfield reception to keep the Green Bay offensive alive
3Q 08:29
Lewis with the reception near the bands to achieve the first and ten
3Q 09:12
Rodgers escapes pressure and complete with Lazard to move the chains
3Q 10:04
Matt Moore is captured and Kansas to clear
3Q 12:47
Another reception for Hill and the Chiefs is already in the middle of the field.
3Q 14:10
McCoy moves the chains with a short two-yard haul.
3Q 15:00
The second half begins
FG Chiefs 17-14
Half time
Packers 14-17 Chiefs
2Q 00:15
Lazard with three yard reception
2Q 00:56
Field goal Chiefs

Butker with the 28-yard field goal to get ahead for the first time in the game

2Q 01:26
McCoy with the reception of 10 yards to advance in the field
2Q 02:00
Hardman with the reception and the Chiefs are already in the 25 ayarda of the rival.

Two minute break

2Q 02:46
Hill with the reception in midfield and the Chiefs are still on the offensive.
2q 03:14
Kelce with the reception and the Chiefs move the chains.
2Q 04:06
Incomplete pass from Rodgers and Green Bay to clear
2Q 05:21
Williams with reception and Green Bay keeps the offensive alive.
2Q 06:14
Touchdown Kansas

Hardman with 30 yard haul to tie the duel

Time out Kansas
2Q 06:51
Hill with reception and Kansas offensive already in rhythm
2Q 07:25
Watkins with the reception and after several blockades, moves the chains
TD Chiefs 14-7
2Q 08:12
Third and long for Rodgers and throws an incomplete pass to Graham. Green Bay to clear
2Q 10:03
Personal foul against Kansas for an off-line hit on Rodgers
TD Packers 14-0
2Q 10:55
Touchdown Chiefs

Kelce with 28-yard solo reception to put Kansas first points. 14-7

2Q 11:08
Williams by land keeps the Chiefs' offensive alive.
2Q 13:12
Hill with 14 yard reception for the first and ten at the 40 yard.
Final first quarter
Packers 14-0 Chiefs
1Q 00:52
Williams with the hauling to move the chains for the first time in the game
1Q 02:09
Touchdown Green Bay

Now it's valid. Williams by land increases the advantage 14-0

There's no touchdown, it came out inside the 10 yard.
1Q 03:16
Touchdown Green Bay

Rodgers bombing to find Jones in 60 yard shipment to double the lead. 14-0

1Q 04:11
Butker misses 50 yard attempt for Kansas City
1Q 04:16
Moore's bad pass and Kansas will have fourth to try a field goal
1Q 06:10
Rodgers Stopped Third Time, Compromised Zone Will Clear Green Bay 
The decision was reversed and Kansas fell short of the first and ten. Kansas to Clear
Now Green Bay challenges the position of the ball after the reception
1Q 06:45
Pass from Moore to Watkins to move the chains around the locals.
TD Packers 7-0
1Q 08:47
Touchdown Green Bay

Jones' short run to put the visitor ahead 7-0

Andy Reid has thrown the red handkerchief to challenge the play.
1Q 09:39
Kumerow with the big reception after a bombing of Rodgers and Green Bay is already in the red zone
1Q 11:42
Rodgers with deep pass and Green Bay settles in enemy camp
1Q 13:27
Rodgers finds Valdés to move the chains
1Q 15:00
Start the game
The Packers are the favorites to win tonight, will they make it?
Kansas has lost the last two home games: Texans and Colts.
Will there be witches' night in Kansas City?
It'll barely be Green Bay's third visit of the season. In the other two, beat Chicago and Dallas
That's how the Chiefs warm up before the game against Green Bay.
Rodgers has 2,019 yards, 13 touchdowns and two interceptions so far this season. Highlighting that he has not lost as a visitor
Kansas won the last game against the Denver Broncos, but it was painful because they lost Patrick Mahomes for a few weeks.
The fans of the Packers supporting in Kansas City
The Packers arrived in Kansas City in style
The Packers arrive as divisional leaders of NFC North with a 6-1 mark. Last week they defeated the Oakland Raiders.
That's how the Chiefs got to their stadium.
Image: Chiefs
Image: Chiefs
Tonight's great absence will be that of Patrick Mahomes. Here is the complete list:

QB Patrick Mahomes 

DE Frank Clark 

DL Chris Jones 

OL Eric Fisher 

CB Kendall Fuller 

OL Andrew Wylie 

OL Greg Senat

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Lastest games
These teams once disputed the SB. In the new millennium they have faced each other four times, with two victories per side.
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Key player Kansas City
Tyreek Hill will have to be a great help to veteran Matt Moore in the aerial game if the team wants to lengthen and maintain their offensive series.
Key player Green Bay
A perfect rating and six touchdowns was what Rodgers achieved against the Raiders last week. In addition, he became the ninth passer to exceed 350 touchdowns.
Defensive needs to improve
Throughout the season, the offensive had carried the burden of the team. Now without Mahomes, the defensive will have to react if they want a good result.
Aerial play
Aaron Rodgers comes from a perfect match and will look to improve his brand in prime time matches.
Chiefs: it was post-Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes will not be present due to a knee injury, so the Chiefs will have Matt Moore at the controls and do not leave as favorites for the SNF.
Packers: fourth victory in a row
Green Bay will look to continue their good run and set a 7-1 record to move away from a game of the Vikings, who beat the Washington Redskins in TNF.
Kick-off time
The Green Bay Packers vs Kansas City Chiefs match will be played at the Arrowhead Stadium, in Kansas City, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:20 pm ET.
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