Miami Dolphins vs Pittsburgh Steelers: Live Stream Online and NFL Updates (14-27)
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4Q 0:00
The game ends after a capture of Fitzpatrick, the Steelers win and keep alive the hope of reaching the playoffs with this victory.
4Q 1:03
The officers give the ball loose but the Dolphins keep it.
4Q 1:46
Fitzpatrick fails to find his catcher and will have a second chance and 10 to advance.
4Q 2:00
Connor gets to move the chains and the Steelers are within 1 yard of the first down. We come to the two-minute break.
4Q 2:57
From its 35 yard, Steelers will begin its offensive to consume the clock. 
4Q 3:03
Miami is playing for the fourth time and seven yards to go. However, Fitzpatrick is captured. It will be Pittsburgh's first chance.
4Q 3:13
Ryan Fitzpatrick takes too long to get the play out, Miami seems to have given up.
4Q 4:43
In Fitzpatrick's personal play, he makes eight yards. Miami needs a miracle to come back
4Q 6:22
After three chances, C. Boswell scores a 41-yard field goal. Steelers increase advantage
4Q 7:13
Another steal for the Steelers' defensive, T. J. Watt gets the sack and steals the ball from Fitzpatrick.
4Q 8:19
Conner tries the third chance at hauling, they only make it 8 yards. The Steelers will have to clear
4Q 9:02
Mark a holding to Zach Banner, the Steelers will have to repeat their first chance with ten yards penalty
4Q 9:06
Miami Fumble, recovered by the Steelers, nightmare of Dolphins closing game
4Q 9:41
Ryan Fitzpatrick comes out of the protection bag and manages to move the chains and they arrive in the middle of the field, thanks to Grant's reception.
4Q 10:12
Miami makes little progress in carrying and will have a second chance and 13 yards for the first down.
4Q 11:51
Screen Pass for T.J. McDonald who manages to take Miami to the second chance and three to advance.
4Q 12:05
In Conner's haul the Steelers add another touchdown to the scoreboard.
4Q 12:25
Mark Game Delay to the Steelers will back 5 yards is second chance and 6 to advance.
4Q 13:05
Mason Rudolph endures the blow and they are nowhere near getting the first and goal. Steelers close to scoring another touchdown
4Q 13:14
They throw handkerchief at the first opportunity and mark a pass of interference for Lewis, another first down for the Steelers.
4Q 13:41
Miami defense manages to stop the hauling, but there's a holding by the offensive. The first down will be repeated with 15 yards.
4Q 15:00
Rudolph sends a pass to Wilson and they get the first down.
4Q 15:00
After the check with the chains, the officials determine that the ball did not cross. First chance for Pittsburgh
4Q 15:00
After the review the officials determine that they did not make it to the first down. They will place the ball and determine with the chains.
3Q 0:12
Ryan Fitzpatrick plays the fourth time and gets to move the chains, the play will be reviewed
3Q 1:48
Second chance and ten yards to go for Miami who's already in midfield.
3Q 3:15
Dolphins will start from their 31st yard after a 22-yard Grant haul.
3Q 3:17
Touchdown by Smith-Schuster for the Steelers, a difficult shipment. The locals are back in the game.
3Q 4:30
Another first and ten for the Steelers offensive. A great series that they have managed to take out from the yard 5 of their own field
3Q 5:35
Steelers retreats two yards after offensive coverage, it's third chance and 8 yards to go.
3Q 8:19
Carrying of the Steelers who arrive in the middle of the field. The ground game is working very well Pittsburgh
3Q 9:17
The Steelers get to advance 20 yards on second chance. Miamia's defense is completely disconnected.
3Q 10:21
Jason Madolph's full pass and managed to advance to the first down
3Q 11:05
Pass intercepted by Fitzpatrick, is the first delivery of ball by this route to Miami.
3Q 11:32
Wiltz prevents the pass from reaching the receiver, the Steelers will try the field goal that is missed by Boswell
3Q 11:36
Fly a handkerchief after a long pass from Rudolph. The punishment is against the Steelers for an illegal procedure. The punishment was not accepted are left in third chance and seven to advance
3Q 13:04
17-yard haul for the Steelers, they're already on Miami turf. The improvement in the offensive after halftime is remarkable.
3Q 14:21
Mason Rudolph pass, get the first chance with an offensive line hoax.
3Q 15:00
Steelers receive the ball in the third quarter of the match. There is no return they will start from the 25 yard of their own field.
2Q 0:07
Knee on the ground Ryan Fitzpatrick, and we go to half-time, game closed after the errors of the defensive Miami
2Q 0:17
A serious defensive error in Miami, which went to full charge against Rudolph gives Johnson the opportunity to reach the diagonals in third and 20 yards to advance.
2Q 0:37
Play under review after a reception, marked interference on the offensive, serious problem for Steelers
2Q 0:49
Incomplete pass from Mason Rudolp, they are still a long way from being in zone to try field goal.
2Q 0:53
Punishment for Pittsburgh offensive for premature move, Steelers back five yards
2Q 1:13
N. O'Leary's intercepted pass, which gives Rudolph a golden opportunity to further discount the score.
2Q 2:00
You get to the two minute break Miami is in its own area of the field, after getting a first down after an out of place Pittsburgh
2Q 2:49
After failing to move the chains, Boswelll discounts the advantage with a field goal of 42 yards, still leave time on the clock to Fitzpatrick
2Q 3:38
James Conner achieves one more haul but only manages to advance one yard
2Q 4:29
Mason Rudolph takes a deep pass for Smith-Schuster in the last quarter of the field. Very close to making the first touchdown of the match.
2Q 6:25
James Conner carries the ovoid close to midfield, the offensive best seen for the Steelers throughout the match.
2Q 7:37
Steelers manages to move the chains with a pass from Rudolf to Johnson and get out of the area of their own diagonals.
2Q 10:05
Fitzpatrick is arrested the third time and Miami will have to clear out
2Q 11:29
Ryan Fitzpatrick with a short pass to Williams gets past the 50 yard line, another dangerous offensive for Miami.
2Q 12:31
Pittsburgh's nightmare start who has to clear and gives the Dolphins one more chance to expand the score.
2Q 13:07
Loose ball in the play by Baker, who his teammate DeCastro manages to recover the ovoid.
2Q 14:46
Pittsburgh gets the first and ten after illegal use of hands, are already in midfield
1Q 0:00
The first quarter of the match is over Steelers will retain possession in search of discounting the scoreboard
1Q 0:49
James Conner gets the first down of the offensive, Miami seeks to discount in any way
1Q 1:34
Miami touchdown by Allen Hurn with a 12-yard pass, the outlook gets darker for the locals.
1Q 2:49
Once again Miami is positioned 15 yards from the diagonals, it looks like Fitzpatrick and company will be 14 points ahead.
1Q 3:32
Miami Dolphins gets a new first and ten and approaches red zone after a short pass to Williams
1Q 4:09
Long pass from Fitzpatrick who gets a new first and ten for Miami 
1Q 4:46
Bud Dupree's great tackle that makes Miami's offensive retreat 4 yards
1Q 6:49
In position shotgun the Dolphins achieve the first down and after a transport of Walton. Miami are already in the middle of the field
1Q 7:34
After four plays and 20 yards that Mason Rudolph could not overcome, Miami will have control of the ball once again near midfield. 
1Q 8:40
Officials determined that the play was an incomplete pass after Lewis stepped off the grate before the reception.
1Q 8:40
Played under review for a possible Lewis interception, it would be the second pass intercepted for Rudolph tonight.
1Q 9:01
Mason Rudolph makes a rainbow pass and manages to get the chains to red zone with a pass to Moncrief that makes a great reception
1Q 10:26
In a James Conner haul the Steelers manage to get the first down
1Q 10:55
Touchdown for the Dolphins with a short pass from Ryan Fitzpatrick to Sanders make it to the promised land.
1Q 11:58
Before the starting time expired, the Miami Dolphins ask for time out to think about the second play.
1Q 12:48
The Dolphins begin their second offensive series and in the second opportunity they manage to move the chains to red zone.
1Q 12:55
Serious error of Mason Rudloph who is intercepted in his second opportunity by Smith-Schuster. The Steelers also make a quick exit from the grate.
1Q 14:17
After three quick chances the Miami Dolphins have to clear after the great defensive work of the Steelers.
1Q 15:00
The match starts at Heinz Field, the Miami Dolphins receive the ball to begin with the first offensive series of the match.
All ready
The Steelers are already out on the pitch in uniform to warm up before the match and look for their third victory of the season. 
Showing your skills
El receptor Joe Haden ya se encuentra en el terreno de juego, mostrando sus habilidades en cara al encuentro. Mira como hace una recepción asombrosa a una mano.
Miami injury's
Los Dolphins contarán con 7 ausencias en cara al partido de hoy entre los que destacar Isaiah Ford, Reshad Jones y Myles Gaskin. Inactivos para #MIAvsPIT.


— Miami Dolphins (@MiamiDolphins) 28 de octubre de 2019


The Miami Dolphins are already at Heinz Field for the match against the Steelers at Monday Night Football, in which they will seek to surprise everyone with their first win of the season.
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Injury report Pittsburgh
The Steelers' defensive losses under the names of Mark Barron and Ulysees Gilbert III gives a chance that Fitzpatrick's Miami offensive could do something.
Season loss
The Miami Dolphins are contenders to be the qualifying team for the first pick of Draft 2020, and is that they still do not know the victory and it seems that there is no short-term solution.
Getting back on track
Pittsburgh had a very turbulent start to the season, and in recent weeks have been increasing the level. Also the last week rested so recover some players who were on the list of injured.
Key player Miami
Defender Samuel Eguavoen is a bit of light in Miami's dark season, if he comes out inspired and with rhythm he could become an annoying player for Rudolph.
Key Player Pittsburgh
Runner James Corner becomes one of the cornerstones of the Steelers' offensive, which after Roethlisberger's injury the ground offensive becomes a greater resource through his feet.

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Lastest games
In the current decade, Steelers and Dolphins have met five times, with Pittsburgh's side winning three times over the east coast.
Kick-off time
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