Highlights and touchdowns: Indianapolis Colts 24-26 Pittsburgh Steelers, 2019 NFL Season
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End game
Colts 24-26 Steelers
4Q 01:10
Vinatieri misses the 43-yard field goal and the Steelers will triumph
4Q 01:14
Steelers stop Mack, burn time out and Colts to try a field goal
4Q 01:59
Two-minute break
4Q 02:03
Pascal's full pass and first and ten for the Colts
4Q 02:14
Passing interference against Pittsburgh
4Q 02:29
Pressure on Rudolph and the Steelers will clear.
4Q 03:58
Personal foul against the Colts and the Steelers will start with good field position
4Q 04:30
Two consecutive catches on Hoyer and the Colts will face third and long
4Q 05:45
Rogers with reception to move the chains
4Q 06:39
FG Steelers 

Boswell 24-yard lead to Pittsburgh

defensive pass interference and the Steelers are already inside the 10 yard.
4Q 07:59
Rudolph Bombing Washington to Reach 35th Rival Yard
Colts fail two-point conversion
Time out Colts
4Q 08:43
TD Colts

Rogers with reception to turn the game around

4Q 09:15
Hoyer wins a couple of yards, but they're two yards away.
4Q 10:48
Mack has the patience and yards to move the chains.
4Q 11:55
Now the Steelers lose the ball and leave Indianapolis in a good position.
4Q 13:29
Heinz can't catch the ball and the Colts can clear.
4Q 14:57
FG Steelers 

35 yards Boswell increases the difference

Final third quarter
Colts 18-20 Steelers
Safety Colts 20-18
3Q 00:58
Indianapolis kick but loose ball recovers Pittsburgh in 20 yard
3Q 01:12
Safety Colts

Rudolph loses the ball in the scoring area and, although it is recovered by Villanueva, is credited safety

3Q 02:42
Third and long not complete Hoyer and the Colts to clear.
3Q 04:10
Mack takes advantage of the hole and gets more than 20 yards.
TD Steelers 20-16
3Q 05:25
TD Steelers

Rudolph finds McDonald in the end zone and they've already turned the game around.

3Q 06:46
Samuels with the reception and the Steelers in first and goal
3Q 09:52
Samuels with the reception and the Steelers move the chains.
3Q 10:40
The defensive presses and steals the ball. Dupree makes the Steelers' big move
3Q 10:49
Hoyer's Incomplete Pass on Third Chance
3Q 12:34
Mack with the haul in fourth to win those two missing yards.
3Q 14:41
Cooks fights and gets 10 yards on the first play of the offensive in the third quarter.
3Q 15:00
The second half begins
Half time
Colts 16-13 Steelers.

Boswell connects the distant 51-yard kick

2Q 00:07
Rudolph runs to move the chains to midfield
Time out Steelers
2Q 00:21
Rudolph connects with McDonald's to move the chains.
TD Colts 16-10
2q 00:47
TD Colts

Pascal with the reception of 16 yards to retake the advantage 16-10 

2Q 00:57
Hankes with hauling and moving chains
2Q 01:47
Campbell with reception to move the chains 
2Q 02:00
Two-minute break
2Q 02:14
Watkins with the reception added to a personal foul against the quarterback and the Colts are already in the rival's 40 yard.
TD Steelers 10-10
TD Colts 10-3
2Q 02:21
TD Steelers

Fitzpatrick intercept at the second yard and returns it to the end zone.

2Q 03:05
Ebron with the dramatic reception and the Colts move the chains
2Q 05:30
Reversible play that produces more than 20 yards for the Colts
2Q 06:01
The Colts are holding Steelers to a first and ten yard. Indianapolis on the offensive.
2Q 06:14
Samuels reception but falls short of the mark at two yards
2Q 08:29
Edmunds with carry and get the first and deiz. They are already within 45th of the rival
2Q 10:05
Rudolph takes the pressure and completes once again with Washington
2Q 11:09
Large Washington reception with triple coverage to move chains
2Q 11:57
TD Colts

Hoyer finds Doyle to make the first touchdown of the game

2Q 12:41
Brissett's lying on the playing field from a blow to the knee. The Colts will face second and goal.
2Q 13:49
Campbell with the reception, stumbles, loses the ball, but is fortunate and the ball comes out in the yard 1
1Q 00:00
Final first quarter. Colts 3-3 Steelers.
1Q 00:50
Loose ball on the return kick, but the Colts get it back.
1Q 00:58
Steelers field goal by Chris Boswell. 3-3
1Q 01:01
Rudolph with the pass incomplete and Steelers to look for a field goal
1Q 03:20
Samuels with the reception and they're two yards away from scoring.
1Q 05:01
Washington with the big reception at third chance to keep the offensive alive.
1Q 06:42
Carrying Edmunds over 40 yards to set up on rival course.
1Q 07:09
FG Colts from Adam Vinatieri.
1Q 15:00
Start the game. Steelers on the offensive
Steelers declare themselves ready to face this game
The Steelers' only home defeat came in week two when they lost to the Seattle Seahawks.
The Colts' last win at Heinz Field came in 2008 when Peyton Manning was still playing.
Brissett adds 1,590 yards, 14 touchdowns and three interceptions in the season.
With the Texans' victory in London, the Colts will have to win at Heinz Field if they want to maintain the leadership of the South AFC.
The Steelers and Heinz Field recognize the great work of all who work to have the field imécable for this game

The Colts come from defeating the Denver Broncos in the last few seconds.
That's how Jacoby Brissett warms up for the Pittsburgh game.
Photo: Colts
Photo: Colts
The Steelers come from getting a valuable home win over the Miami Dolphins.
Note that the Hilton receiver will not be present for this game because of a calf problem. When he is not there, the team has not been able to win.

This is how Joe Haden warms up before the start of the match
These are the players who will not be present this Sunday for the Steelers

No. 5 QB Paxton Lynch
No. 24 RB Benny Snell Jr.
No. 30 RB James Conner
No. 31 CB Justin Layne
No. 73 OL Ramon Foster
No. 81 TE Zach Gentry
No. 95 DE L.T. Walton

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Lastest games
In the past 20 years, Steelers and Colts have been nine times ahead of Pittsburgh in seven wins, including five straight wins in the most recent clashes.
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Key player Steelers
Juju Smith-Schuster will need to remain Rudolph's main aerial attacking piece to take pressure off the young quarterback.
Key player Colts
Without making much noise, Jacoby Brissett has had a good season with 1,590 yards, 14 touchdowns and 3 interceptions.
For the third home win
The Steelers will face a rival that will truly demand, so this game will serve to demonstrate what they are made of.
Pressing the quarterback
One of the keys to the Colts' victory will be to pressure the Pittsburgh rookie QB, noting that the defensive has done well so far.
Steelers: Staying Alive
With a record of 3-4, Pittsburgh still has hopes of winning the division. Last week they beat the Dolphins 27-14.
Colts: Keeping the lead
The Colts are leaders of the AFC South and come from a great comeback after defeating the Denver Broncos in the final minutes.
Kick-off time
The Indianapolis Colts vs Pittsburgh Steelers match will be played at the stadium Heinz Field, in Pittsburgh, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 1:00 pm ET.
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