Highlights and touchdowns: New England Patriots 20-37 Baltimore Ravens, 2019 NFL Season
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End game
Patriots 20-37 Ravens
4Q 01:20
Brady is captured and the Patriots are cleared.
TD Ravens 37-20
4Q 02:00
Two-minute break
4Q 03:12
TD Ravens

Lamar Jackson carries the ball to near victory 37-20

4Q 06:56
Ingram now with Baltimore reception continues to lower clock minutes
4Q 07:45
Jackson with the incomplete pass, but the punishment is against the Patriots for illegal use of hands, so they give away the first and ten
4Q 09:40
Ingram becomes the third opportunity to continue with the offensive
Time out Ravens
Tom Brady Interception
4Q 12:25
Brady with the long shipment being intercepted by Thomas.
4Q 13:06
Sanu with the catch and the Pats are already in rival territory
TD Ravens 30-20
4Q 14:54
TD Ravens

Boyle's deception and reception play to widen the difference 

Final third quarter
Patriots 20-24 Ravens
TD Patriots 20-24
3Q 01:41
Brown with the catch to place the Ravens inside the 16-yard.
3Q 03:23
Smith with the reception to keep the offensive alive
3Q 04:01
Lamar Short on Cartage, Fourth Chance
3Q 05:31
Lamar short pass, but enough to move the chains
3Q 06:50
Andrews jumps and gets the ovoid. First and ten for Baltimore
3Q 08:03
TD Patriots

Great offensive that ends White's short haul to move the chains.

TD Ravens
3Q 08:42
Edelman with reception to achieve the first and goal
3Q 10:55
Pass from Brady to Watson and follow the patriot attack.
3Q 11:50
Burkhead with carriage for the first and ten
3Q 12:21
TD Ravens

Edelman's loose ball that the defensive returns to the scoring area

3Q 12:55
Now Edelman with the reception to continue with the advance 
3Q 13:41
Sanu with another reception to keep the midfield offensive alive 
3Q 14:12
Sanu with reception to move the chains
3Q 15:00
The third quarter begins. Patriots on the attack
Half time
Patriots 13-17 Ravens
2Q 00:08
FG Patriots

19-yard Folk effectively converts to tighten the match

2Q 00:10
White stumbles and stays at the 1 yard.
Time out of Baltimore. Patriots face third chance
2Q 00:34
White with reception in goal area
2Q 01:07
Brady finds Edelman and they're already inside the 35 yard.
2Q 01:18
Personal Foul and Ravens give away 15 yards
2Q 01:43
Almost intercepted Lamar Jackson and Baltimore pass to clear.
2Q 02:00
Two-minute break
Fumble Ravens
2Q 03:41
FG Patriots

22-yard Nick Folk Squeezes Match 17-10

3Q 03:34
Thomas prevents reception on Brady's third chance pass
2Q 05:57
Reception of Sanu and first and goal of the Patriots
2Q 06:19
Ingram's loose ball recovered by the Patriots. The play will be reviewed
2Q 07:19
Baltimore Attack To Begin Inside 10-Yard
The review has ruled that there is no loose ball
2Q 07:24
Burkhead's loose ball, although he had apparently already made down
2Q 10:03
Pass screen that takes advantage of Míchel to move the chains
2Q 10:38
Jackson with the hauling but can't move forward. Baltimore to clear for the first time in the game
TD Patriots 7-17
2Q 12:07
TD Patriots

New England Capitalizes Error With Sanu's Reception

TD Ravens 17-0
2Q 12:41
Jones releases the ball and the Patriots retrieve it inside the opponent's 20 yard
2Q 12:50
Brady looks for Burkhead and is stopped again. Let's kick
2Q 14:06
TD Ravens

Edwards with hauling to get to the diagonals

2Q 14:40
Big play for Baltimore with Ingram and already touching the red zone
Final first quarter
Patriots 0-10 Ravens
1Q 00:09
The Patriots give away the first and ten with out of place
1Q 01:20
Tom Brady is captured and the Patriots again to clear.
1Q 02:16
Michel with 10 yard hauling to move the chains for the first time in the match
1Q 02:29
FG Ravens

39-yard Justin Tucker Increases Difference

1Q 03:12
Lamar Jackson is captured for the first time in the game
1Q 05:40
Lamar Jackson with the long haul to continue with the offensive 
1Q 06:16
Andrews with the reception to advance in second chance
TD Ravens 7-0
1Q 07:36
Ingram with 14 yard hauling to move chains
1Q 08:00
Three and out for the Patriots. To clear
1Q 08:13
TD Baltimore

Lamar Jackson with the solo run to hit first at night

The Patriots give away the first and goal with an out of place
1Q 09:08
Edwards stopped at third down
1Q 11:15
Ertz with the reception and Baltimore already knocks on the door at the 11 yard.
1Q 12:21
Carbura the Baltimore offensive and now Brown carries the ball for more than 20 yards
1Q 13:00
Ingram with hauling for 11 yards and moving chains
1Q 13:35
Brown with reception for the first and ten of the game
1Q 15:00
The game begins. Baltimore on the offensive
Lamar Jackson adds 1,650 yards by air with 11 touchdowns and five interceptions.
The Patriots' defensive is the NFL's best at recovering balls
It's just a matter of time before the Patriots secure their postseason qualification.
Lamar Jackson declares himself ready for the game against the Patriots
The Patriots arrive undefeated after winning their first eight games, including their last against the Cleveland Browns.
Baltimore is coming off its week-long break, but had previously won at the Seattle Seahawks' home.
Baltimore arrives as division leader of the North AFC, but with the Steelers' victory on Sunday, they will need to beat the Patriots.
The Ravens supporting all people
Foto: Ravens
Photo: Ravens
While for the Ravens will not be the next players:
Photo: Patriots
Photo: Patriots
The Patriots won't be counting on these players:
Photo: Patriots
Photo: Patriots
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Lastest games
The historical series favors New England with a 10-3 mark, however in their last two visits, they won one and lost the other.
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Key player Ravens
Lamar Jackson has been one of the best runners of the season, although with the pressure he will have, we may see him throwing the ball more.
Key player Patriots
You can never put aside what Tom Brady can do in the game, who with a pass is able to change the fate of the match.
Without losing the ball
The Patriots' defensive is an expert in stealing balls, so not losing the ovoid will be a point to consider for the Ravens.
Stopping the ground attack
One of the keys to the Patriots will be to stop the Baltimore land attack from both their runners and Jackson himself.
Ravens: Are they real?
They lost to the Chiefs and beat Seattle at home. This will be the third and possibly the most complicated test that Baltimore will have.
Patriots: the best of the AFC
Perhaps the Patriots will face their first test of fire when they visit a rival that has been difficult for them in recent years.
Kick-off time
The New England Patriots vs Baltimore Ravens match will be played at the M&T Bank Stadium, in Baltimore, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:20 pm ET.
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