Packers vs Chargers: LIVE Stream Online and NFL Updates (11-26)


4Q 0:40
Double knee on the ground by Phillip Rivers who gets a very important victory to continue in the fight in his division.
4Q 1:06
Aaron Rodgers tried again long in fourth time, it's incomplete. He gives the ball to the Chargers.
4Q 1:31
Long attempt by Aaron Rodgers who can't find any of his receivers.
4Q 1:59
We arrived at the two-minute break, after an incomplete pass from Aaron Rodgers.
4Q 2:10
Badgley misses the field goal, it will be a ball for the Packers in the 30 yard of their field.
4Q 2:20
The Chargers were looking for an out of place on the Green Bay defensive, and are asking for time off to make the field goal attempt.
4Q 5:11
Green Bay burned his three time-outs in this Chargers offensive series. However they do not manage to stop them and get practically the match with this first and ten of Eukeler.
4Q 5:20
First time Melvin Gordon III does a three-yard haul.
4Q 6:21
Aaron Rodgers on personal play gets two points conversion.
4Q 6:21
Jamaal Williams gets the first touchdown for the Packers, who give signs of life.
4Q 6:59
After a double tackle break Jamaal Williams gets the first and goal for the Packers.
4Q 8:36
For the first time in the game the Packers manage to reach the after the 20th yard.
4Q 9:36
The Packers arrive once again in midfield, so far they have managed to contain Ingram and Bosa the Green Bay offensive line.
4Q 10:11
Jaylen Watkins injured after strong tackle on Allison
4Q 10:32
In the face of an illegal position, the Chargers decide to take the fourth chance to get the touchdown for Gordon's feet.
4Q 11:20
Eukeler doesn't get the touchdown, and the Chargers will bring Michael Badgley for the fifth time in the match to get the field goal.
4Q 12:20
Hunter Henry gets the first and goal after pass from Rivers. Chargers very close to another touchdown
4Q 14:20
Eukeler in reverse play gets four yards, Chargers stay one yard away from moving the chains.
4Q 15:00
Gordon gets five yards in hauling and they're already in the Packers' 25 yard.
3Q 0:29
Phillip Rivers with a long pass makes it to enemy camp at the 29th yard.
3Q 0:57
In the best offensive of the game for the Packers had to try the field goal to add the first three points of the game.
3Q 2:51
Aaron Jones goes overland and gets seven yards on the play. Denzel Perryman was injured.
3Q 3:56
Melvin Gordon gets the first touchdown of the game with a second haul. The Chargers are beating the Packers.
3Q 4:37
Gordon stretches and lacks half a yard for the touchdown, however he gets the first and goal for the Chargers.
3Q 6:05
Eukeler's first chance in the red zone, he can't advance yards. The Chargers will have a second chance and ten to advance.
3Q 7:16
Drue Tranquill blocks the kick and gets a very good field position to the Chargers who will start the offensive series from the Packers' 27 yard.
3Q 7:23
Aaron Rodgers can't find any of his receivers and the Packers will have to clear one more time.
3Q 8:06
Melvin Ingram achieves one more capture of Aaron Rodgers with the support of Bosa. The Packers will have a third chance and 16 yards to go.
3Q 8:52
Aaron Rodgers gets out of the eleven yard and gets the first and ten, is already in the 25 yard
3Q 9:33
Tremon Smith returns the kick and manages to reach the 25 yard, however by a double personal foul will start from the 10 yard of his field.
3Q 9:52
After three chances the Chargers will return to look for a 43-yard field goal. Michael Badgley gets his fourth field goal of the game.
3Q 10:20
Jackson gets a yard by land, after the play gets complicated. Los Angeles has a third chance and three yards to go.
3Q 11:28
Melvin Gordon's carriage with jump included that moves the chains. The Chargers are already in the 30 yard of enemy camp.
3Q 12:21
Another first and ten for the Chargers, who are already in the middle of the field.
3Q 13:35
Aaron Rodgers long pass which is incomplete, you will have to clear after three opportunities.
3Q 14:18
Aaron Rodger's personal play that gets 5 yards and will have a third chance and eight yards to go.
3Q 15:00
Packers receive ball, no return will start at 25 yard.
2Q 0:05
Michael Badgley manages to extend the scoreboard after scoring a 34-yard field goal
2Q 0:28
Another full pass from Rivers, approaching red zone to get the first touchdown of the game
2Q 0:28
Otro pase completo por parte de Rivers, se acercan a zona roja para conseguir el primer touchdown del partido
2Q 0:39
Under pressure Rivers manages to get a short pass to Gordon to get the first down. Los Angeles ask for time and away to think about the next play.
2Q 0:40
Rivers with long pass was close to being intercepted.
2Q 2:00
Rivers with all the time in the world sends pass to Melvin Gordon gets the first down.
2Q 2:57
Eukeler now by ground game manages to move the chains. The Chargers begin time management to finish the second quarter with possession of the ball.
2Q 3:38
Short pass for Austin Eukeler leaving two yards on the offensive of the Chargers of the first down.
2Q 4:29
Green Bay will have to clear once again, Aaron Rodgers and company can not get to score points in this first half of the game.
2Q 5:52
The Packers make it past half the field for the first time in the game.
2Q 7:07
In third and 15 for advance Geronimo Allison is one yard away from getting the first down. But a penalty for unnecessary rudeness makes the Packers get the first chance.
2Q 8:36
One more punishment for the Packers for game delay, five more yards back is second and 15 yards to advance.
2Q 8:51
One more time they use the ground game with Williams, however a handkerchief flies through a blockage in the back makes the Packers go back 10 yards.
2Q 9:47
Jamaal Williams gets five yards on the ground in the first play of this offensive.
2Q 10:01
Tremon Smith fails to make that much progress on the return leg in the face of good defensive coverage from the home side.
2Q 10:21
For the first time in the game the Packer defensive managed to stop the offensive led by Rivers. Chargers will have to clear
2Q 11:57
Austin Eukeler manages to move the chains by land in this third offensive series of the Chargers.
2Q 13:00
Melvin Ingram III manages to capture Aaron Rodgers, the Packers will have to clear, is the second offensive series in which they do not add points.
2Q 13:49
David Bakhtiari makes a false start, the Packers will return where they started in this second opportunity
2Q 15:00
Aaron Rodgers gets the first chance after a seven-yard pass to Adams.
2Q 15:00
False start by Elgton Jenkins, the Packers back five yards on their third chance.
1Q 0:19
Pass complete to Jamsal Williams who stays one yard from the first down. The first quarter of the match is over.
1Q 0:55
Tremon Smith makes the return to the 28 yard, Aaron Rodgers will return to the grating after a long offensive by the Chargers.
1Q 1:45
Pass screen that is not effective for the Chargers, Badgley will have a second chance of field goal.
1Q 2:31
Preston Smith captures Phillip Rivers and retreated 9 yards, will be second chance and 24 yards to go.
1Q 3:01
Illegal shift for the Chargers and they will have to repeat the first opportunity with five yards of penalty.
1Q 3:21
Mike Williams makes a great reception and gets the Chargers into the red zone.
1Q 4:12
Kenny Allen's carrying of more than 5 yards will not count after a holding by the offensive line. Chargers back 10 yards.
1Q 5:08
Aaron Rodgers is arrested by Joey Bosa and the Packers will have to clear in their first offensive series.
1Q 6:11
Green Bay offense makes a false start and back five yards for their second chance.
1Q 6:47
Aaron Jones receives a short pass, but loses a yard after being quickly stopped
1Q 7:00
After three chances without getting the touchdown, Michael Badgley scored the field goal to score the first points of the game.
1Q 7:50
Phillip Rivers is arrested by Za'Darius Smith on second chance and goal.
1Q 9:24
Pass your left side to Melvin Gordon, and you reach red zone. The Chargers close to getting the first touchdown of the game.
1Q 10:54
In a play of deception, Rivers looks for Allen and they're already on enemy soil.
1Q 11:54
New full pass to 49 yard to Austin Eukeler, Los Angeles offense looks good
1Q 13:05
Great pass from Phillip Rivers to Hunter Henry getting the first down near midfield.
1Q 14:30
After two moves, the Chargers manage to get the first chain move of the match. They started the offensive from the 15th yard of their field.
1Q 15:00
The match begins, Los Angeles Chargers will have the first possession of the match
All set in Los Angeles
Aaron Rodgers gathers his team and motivates them for the match where they could get their eighth win of the season.
The man in the crosshairs
Davante Adams' return caused a stir minutes before the match, the receiver is already recognizing the terrain. 
Chargers injuries
For its part the local team had seven absences in preparation for this game of Week 9, we leave the list of inactive
Green Bay recovers Adams
After a few weeks in which he remained on the list of injured, Davante Adams will return to the grill after being activated for the match against the Chargers.
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Lastest games
Historically the Packers dominate the series with 10 victories and 1 defeat. The last time the Chargers managed to beat Gren Bay was in 1984 when they were playing in San Diego.
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Keyplayer Chargers
Joey Bosa stood out last week against Chicago to such an extent that he became one of the best defensives of Week 8. His participation in the Los Angeles defense will be vital to contain Aaron Rodgers.

Key player Green Bay
Aaron Jones is one of the surprises of this season, his power by land makes him a latent danger to any defensive.

Fear Team
The Packers have managed to consolidate a great team on both the offensive and the defensive. If they continue with the good results they are clear contenders to reach the Super Bowl in Miami.
The Chargers to get out of the hole
Phillip Rivers and the Chargers have failed to meet the high expectations they had at the start of the season. With a lot of turbulence and bad results, Anthony Lynn's team is looking away from the postseason.
Green Bay to maintain dominance
Rodgers and Jones have kept a Green Bay that is dominating the NFC North afloat, both players have managed to consolidate a great balanced offensive of experience and youth.
Two teams with different realities, the Packers find themselves dominating one of the most difficult divisions of the NFL, the NFC North. For their part, the Chargers fell surprisingly to the strong expectations they had for the current season.
Kick-off time
The Green Bay Packers vs Los Angeles Chargers match will be played at the ROKiT Field at Dignity Health Sports Park, in Carson, California, United States. The kick-off is scheduled at 3:25 pm ET.
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