Highlights and Touchdowns: Seattle Seahawks 27-24 San Francisco 49ers, 2019 NFL
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10:16 AM10 months ago


1:07 AM10 months ago

OT - 0:00 / FG Seahawks

Jason Myers' 42-yard field goal attempt is good.
1:03 AM10 months ago

OT - 1:08

Run for 20 yards Wilson, they're already in rival territory.
1:01 AM10 months ago

OT - 1:25

49ers punt. At 36 will be the attack of Seahawks.
12:58 AM10 months ago

OT - 1:50

Seahawks punt. Attack of 49ers starts at 19.
12:55 AM10 months ago

OT - 2:00

Two-minute break.
12:53 AM10 months ago

OT - 3:06

Field goal attempt by Chase McLaughlin of 47 yards that's bad.
12:44 AM10 months ago

OT - 5:34

Niners intercept Russell Wilson and return the ovoid to rival territory.
12:42 AM10 months ago

OT - 7:00

Pass Wilson to Hollister and they're in the red zone.
12:40 AM10 months ago

OT - 8:00

Great pass from Wilson to Turner, Seattle in rival territory.
12:35 AM10 months ago

OT - 10:00

Possession will be for Seattle.
12:32 AM10 months ago

4Q - 0:00

There's extra time in Santa Clara.
12:32 AM10 months ago

4Q - 0:01 / FG 49ers

James McLaughlin connects 47-yard field goal. There will be extra time.
12:28 AM10 months ago

4Q - 1:03

Pass Jimmy G to Coleman for midfield.
12:24 AM10 months ago

4Q - 1:39

San Francisco attack will begin at the 26th yard.
12:24 AM10 months ago

4Q - 1:45 / FG Seahawks

Jason Myers 46-yard field goal attempt that's good.
12:16 AM10 months ago

4Q - 2:00

Two-minute break.
12:16 AM10 months ago

4Q - 3:08

Pass 20 yards from Wilson to Josh Gordon to reach rival territory.
12:06 AM10 months ago

4Q - 6:17 / FG 49ers

McLaughlin's 39-yarads field goal attempt that's good.
12:02 AM10 months ago

4Q - 7:21

Run Mostert for a couple of yards to get to the red zone.
12:00 AM10 months ago

4Q - 9:33

Pass from Garoppolo to Deebo Samuel to pass midfield.
11:58 PM10 months ago

4Q - 10:22

Seahawks punt. New 49ers attack will begin at the 30 yard.
11:54 PM10 months ago

3Q - 12:01 / TD 49ers

Russell Wilson's loose ball, he returns it for the Buckner score. They make good two-point conversion.
11:45 PM10 months ago

4Q - 14:04

Stops the Seattle defense. Seahawks' new attack will start at the 25th yard.
11:39 PM10 months ago

3Q - 0:00

Finish the third quarter. San Francisco lose to Seattle by 11 points.
11:36 PM10 months ago

3Q - 1:42 / TD Seahawks

Run for 1 Carson yard for TD. Extra point of Myers is good.
11:34 PM10 months ago

3Q - 2:50

Go from Wilson to Holister. 1&goal for Seattle.
11:32 PM10 months ago

3Q - 3:39

Jimmy G's Fumble. Recovers Seattle ball in rival's 20 yard.
11:28 PM10 months ago

3Q - 4:37

Touchback. Attack of 49ers will start at the 25 yard.
11:27 PM10 months ago

3Q - 4:37 / TD Seahawks

Wilson to 3-yard Hollister scoring pass. Extra point is good.
11:25 PM10 months ago

3Q - 5:19

Russell Wilson runs and there's 1&goal in the 2 yard for Seattle.
11:24 PM10 months ago

3Q - 6:07

Diggs intercepts Garoppolo's pass. Seattle returns the 16 ball.
11:14 PM10 months ago

3Q - 7:07

San Francisco defense capture Wilson to stop the Seahawks attack. San Francisco will have a new offensive from the 30 yard.
11:07 PM10 months ago

3Q - 10:02

San Francisco's on the line for the fourth time, and it doesn't prosper. Seattle will have its attack from the 40th.
11:04 PM10 months ago

3Q - 11:54

Seattle defense punishment, San Francisco is already in rival territory.
11:01 PM10 months ago

3Q - 12:46

Penny's loose ball, get San Francisco back.
11:00 PM10 months ago

3Q - 12:50

Pass Wilson to Metcalf and they're in rival territory.
10:56 PM10 months ago

3Q - 14:56

Seattle attack will start at the 23rd yard.
10:42 PM10 months ago

2Q - 0:00

Finish the first half. San Francisco beats Seattle 10-7.
10:39 PM10 months ago

2Q - 1:06

Fumble of Metclaf, recovers the defense of San Francisco and will have possession in the 2nd yard.
10:32 PM10 months ago

2Q - 1:47

Seattle will have new attack in the 40 yard of the rival, thanks to the good return of Tyler Lockett.
10:29 PM10 months ago

2Q - 1:59

San Franciso will punt, beacuse they didn't get the 1&10

Two-minute break.

10:26 PM10 months ago

2Q - 2:51 / TD Seahawks

Garoppolo loose ball, returns 10 yards for Jadeveon Clowney score. Extra point is good.
10:19 PM10 months ago

2Q - 3:38

Stop the 49ers defense again, before the Seahawks passed midfield. San Francisco have a new offensive on 25th.
10:15 PM10 months ago

2Q - 7:09

He can't get past San Francisco in midfield. Punt de 49ers, Seahawks' new offensive will start from the 17th yard.
10:04 PM10 months ago

2Q - 10:39

Sack to Wilson and end the Seattle attack. San Francisco will start from the 8th yard.
10:04 PM10 months ago

2Q - 12:44

Pass from Wilson to Lockett and the Seahawks are already in rival territory, for the first time in the match.
10:00 PM10 months ago

2Q - 13:27

Three and out to San Francisco. 49ers punt, Seahawks attack will start at the 40 yard.
9:54 PM10 months ago

1Q - 0:00

Finish the first quarter. Advantage of 0-10 of 49ers over Seahawks.
9:53 PM10 months ago

1Q - 0:31

Count again, three and out to Seahawks. Seattle punt, San Francisco attack starts at 26 yard
9:51 PM10 months ago

1Q - 1:57

Seattle's new attack starts at the 29th yard.
9:49 PM10 months ago

1Q - 2:03 / TD 49ers

Pass from Garoppolo to 10 yard Bourne for Touchdown. McLaughlin's extra point is good.
9:43 PM10 months ago

1Q - 4:18

Pass from Garoppolo to Sanders. 49ers inside red zone.
9:42 PM10 months ago

1Q - 5:30

Telvin Coleman run for more than 20 yards, San Francisco in rival 26 yard.
9:38 PM10 months ago

1Q - 6:03

Samuel escapes to midfield. Good pass from Jimmy 'G'.
9:35 PM10 months ago

1Q - 6:17

Three and out to Seahawks, with Wilson captured. Seahawks punt and San Francisco attack starts at 23.
9:33 PM10 months ago

1Q - 8:19

Seattle Attack Begins at 25 Yard.
9:32 PM10 months ago

1Q - 8:19 / FG 49ers

The attack of 49ers on the red zone gates was left behind. Attempt of field goal McLaughlin 43 yards that is good.
9:24 PM10 months ago

1Q - 11:38

Again, a Seattle defense punishment gives 1&10 to San Francisco. They're already in rival territory.
9:22 PM10 months ago

1Q - 12:20

Griffin intercepts Jimmy Garoppolo's pass. But the play is annulled by punishment of the Seattle defense.
9:16 PM10 months ago

1Q - 15:00

San Francisco will have the first possession. They will start the attack from their 25th yard.
9:15 PM10 months ago

1Q - 15:00

Start the game.
8:50 PM10 months ago

Richard Sherman's playing his ex-team tonight.
8:35 PM10 months ago

The Seahawks are already warming up on the court.

8:30 PM10 months ago

Inactive San Francisco players.

8:15 PM10 months ago

Inactive Seattle Players

7:50 PM10 months ago

Levi's Stadium wears military colors for the campaign: Salute To Service.

3:28 PM10 months ago

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3:23 PM10 months ago

Key player San Francisco

Jimmy Garoppolo, QB of San Francisco 49ers. Many doubts were raised as to whether Jimmy 'G' could take this team to the next level. He's gone from less to more and with his 13 touchdown passes and 1806 yards he's the one taking the controls on the offensive. Mistakes are forbidden for QB if they want to keep the undefeated.
Photo: ESPN
Photo: ESPN
3:19 PM10 months ago

Key player Seattle

Russell Wilson, QB of Seattle Seahawks. MVP numbers are what Russell Wilson is achieving this year. With 22 touchdown passes and a single intercept it is the best Quarter Back in league statistics. The challenge this Monday will be greater, as they face one of the best defenses.
Photo: Field Gulls
Photo: Field Gulls
3:16 PM10 months ago

San Francisco 49ers dominated Cardinals

Divisional duels are always complicated and San Francisco could get ahead of their visit to Arizona by beating them (28-25) in the last Thursday Night Football. Finally came the great performance of Jimmy G to lead his team on the offensive and not depend so much on the ground attack.
Photo: niners nation
Photo: niners nation
3:14 PM10 months ago

Seattle Seahawks comes from winning in overtime.

The Seahawks had to work hard at home last Sunday when they received the Buccaneers. By score of (34-40) Seattle took the win in overtime. Russell Wilson shone with five touchdown passes in the afternoon.
Photo: Field Gulls
Photo: Field Gulls
3:08 PM10 months ago

Team News: 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers may have a hard blow if it is confirmed that George Kittle, his Tight End starter who can not play. Knee pain would be the cause that would put Kittle out.
Photo: The Sacramento Bee
Photo: The Sacramento Bee
3:05 PM10 months ago

Team News: Seahawks

It will be known until moments before the match if the defensive Jadeveon Clowney can play or not the Monday night game. A finger and knee injury could result in the absence of the Defensive End.
Photo: ESPN Seattle
Photo: ESPN Seattle
3:01 PM10 months ago

San Francisco for another coup d'état of authority

Many questions have been raised about the 49ers, mentioning that their undefeated record is somewhat misleading. They have the opportunity to strike a blow of authority in the NFL during prime time against a great rival. With the advantage at home, Jimmy 'G' and company will seek to stay perfect in the season.
Photo: Primera Hora
Photo: Primera Hora
2:57 PM10 months ago

Seattle wants to reach into the division

A great season so far are signing the Seattle Seahawks. With a record of (7-2) the team from the north of the United States is placed as one of the wildcard squads. But it has a great opportunity to reduce the disadvantage in its division against San Francisco, which is the best team in the NFL, in numbers.
Photo: Seattle PI
Photo: Seattle PI
2:52 PM10 months ago

Kickoff time: 20:20pm ET

The Seattle Seahawks vs. San Francisco 49ers will be played at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, USA. The start of the match is scheduled for 20:20pmET.
2:49 PM10 months ago

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