Highlights and touchdowns: Green Bay Packers 8-37 San Francisco 49ers, 2019 NFL
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Game over, San Francisco's big win over Green Bay.
4Q - 2:00
Two-minute break.
4Q - 4:58
Aaron Rodgers comes out of the game, enters as QB starter Tim Boyle.
4Q - 4:58 | TD 49ers
Run for 15 yards Raheem Mostert for touchdown. Extra point is good.
4Q - 5:35
Tevin Coleman gets the 1&10 and San Francisco is in the red zone.
4Q - 7:47
Mostret escapes with a screen pass and arrives at the rival's 25-yard.
4Q - 11:29
Green Bay is played again in fourth down and they don't pass, Rodgers is captured.
4Q - 14:04
San Francisco defensive interference in 4&goal, give 1&10 to the Packers.
4Q - 14:52
Short pass from Rodgers to Adams and Packers are already in rival territory.
3Q - 0:00
Finish the third quarter. San Francisco continues to have a wide advantage over the Packers.
3Q - 2:55
Touchback. Packers start at 25 yard.
3Q - 2:55 | TD 49ers
Pass 61 yards from Garoppolo to Kittle for touchdown. Extra point is good.
3Q - 3:52 | TD Packers
Pass two yards from Aaron Rodgers to Devante Adams. Packers go for the conversion and is good, also with the Rodgers - Adams connection.
3Q - 4:48
Richard Sherman's unnecessary rudeness punishment gives 1&goal to Green Bay.
3Q - 6:36
Green Bay's already in the red zone.
3Q - 8:31
The Packers play in fourth down and Jaamal Williams arrives at the 31 yard with screen pass.
3Q - 10:49
Aaron Jones runs for three yards and gets to midfield.
3Q - 12:26
Three and out for the Niners. Packers will attack from the 35 yard.
3Q - 15:00
San Francisco will have the first possession of the game from the 25th yard.
2Q - 0:00 | FG 49ers
Chase McLaughlin's 48-yard field goal attempt that's good.
2Q - 0:24
Niners attack starts at 48 yard.
2Q - 0:51
Packers Attack Begins in Yard 26
2Q - 0:58 | TD 49ers
Long pass from Garoppolo to 42-yard Samuel for scoring. Extra point is good.
2Q - 1:39
Morstreat runs for 15 yards and the Niners are in rival territory.
2Q - 1:56
Two-minute break.

49ers punt. Packers will possibly have the last possession of the second quarter from the 40 yard.

2Q - 2:55 | FG 49ers
Chase McLaughlin hits 27-yard Field Goal.
2Q -5:25
Two consecutive passes to George Kittle and San Francisco is already in the opponent's 30 yard.
2Q - 6:11
Green Bay Punt. San Francisco attack will begin at 33rd.
2Q - 7:13
Buckner commits personal foul and gives 1&10 to Green Bay.
2Q - 9:09
Three and out to San Francisco. Green Bay attack begins at 34 yard.
2Q - 11:06
The fourth down it's played Green Bay and they don't pass. San Francisco will have the ovoid from the 30 yard.
1Q - 0:00
Finish the first quarter, two possessions ahead of San Francisco.
1Q - 1:55
Count again three and out to Green Bay. From the 41st yard will start San Francisco.
1Q - 3:10
Touchback. Packers start at 25 yard.
1Q - 3:10 | FG 49ers
Chase McLaughlin hits 29-yard Field Goal.
1Q - 5:15
Run Wilson for more than 15 yards and get to red zone.
1Q - 6:56
Three and out to Green Bay, San Francisco attack will be from the 48-yard.
1Q - 8;34
Stops Green Bay's defense in midfield. They will now have possession from the 11-yard.
1Q - 10:28
Good reception from Emanuel Sanders, San Francisco is already in rival territory.
1Q - 13:02
Touchback. Green Bay Attack will begin at the 25-yard.
1Q - 13:02 | TD 49ers
Run for three yards, Tevin Coleman. Extra point is good.
1Q - 13:07
Aaron Rodgers loose ball, recovers Nick Bosa leaving San Francisco in the yard 3 in 1&goal.
1Q - 15:00
Packers will have the first possession from the 25th yard.
1Q - 15:00
The match starts in Santa Clara.
George Kittle is active. 

San Francisco fans will experience their second game during prime time in a row.

The Packers' dressing room is ready.

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San Francisco Key Player
Tevin Coleman, RB of San Francisco 49ers. One of the best ground attacks in the entire NFL is in San Francisco. At the moment the injuries have not hit this sector of the attack because of the depth it has. Coleman is the RB1 at the moment, has 409 yds by land and 154 by air, but its impact is in scores where it accumulates six. The variety of the attack is what will give San Francisco success in this game.
Photo: NBC Sports
Photo: NBC Sports
Green Bay Key Player
Aaron Jones, RB of Green Bay Packers. The Packers' attack has mutated for this season, becoming very dependent on the ground attack. It accumulates 589 yards by land and 354 by air, adding up to 14 touchdowns. To aspire to victory, Packers must follow his game plan with Jones and his partner Jamaal Williams.
Photo: Green Bay Packers
Photo: Green Bay Packers
San Francisco 49ers: Team News
Many injuries are those that San Francisco has in the offensive section. So far TE George Kittle and RB Matt Breida remain in doubt for the game. So until the last moments of the match will be defined if they can play.
Photo: Forbes
Photo: Forbes
Green Bay Packers: Team News
Among the Packers' list of injured you find several players in doubt. So far, only guard Cole Madison is out for the match.
Photo: Green Bay Packers
Photo: Green Bay Packers
49ers, the beginning of a winding road
This Sunday will begin the road to San Francisco to face three of the top four teams consecutively throughout the NFL. Here you'll see what Jimmy Garoppolo and company are made of. The big advantage they have for this Sunday night is the opportunity to play as locals at Levi's Stadium.
Photo: USA Today
Photo: USA Today
Packers, for the leadership of the NFC
The Green Bay Packers have only one mission when they return from their week of rest: To win and to be placed as seeded number 1 of the National Conference. With a mark of (9-2), the team commanded by Aaron Rodgers must use its ground and air attack to defeat one of the NFL's best defenses.
Photo: Packers News
Photo: Packers News
Kick - off time: 20:20pmET
The Green Bay Packers vs. San Francisco 49ers will be played at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, USA. The start of the game is scheduled for: 20:20pmET.
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