Highlights and touchdowns: Baltimore Ravens 45-6 Los Angeles Rams, 2019 NFL
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4Q - 0:00
Finish the game. Ravens crush 45-6 L.A. Rams
4Q - 1:30
Intercepta Smith to Jared Goff, with this play concludes the game.
4Q - 1:41
The Rams play in 4&down and Robert Woods escapes to the opponent's 30 yard.
4Q - 2:00
Two-minute break.
4Q - 3:10
Ravens punt. Rams attack will begin at the 14th yard.
4Q - 4:55
Rams punt. Ravens have the ball from the 36-yard.
4Q - 6:35
Rams begins at 25-yard.
4Q - 6:35 | FG Ravens
Robert Griffin III is sacked. Justin Tucker's 34-yard field goal attempt is good.
4Q - 8:06
Great pass from Griffin III to Boykin which makes the reception at the opponent's 13 yard.
4Q - 9:51
Ravens have 1&10, after betting on 4&1.
4Q - 12:30
Lamar Jackson won't be playing in the game anymore. Enter QB: Robert Griffin III.
4Q - 12:36
Marcus Peters intercepts Goff and returns her to the 35-yard.
4Q - 14:14
Long pass from Jared Goff to Robert Wood, Rams are in rival territory.
4Q - 14:44
Touchback. L.A. will initiate offensive series from the 25th yard.
3Q - 0:00
Finish the third quarter. Baltimore crushes so far, 35-6 to Los Angeles.

Marquise Brown concretizes the 1&goal

3Q - 2:10
Baltimore is played in 4&down and Jackson completes with Brown for the 1&10.
3Q - 5:10
Mark Ingram runs for over 20 yards and the Ravens are already in rival territory.
3Q - 8:47
Three and out for the Rams. Baltimore will have new possession of the ball from the 20th yard.
3Q - 9:46
Touchback. Rams initiate first attack of the third quarter from the 25 yard.
3Q - 11:19
The Baltimore attack moved the chains fast. With Gus Edwards running they are now close to the opponent's 10th yard.
3Q - 15:00
Touchback. Ravens will have the first possession of the second half from the 25 yard.
2Q | 0:00
Finish the first half. Comfortably, Baltimore beats Rams 28-6.
2Q - 0:12 | TD Ravens
7-yard pass from Lamar Jackson to Willy Snead for touchdown. Extra point is good.
2Q - 0:16
Pass from Jackson to Roberts, 1&goal for the Ravens.
2Q - 1:16
Lamar Jackson escapes for 12 yards. Ravens are already in L.A. territory.
2Q - 1:46 | FG Rams
Greg Zuerlein's 46-yard field goal that's good.
2Q - 2:00
Two-minute break.
2Q - 3:45
Goff pass to Brandin Cooks next to punishment of the Ravens has Los Angeles to the red zone gates.
2Q - 4:36
Los Angeles will have a new offensive series from the 24th yLos Angeles will have a new offensive series from the 24th yard.ard.
2Q - 4:42 | TD Ravens
Run for 1 yard Mark Ingram for touchdown. Extra point is good.
2Q - 5:22
Lamar Jackson's 24-yard run. 1&goal to Baltimore at yard 1.
2Q - 7:19
Lamar Jackson runs for 13 yards, reaches rival territory and gets the 1&10.
2Q - 9:45
Touchback. Ravens initiate attack on 25 yard.
2Q - 9:45 | FG Rams
Baltimore's defense prevents touchdown. Greg Zuerlein scores a 32-yard field goal.
2Q - 11:40
Pass from Goff to Highbee and the Rams are within the 10 yard.
2Q - 12:27
Lower Everett pass from Goff and serves to reach the red zone.
2Q - 14:54
Todd Guerley escapes for a win greater than 15 yards and is in rival territory.
1Q - 0:00
Finish the first quarter. Baltimore beat Los Angeles 14-0 at Memorial Colisseum.
1Q - 1:31
Touchback. Rams start at 25 yard.
1Q - 1:31 | TD Ravens
19-yard pass from Lamar Jackson to Hollywood Brown. Extra point is good.
1Q - 1:52
Baltimore is in fourth place and it is a good 1&10 for the Ravens who come to the red zone with Lamar Jackson's bullfight.
1Q - 5:12
Mark Ingram's 17-yard run, and the Ravens are already touching rival territory.
1Q - 5:20
The Baltimore defense again stops Los Angeles in three moves. Rams punt and Ravens will have the ovoid from the 38 yard.
1Q - 7:47
Touchback. Rams commence second offensive from the 25th yard.
1Q - 7:47 | TD Ravens
Six-yard pass from Jackson to Marquise Brown for touchdown. Extra point is good.
1Q - 10:03
1&10 for the Ravens, the fullback ran. Baltimore in red zone.
1Q - 12:07
Lamar Jackson runs for 20 yards and the Ravens are placed at the red zone gates.
1Q - 13:20
Mark Ingram runs for 15 yards and Baltimore is already in rival territory.
1Q - 13:45
Three and out to Rams, Baltimore starts at the 45 yard.
1Q - 15:00
Touchback. Rams have the ball in its yard 25.
The L.A. Rams will also be playing in their Color Rush uniform.

Little by little, fans are joining the Memorial Colisseum.

Rams inactive players:

Webster, Williams, Deayon, Patrick, Demby, Gervase & Havenstein

Baltimore inactive players. 

In the Color Rush uniform, the Baltimore Ravens will play tonight.

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Los Ángeles Rams Key player
Jared Goff, QB of Los Angeles Rams. A total disappointment has so far been 2019 for the Rams QB. It has not been able to withstand the pressure with the contract it signed and its numbers prove this. Only 11 touchdowns and 10 interceptions is the record he has, statistics that do not support the good year he had last year.
Foto: Pro Football
Foto: Pro Football
Key player Baltimore Ravens
Lamar Jackson, QB of Baltimore Ravens. In his second season of the NFL, Lamar is signing a year that has him as one of the great candidates to win the MVP. So far he has 25 touchdowns (by air and land), as well as more than 3,000 yards combined.
Photo: Info 7
Photo: Info 7
Los Angeles won Sunday Night Football
With the task of winning, no matter what the form. Rams at home were able to solve the game against the Bears. It wasn't the most spectacular game for the L.A. team, but the ground attack and defense brought victory to the surface.
Photo: L.A. Rams
Photo: L.A. Rams
Baltimore crushed Texans at home
A very complicated test seemed for Lamar Jackson and company when they received the Texans at M&T Bank Stadium. It was a very even start, but the Ravens exploded from the second quarter and beat (7-41) Houston. Another great day was lived by Lamar Jackson with air and ground annotations.
Photo: Publimetro
Photo: Publimetro
Rams, life is still at stake
The bad start of the season is taking its toll on Los Angeles Rams, coupled with the great campaign they are having in their division San Francisco and Seattle. Los Angeles has a record (6-4), but there is little margin for error. Against one of the best NFL teams, Sean McVay's team must go home to win.
Photo: The San Diego Union
Photo: The San Diego Union
Ravens, consolidate as the best team of the NFL
The experts and the numbers say it, Baltimore Ravens is positioning itself as the best team in the entire league. With a record of (8-2) the Ravens are at the home of Patriots for the leadership of the AFC. They should not slow down and now they are presented with a new opportunity to showcase the great talent in prime time match.
Photo: UPI
Photo: UPI
Kick - off time: 20:20pmET
The Baltimore Ravens vs. Los Angeles Rams will be played at LA Memorial Colisseum in Los Angeles, USA. The start of the game is scheduled for: 20:20pmET.
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