Highlights and touchdowns: Buffalo Bills  26-15 Dallas Cowboys, 2019 NFL
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4Q - 0:00

Finish the game. Bills win and reach a record of (9-3), the Cowboys ligate defeats to place with a mark of (6-6).
7:41 PMa year ago

4Q - 1:57

Bills gets played in 4&incheses and gets the 1&10.
7:36 PMa year ago

4Q - 2:00

Two minute warning.
7:33 PMa year ago

4Q - 4:01

Short kick from the Cowboys. Bills start in midfield.
7:32 PMa year ago

4Q - 4:01 | TD Cowboys

Prescott touchdown pass to 15-yard Bryant. Two-point conversion is good.
7:30 PMa year ago

4Q - 4:10

Pass from Prescott to Jarwin, to get to Red Zone.
7:29 PMa year ago

4Q - 5:01

Pass from Prescott to Cobb to be in rival territory.
7:28 PMa year ago

4Q - 5:28

Buffalo punt. Cowboys will have the ovoid from the 30 yard.
7:22 PMa year ago

4Q - 6:28

Dallas plays in 4&4 and drops the Prescott ball. But Dallas recovers the ball, Buffalo having possession of the ball.
7:12 PMa year ago

4Q - 8:20

Touchback. Dallas will start at the 25-yard.
7:10 PMa year ago

4Q - 8:20 | FG Bills

Hauschka's 26-yard field goal attempt is good.
7:06 PMa year ago

4Q - 10:00

Defensive interference. 1&goal for Buffalo.
7:04 PMa year ago

4Q - 12:05

Pass from Allen to Foster and again, the Bills reach rival territory.
6:57 PMa year ago

3Q - 0:00

Finish the third quarter.
6:56 PMa year ago

3Q - 0:22

4&goal is played by Dallas and does not prosper.
6:51 PMa year ago

3Q - 1:10

Pass from Prescott to Cobb, 1&goal to Dallas.
6:50 PMa year ago

3Q - 1:50

Prescott runs for 11 yards and a personal foul brings Dallas into the red zone.
6:47 PMa year ago

3Q - 2:35

Pass from Prescott to Randall Cobb to rival territory.
6:46 PMa year ago

3Q - 3:37

Touchback. Dallas starts at the 25 yard.
6:43 PMa year ago

3Q - 3:37 | TD Bills

Run Josh Allen for 15 yards and score the Touchdown. Extra point is good.
6:41 PMa year ago

3Q - 4:20

Screen Pass to Cole Beasley and Buffalo is in the red zone.
6:39 PMa year ago

3Q - 6:20

Pass from Allen to McKenzie to reach rival territory.
6:35 PMa year ago

3Q - 7:37

Brett Maher's 47-yard field goal attempt failed.
6:32 PMa year ago

3Q - 9:52

Long pass from Prescott to Gallup and Dallas reaches rival's 30 yard.
6:31 PMa year ago

3Q - 10:47

Cowboys start at the 25-yard.
6:28 PMa year ago

3Q - 10:47 | FG Bills

Hauschka's 41-yard field goal attempt is good.
6:23 PMa year ago

3Q - 13:33

Pass to Beasley to get to half the field. Then a personal foul adds 15 yards to the Bills' play.
6:21 PMa year ago

3Q - 14:54

Start the third quarter and the Bills attack starts at the 29th yard.
6:10 PMa year ago
With this play of deception, Jon Brown threw touchdown pass to Devin Singletary.
5:59 PMa year ago

2Q - 0:00

Brett Maher's 35-yard field goal attempt that's bad.

He finishes the first half.

5:54 PMa year ago

2Q - 0:25

Pass from Prescott to Cooper and Dallas is in rival territory.
5:50 PMa year ago

2Q - 1:52 | TD Bills

Jon Brown's 28-yard touchdown pass to Singletary. Extra point is bad.
5:45 PMa year ago

2Q - 2:00

Josh Allen gets the 1&10, after betting on 4&1.

Two-minute break.

5:39 PMa year ago

2Q - 3:20

Dak Prescott's loose ball, Bills recover in rival territory.
5:34 PMa year ago

2Q - 4:25

Hauschka misses the 50-yard field goal.
5:31 PMa year ago

2Q - 5:32

Intercepted pass to Prescott. Buffalo recovers the ball in rival territory.
5:28 PMa year ago
Cole Beasley scored against his previous team and tied the game.
5:27 PMa year ago

2Q - 8:01

Touchback. Dallas starts at the 25 yard.
5:24 PMa year ago

2Q - 8:01 | TD Bills

Josh Allen to Cole Beasley touchdown pass. Extra point is good.
5:20 PMa year ago

1Q - 11:10

Run for 26 yards Singletary to get to opposing field.
5:16 PMa year ago

2Q - 11:47

Cowboys punt. Bills will have a new offensive from the 15-yard.
5:12 PMa year ago

2Q - 14:55

QB Sneak and the Cowboys were able to pass the 4&1 for the 1&10.
5:11 PMa year ago

1Q - 0:00

Finish the first quarter.
5:01 PMa year ago

1Q - 2:28

Defensive interference and the Bills move into rival territory when they reach the 30 yard.
4:59 PMa year ago

1Q - 3:35

Josh Allen gets out of trouble with a 25-yard pass to Cole Beasley.
4:55 PMa year ago

1Q - 5:09

Bills stop the Dallas attack. Buffalo's offensive will begin at the 2nd yard.
4:52 PMa year ago

1Q - 6:23

Run for 25 yards Ezekiel Elliott and Dallas is already in rival territory.
4:47 PMa year ago

1Q - 7:23

Three and out for the Bills. Buffalo punt and Dallas will have a new offensive from the 5-yard.
4:46 PMa year ago
With this touchdown, the Cowboys went up on the scoreboard.
4:43 PMa year ago

1Q - 10:28

Bills begin their first offensive series from the 19-yard.
4:41 PMa year ago

1Q - 10:34 | TD Cowboys

Prescott touchdown pass for 7-yard to Witten. Extra point from Maher is good.
4:38 PMa year ago

1Q - 11:22

Complete pass from Prescott to Cooper. After the play, there is a personal foul on the Dallas WR and thus, they get to 1&goal.
4:36 PMa year ago

1Q - 13:06

Screen pass to Zeke Elliott and the Cowboys are at the red zone gates.
4:35 PMa year ago

1Q - 13:47

With punishment from Buffalo's defense, the Cowboys arrive in midfield.
4:33 PMa year ago

1Q - 15:00

Touchback. The Dallas Cowboys will have their first possession from the 25 yard.
4:32 PMa year ago

1Q - 15:00

Start of the match.
4:20 PMa year ago
Likewise, the Dallas Cowboys go out on their field to seek victory.
4:19 PMa year ago
The Buffalo Bills jump into the field


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Great atmosphere is lived in the Stadium with the theme of Thanksgiving Day.

4:09 PMa year ago
This is How AT&T Stadium looks like for Thanksgiving GameDay. 

4:03 PMa year ago
Cowboys inactives, Thanksgiving edition: Cedrick Wilson, Devin Smith, Jeff Heath, Leighton Vander Esch, Joe Jackson, Brandon Knight, Antwaun Woods.
3:47 PMa year ago
Buffalo Bills inactive players. 

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Buffalo Bills Key player

Josh Allen, QB of Buffalo Bills. In his second year as QB in the NFL this being a pleasant surprise for own and strangers. The biggest strength he has is when he runs and is very effective, because by air he has 15 touchdowns by 8 interceptions. Calm should prevail in Allen because it will only be his second game on national television.
Photo: Buffalo Rumblings
Photo: Buffalo Rumblings
7:08 PMa year ago

Dallas Cowboys Key player

Dak Prescott, QB of Dallas Cowboys. His numbers guarantee it, today more than ever Dakota Prescott has become the main image of the cowboys offensive. He is the leader in air yards throughout the NFL, but this has not stopped the criticism against him. He must respond in a pressure game such as this Thursday's; it's the great opportunity he needs to add bonuses to his multimillion-dollar contract he hopes to sign.
Photo: CBS Sports
Photo: CBS Sports
7:05 PMa year ago

Buffalo triumphs at home against Denver

An absolute dominance on the part of the Bills defence was what prevailed at New Era Field, but Buffalo's attack was slow to carburettor. However, the locals won (3-20) in a new display of solid defense. Managing to limit the opposing team to less than 10 units.
Photo: 9 NEWS
Photo: 9 NEWS
7:01 PMa year ago

Dallas comes from falling in New England

Once again, the Cowboys hit a wall against a team with a better record than them. They had several opportunities to hurt the Pats, but simply could not. New England took the victory (9-13) against Dallas, in a predictable result but that generates more doubts in the team of the 'Lone Star'.
Photo: AS
Photo: AS
6:56 PMa year ago

Buffalo Bills, continue with the surprises

Few expected the Bills to become one of the top four teams in the entire AFC by this point in the season. With a very good ground attack and better defense, the team has only lost three games in 2019. It has a great opportunity to show itself in society by playing Thanksgiving and one of the most popular teams.
Photo: Buffalo Rumblings
Photo: Buffalo Rumblings
6:53 PMa year ago

Dallas Cowboys, back on the road to triumph

A very irregular season is the one the Cowboys have had in 2019. A month and a half after the end of the regular campaign they still have a positive record, but it is vital to get the victory. They will look for their second victory against a team with a winning record in this Thanksgiving.
Photo: Dallas Morning News
Photo: Dallas Morning News
6:49 PMa year ago

Kick-off time: 16:30 ET

The Buffalo Bills vs Dallas Cowboys match will be played at the AT&T Stadium, in Arlington, USA. The kick-off is scheduled at 16:30pm ET.
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