Highlights and touchdowns: San Francisco 49ers 17-20 Baltimore Ravens, 2019 NFL
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4Q - 0:00 | FG Ravens
Justin Tucker's 49-yard field goal attempt that's good.

Ravens beat 49ers.

4Q - 0:03
Time out. Justin Tucker will come to define the game with a field goal.
4Q - 1:56
Lamar Jackson's deceitful play and get the 1&10.
4Q - 2:00
Two-minute break. There will be 3&1 for the Ravens.
4Q - 3:20
Pass 20 yards from Jackson to Mark Andrews. Baltimore in rival territory.
4Q - 4:32
Ravens is played in 4&1, the conversion is good with QB Sneak.
4Q - 6:28
Niners are playing at 4&1 and the conversion isn't good. Ravens will have the ovoid from his 40 yard.
4Q - 9:08
Great reception for George Kittle and San Francisco is in rival territory.
4Q - 9:38
Ravens is on 4&5 and it's bad. Niners will have great possession of land.
4Q - 11:43
Short pass from Jackson to Snead, this brings the Ravens into rival territory.
4Q - 12:21
Stops the Baltimore defense. 49ers punt, Ravens will have the ball from the 41 yard.
3Q - 0:00
Niners got out of the situation and are now in their 20th yard.

Third quiarter ends.

3Q - 1:31
Can't get past Baltimore at 3&11. Ravens punt and Niners will have the ovoid from their yard 1.
3Q - 2:47
Lamar Jackson runs for the 1&10. Plus there's more advancement for a personal foul from San Francisco.
3Q - 3:37 | FG 49ers
32-yard Robbie Gould field goal attempt that's good.
3Q - 5:14
San Francisco is played in 4&1 and manage to advance by a defensive interference.
3Q - 10:00
Raheem Mostret runs for a yard, get the 1&10 and reach rival territory.
3Q - 11:20
Run Mostret for 15 yards.
3Q - 12:03
Lamar Jackson's loose ball and Marcel Harris recovers.
3Q - 13:55
Lamar Jackson runs for 15 yards and the Ravens reach rival territory.
3Q - 14:13
Mark Ingram runs for 15 yards and the Ravens approach midfield.
3Q - 15:00
Touchback. Baltimore starts offensive series from 25 yard.
2Q - 0:00
Robbie Gould's 51-yard field goal attempt that's bad. The defense deflected him.
2Q - 0:26
Raheem Mostret runs 12 yards for the 1&10 to reach rival territory.
2Q - 1:48
Raheem Mostret runs for 20 yards, San Francisco approaches midfield.
2Q - 1:58
Touchback. Niners starting at 25 yard.
2Q - 1:58 |FG Ravens
Justin Tucker's 30-yard field goal attempt that's good.

Two-minute break.

2Q - 3:52
Rudeza against the San Francisco defense passer and the Ravens arrive at the 15-yard.
2Q - 4:41
Ravens in 4&2, good conversion with pass from Jackson to Hurds.
2Q - 7:47
Mark Ingram runs for three yards and Baltimore is already in rival territory.
Raheem Mostret escaped 40 yards to score the touchdown.


2Q - 9:06
Ravens initiate offensive series from yard 25.
2Q - 9:12 | TD 49ers
Run Raheem Mostret for 40 yards and score the touchdwon. Extra point is good.
2Q - 9:57
Jimmy 'G' pass with Sanders to reach the rival's 40 yard.
Lamar Jackson got the personal touchdown to take the lead in the game.
2Q - 11:47
Rookie Deebo Samuel's 15-yard play in a run.
2Q - 11:58
Touchback. 49ers start a new offensive from the 25th yard.
2Q - 11:58 | TD Ravens
Lamar Jackson's cheating move running 1 yard for touchdown. Extra point is good.
2Q - 13:23
Run Lamar Jackson 10 yards. 1&goal to Baltimore in the 3 yard.
2Q - 13:29
Personal Foul to Lamar Jackson, 1&10 for Ravens who are in red zone.
1Q - 0:00
Finish the first quarter. Ravens and Niners tie at 7 points.
1Q - 1:23
Gus Edwards runs 4 yards and Baltimore comes to rival territory.
1Q - 2:25
Lamar Jackson's Red Option and the Ravens are approaching midfield.
1Q - 4:13
Three and out to San Francisco. Niners punt and Raven will start at the 16-yard.
Lamar Jackson threw his first touchdown pass finding Mark Andrews.


1Q - 5:36
San Francisco begins a new offensive at the 30 yard.
1Q - 5:41 | TD Ravens
Lamar Jackson touchdown pass with 19-yard Mark Andrews. Extra point is good.
1Q - 6:28
Jimmy Garoppolo's loose ball, Williams recovers in the rival's 30 yard. The Ravens offensive is coming.
1Q - 8:57
Punt Ravens. San Francisco has a new series from the 16 yard.
 Garoppolo found Samuel for the first touchdown of the day.
1Q - 11:46
Ravens start the first offensive series of the game from the 20th yard.
1Q - 11:53 | TD 49ers
San Francisco in 4&2, Jimmy Garoppolo scoring pass for 35-yard rookie Samuel. Extra point is good.
1Q - 13:19
Screenplay of Garoppolo with Bourne, the Niners arrive in rival territory at the 40 yard.
1Q - 14:54
San Francisco has the first possession of the game since the 27th yard.
Ravens ready for the start of the match.


Lamar Jackson warming up at M&T Bank Stadium.


The Niners are in the mood to try to keep the first place of the NFC.
The bad weather will be a factor for this afternoon's game. The field was covered a few hours ago.

In black uniform, the Baltimore Ravens will come out to play this half day.
Up Lamar Jackson to M&T Bank Stadium for the eighth straight victory.
Baltimore inactive players 

San Francisco inactive players:

QB C.J. Beathard


T Joe Staley


DE Dee Ford


RB Matt Breida


WR Dante Pettis


K Chase McLaughlin


TE Levine Toilolo

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Baltimore Ravens Key Player
Lamar Jackson, QB of Baltimore Ravens. In his second season of the NFL, Lamar is signing a year that has him as one of the great candidates to win the MVP. So far he has 29 touchdowns (by air and land), as well as more than 3,000 yards combined.
San Francisco 49ers Key Player
George Kittle, TE of San Francisco 49ers. After returning to the court after two weeks of injury, Kittle is back on the San Francisco offensive. In nine games in 2019 he accumulates 670 yards and three TD's. His numbers aren't as spectacular compared to last year, but he's still the player with the most impact on the offensive.


Ravens with power sample in L.A.
Baltimore was not left behind in a spectacular demonstration at prime time match. Lamar Jackson shone with four touchdowns in the game and Ravens beat the Rams (45-6) with what they say is present before the entire NFL to be one of the strongest candidates to win the Vince Lombardi trophy.
Niners passed the first fire test
A demonstration of great football and authority coup was the one that San Francisco gave in the Sunday Night Football. Niners overwhelmingly defeated (8-37) Green Bay Packers that never appeared in the grill. Aaron Rodgers was nullified by the defense of the Bay to get an important victory.
Baltimore, they're still surprising.
A magical season are taking the Ravens by the hand for a year to be considered the MVP for the QB Lamar Jackson. They are reaching their best level in the NFL, the challenge will be to keep up. Because the best football must be played in December and January to reach the goal of the Super Bowl.


San Francisco, serious candidate
The Niners have been slowly giving authority blows in the season and have not lost the rhythm since they lost the undefeated. A great defense and effective ground attack have given the team a great consistency to be placed as the No. 1 seed of the NFC.

What to expect today?
Niners and Ravens will face each other for the first time since Super Bowl XLVII when Baltimore won its second ring. It will be a very different game for the years that have passed and it is catalogued as the Super Bowl LIV and a half. San Francisco arrives as the best team of the NFC and Baltimore as the seed two of the AFC.


Kick-off time: 1pm ET.
The San Francisco 49ers vs Baltimore Ravens match will be played at the M&T Bank Stadium, in Baltimore, USA. The kick-off is scheduled at 1pm ET.
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