Highlights and touchdowns New England Patriots 22-28 Houston Texans, 2019 NFL


11:46 PMa year ago


Here are the most important moves of the match
11:35 PMa year ago

4Q 0:50

The fault was declined by the Texans. It will have the last possession of the party, possibly they will make formation victory to finish the party.
11:34 PMa year ago

4Q 0:50

Very close Brandon Boldende make the epic play, I can touch the ball but not get it back. The judges are in meeting.
11:33 PMa year ago

4Q 0:50

Touchdown of the Patriots! With 50 seconds on the clock, the Pats will play it all in the last short kick of the game.
11:30 PMa year ago

4Q 2:00

Without their last time out, the Patriots will have to attack very well in third and long if they want to continue with hope.
11:25 PMa year ago

4Q 2:50

The Patriots ask for their second time in order to prevent the Texans from consuming more of the clock.
11:23 PMa year ago

4Q 3:42

The Patriots do the short kick, but they can't get the ball back. The Texans will start with a good field position.
11:20 PMa year ago

4Q 3:32

Touchdown for New England! Brady lengthens the play and connects with White to get to the diagonals.
11:19 PMa year ago

4Q 3:58

The decision in the field is maintained, the Texans lose a time out and the Patrtios will initiate the offensive series in red zone.
11:16 PMa year ago

4Q 4:17

The Patriots after the time out, get the first down after a reception from White. Bill O'Brien will challenge the play.
11:11 PMa year ago

4Q 4:50

Tom Brady completes the pass for James White, but he doesn't make the first down. The Patriots will play life in fourth chance and six yards to advance.
11:10 PMa year ago

4Q 5:09

Tom Brady extends the play, but finds none of his receivers free, so he had to get rid of the ball.
11:08 PMa year ago

3Q 6:16

In second and seven to advance, by land White achieves the first down, however the clock goes on and the life of the Patriots is shortened.
11:05 PMa year ago

3Q 8:26

Jacob Martin captures Tom Brady and pulls him back nine yards.
11:04 PMa year ago

3Q 9:07

Pass from Brady to Edelman are approaching midfield Patriots. They will have to put in speed to take out two offensive beings
10:58 PMa year ago

4Q 9:58

Surprise play! Deshaun Watson with Hopkins surprises the defensive Patriots and gets a touchdown more!
10:55 PMa year ago

4Q 11:16

DeAndré Hopkins! The Texans receiver makes a big move and brings his team closer to the red zone.
10:54 PMa year ago

4Q 12:12

The Texans get past half the field and are in the territory of the Pats.
10:51 PMa year ago

3Q 0:00

The third quarter is over, the Texans will start with the possession of the ovoid in the last part of the match.
10:43 PMa year ago

3Q 0:11

Touchdown New England! James White alone on the left side of the grating, reaches the promised area and gets the first TD of the Patriots.
10:41 PMa year ago

3Q 0:25

Incomplete pass by Tom Brady, the Patriots are already in the red zone.
10:38 PMa year ago

3Q 2:05

Pressure on Tom Brady forcing him to throw into nothing. There's a holding infraction, 10 yards back. It will be first and 30 yards to go.
10:35 PMa year ago

3Q 3:07

The Patriots are approaching midfield after a reception by Ben Watson.
10:33 PMa year ago

3Q 4:50

Reader manages to stop James Whit and make the Patriots retreat a yard
10:30 PMa year ago

3Q 5:41

Now yes! Touchdown of Kenny Stills, third time, Watson gets the game long and arrives at promised area.
10:28 PMa year ago

3Q 5:49

After the review, it is determined that there is no touchdown of the Texans, will be third chance and 10 yards to advance.
10:24 PMa year ago

3Q 5:49

TOUCHDOWN HOUSTON TEXANS! Pass long to Will Fuller V who arrives at the diagonals, the play will be reviewed.
10:22 PMa year ago

3Q 6:27

Pass full to Kenny Stills, Houston is already in the 35-yard enemy camp.
10:21 PMa year ago

3Q 6:35

The Patriots could no longer move the chains and had to deliver the ball. The Texans will try to extend their advantage.
10:17 PMa year ago

3Q 8:00

The Patriots make a big move that sends them halfway across the field. The New Englando offensive begins to work.
10:15 PMa year ago

3Q 9:5

Mohamed Sanu Sr. manages to move the chains and the Patriots leave the bottom of the grating.
10:09 PMa year ago

3Q 10:47

Three and out for the Texans who couldn't move the chains and clear.
10:07 PMa year ago

3Q 12:25

Watson is captured by Dont'a Hightower in his first move. Texans go nine yards back.
10:04 PMa year ago

3Q 13:27

Robin returns to the defense and captures Tom Brady, the Patriots do not reap points in their first offensive series of the third quarter
10:01 PMa year ago

3Q 14:12

Bradley Roby makes the interception, but is sanctioned by a holding company, New England will keep the offensive series.
10:00 PMa year ago

3Q 15:00

The third quarter begins, the Patriots will have the first possession from the 25th yard.
9:46 PMa year ago

2Q 0:12

The second quarter is over, after a knee on the floor by Watson. The Patriots will have a lot to fix in halftime.
9:44 PMa year ago

2Q 0:26

Tom Brady's deflected pass, the Patriots decide to clear one more time, before finishing the second quarter.
9:42 PMa year ago

2Q 0:41

Incomplete pass to Phillip Dorsett II, the Patriots start throwing long plays in the last seconds of the second quarter.
9:40 PMa year ago

2Q 0:53

Tom Brady makes a long pass in the first after review to place where there is no receiver, there was error in communication.
9:36 PMa year ago

1Q 0:59

Full pass from Tom Brady to Jakobi Meyers, the play will be reviewed.
9:20 PMa year ago

2Q 5:37

Julian Edelman makes a back block, they're punished with ten yards.
9:13 PMa year ago

2Q 7:50

DeAndré Hopkns makes the reception and the Texans arrive in the red zone, very close to getting the second touchdown of the match.
9:10 PMa year ago

1Q 9:30

The Texans manage to move the ball once again and it is already very close to half the field.
9:10 PMa year ago

2Q 9:30

The Texans manage to move the ball once again and it is already very close to half the field.
9:07 PMa year ago

2Q 12:36

First down for Texans, Darren Fells does the intercept and gets to move the chains.
9:00 PMa year ago

2Q 15:00

Tom Brady makes the personal move, taking advantage of the space that opened up to his right. First down for the Patriots.
8:57 PMa year ago

1Q 0:09

The first quarter of the match is over, Tom Brady was once again looking for Julian Edelman but makes a bad pass that is impossible to reach.
8:52 PMa year ago

1Q 0:45

Pass complete to Duke Johnson and get the first touchdown of the game
8:50 PMa year ago

1Q 2:10

Justin Reid intercepts Tom Brady after beating N'Keal Harry. Reid's unsportsmanlike attitude at the festivities will start the offensive 15 yards back.
8:45 PMa year ago

1Q 3:32

Watson is captured the third time, Houston Texans will have to clear again.
8:43 PMa year ago

1Q 4:18

After a punishment against the Texans, Hopkins manages to cut the punishment in a second chance.
8:41 PMa year ago

1Q 4:59

DeAndre Hopkins makes the first reception of the match to get the first down in third opportunity and short for the Texans.
8:36 PMa year ago

1Q 7:11

Three plays and the Patriots will have to be satisfied with a field goal, after the good coverage in the red zone made by the Texans
8:34 PMa year ago

1Q 8:36

Sony Michel explodes with great route and sends the Patriots to red zone. First and goal for New England
8:31 PMa year ago

1Q 11:01

Tom Brady once again finds Julian Edelman in a second chance to move the chains. The Patriots are already in the 42nd yard of enemy camp.
8:31 PMa year ago

1Q 11:01

Tom Brady encuentra una vez más a Julian Edelman en segunda oportunidad para lograr mover las cadenas. Los Patriots ya están en la yarda 42 de campo enemigo.
8:29 PMa year ago

1Q 13:39

Julian Edelman does the reception to get the first down near midfield.
8:28 PMa year ago

1Q 14:05

The runner Sony Michel manages to carry five yards in the first play of the Patriots.
8:26 PMa year ago

1Q 14:12

Three moves and to clear, Deshaun Watson is taken out of the protection bag after pressure three players.
8:25 PMa year ago

1Q 14:19

Deshaun Watson asks for time out in the first offensive series of the match, he was running out of time.
8:23 PMa year ago

1Q 15:00

Start the game! Texans receives the ball there is no return, Deshaun Watson to the field.
7:47 PMa year ago
Tom Brady will seek to extend his legacy by achieving one more victory in prime time, at the moment he has 50 victories.
7:37 PMa year ago
Almost everything is ready for the match, the Texans go out to warm up the grating. DeAndre Hopkins will have to be inspired if he wants to lead his team to victory.
7:32 PMa year ago
Houston Texans will have seven of its inactive players. Here's the list of absentees.
7:31 PMa year ago
Also, New England Patriots will have 7 inactive players for their engagement in SNF, where CB Jason McCarty highlights
9:05 PMa year ago

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Lastest games

Houston Texans and New England Patriots have faced a total of 11 times, and the outlook is not very favorable for the locals, as only once they have beaten the Patriots.
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Key player Texans

Quaterback Deshaun Watson raised his level considerably this season, not unless this level is reflected in his positive record. What the pitcher does tomorrow will be crucial.

8:59 PMa year ago

Key player New England

The rookie Chase Winovich has stood out on the defensive of the Patriots, in his first season has become one of the players to follow. His great ability to press the line and quaterbacks makes him a great defender.

8:54 PMa year ago

The great Texans offensive

Houston Texans has been characterized this season as having a solid offensive, however they will face the best defense in the league, so trying to decipher it will be the determining factor of the game.
8:53 PMa year ago

New England Special Teams

The department that has kept afloat the great victory of the New England to the low level that has had the offensive. The special teams are not believing in anyone and has managed to be the most important factor of the team.
8:52 PMa year ago

Texans seeks to surprise

Deshaun Watson has managed to have a great season, along with Texans who have dominated the AFC South. A defeat can cost them dear as they have the Colts closely following their good record.
8:50 PMa year ago

Patriots should not loosen

New England will have to keep a firm foot during this season-end if it wants to become the best seeded in the face of the playoffs. This high-voltage match could mean the Ravens are in a better place in the conference.
8:48 PMa year ago
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