Highlights and touchdowns: Minnesota Vikings 30-37 Seattle Seahawks, 2019 NFL 



4Q - 0:00

Finish the game. Seattle Seahawks beat the Minnesota Vikings 30-37 and now Seattle is the NFC's best team.

4Q - 0:14

Minnesota Fumble on the comeback kick and Seattle will win the game.

4Q - 0:21 / FG Vikings

Jason Myers 36-yard field goal attempt that's good.

4Q - 2:00

Chris Carson puts the ovoid at the red zone gates.

Two-minute break.

4Q - 2:27

Minnesota's on 4&3. Conversion is bad.

4Q - 3:27

Vikings will begin a new offensive series at the 16-yard.

Kirk Cousins threw this touchdown pass with Rudolph to bring the Vikings closer to 4 points.

4Q - 7:14

Touchback. Seattle will start at the 25th yard.

4Q - 7:14 / TD Vikings

Three-yard touchdown pass from Cousins to Rudolph. Extra point is bad.

4Q - 8:46

Mattison runs 15 yards. 1&goal for Vikings.

4Q - 8:55

Flowers defensive interference. Minnesota will reach the 25-yard rival camp.

4Q - 9:31

Metcalf loose ball, recovers Minnesota in its 29 yard.

4Q - 11:12

Seahawks deception play. It is played at 4&2 and the gain was 22 yards.

4Q - 12:49

Touchback. Seattle will start at the 25th yard.

4Q - 12:49 / TD Vikings

Cousins touchdown pass for 59-yard Treadwell. Extra point is good.

4Q - 13:30

Touchback. Vikings will start from the 25th yard.

The second TD of the night for Russell Wilson and Rashaad Penny.

4Q - 13:30 / TD Seahawks

Russell Wilson screen pass with 13-yard Rashaad Penny. Extra point is good.

4Q - 14:55

Trey Flowers intercepts Kirk Cousins. Seattle has the ovoid at the 25 yard.

Russell Wilson released his first night TD pass with Moore.


3Q - 0:00

Finish the third quarter. Seattle takes a 10 point lead over Minnesota.

3Q - 0:05 / TD Seahawks

Long touchdown pass from Russell Wilson to 60 yard  to Moore. Extra point is good.

3Q - 2:59

Seattle stops Minnesota before midfield. Vikings punt, Seahawks will have possession from the 24-yard.

3Q - 5:50

Minnesota Attack Begins at 22 Yard.

3Q - 5:56 / FG Seahawks

Again, Minnesota's defense prevents Seattle's TD. Jason Myers' 29-yard field goal attempt is good.

This was Dalvin Cook's loose ball play.

3Q - 7:32

Screenplay with Chris Carson, Seattle reaches red zone.

Rashaad Penny tied the game this way.

3Q - 8:50

Dalvin Cook's Fumble. Seattle recovers in the 26th yard of the rival.

3Q - 9:02 / TD Seahawks

Penny runs 1 yard for touchdown. Extra point is good.

3Q - 10:25

Run Chris Carson for over 25 yards. 1&goal to Seattle.

3Q - 11:36

Pass from Wilson to 10-yard Metcalf, Seattle is already in rival territory.

3Q - 13:22

Three and out for the Vikings. Seahawks will have first possession of the second half from the 28 yard.

3Q - 15:00

Start the third quarter. Minnesota will have first possession from the 25th yard.

2Q - 0:00 / FG Vikings

Dan Bailey's 47-yard field goal attempt is good.

Ends first half. 

2Q - 0:12

Screenplay with Dalvin Cook. Vikings arrive in midfield.

2Q - 0:58

Touchback. Minnesota has the ovoid from the 25 yard.

2Q - 0:58 / FG Seahawks

Seattle can't score touchdown. Jason Myers field goal attempt of 29 yards that is good.

2Q - 2:00

Rashaad Penny runs 8 yards to get into the red zone.

Two-minute break.

Harris intercepted Wilson and got the touchdown for the Minnesota Vikings.

2Q - 3:35

Russell Willson finds Hollister in a 15-yard pass to be at the red zone gates.

2Q - 4:50

20 yard pass from Russell Wilson to Metcalf. Seattle near midfield.

2Q - 5:03

Seattle's attack will start at the 27-yard.

2Q - 5:09 / TD Vikings

Series of rebounds on the offensive line and Anthony Harris intercepts Harris to return him to touchdown. Extra point is good.

2Q - 6:38

Once again, Vikings punt. Seattle receives the ovoid at the 7-yard.

2Q - 9:51

They now stop at three plays to Seahawks. Vikings will regain possession from the 19th.

2Q - 11:33

Seattle defense stops Minnesota before midfield. Seahawks will take possession from the 21-yard.

Chris Carson ran 1 yard to tie the game.

1Q - 0:00

Finish the first quarter. For now, Minnesota and Seattle are tied at 7 points.

1Q - 0:11

Touchback. Minnesota will start at the 25 yard.

1Q - 0:11 / TD Seahawks

Run Chris Carson 1 yard for touchdown. Extra point is good.

1Q - 1:22

19-yard pass from Russell Wilson to Metcalf. 1&goal on 1 for Seattle.

1Q - 2:09

Run a couple of yards Russell Wilson to get to the red zone.

1Q - 5:20

Pass Russell Wilson to Josh Gordon for 1&10 and be in rival territory.

Dalvin Cook puts the Vikings in front on the scoreboard.


1Q - 8:12

Touchback. Seattle starts at the 25 yard.

1Q - 8:12 / TD Vikings

Run two yards Dalvin Cook for touchdown. Extra point is good.

1Q - 8:51

Steffon Diggs runs to the 2. 1&goal yard for Minnesota.

1Q - 10:56

C.J. Ham catches screen pass to escape 36 yards and reach rival territory.

1Q - 11:46

Seahawks punt. Vikings will start from the 16-yard.

1Q - 14:55

Seattle will have the first possession from the 26th yard.

1Q - 15:00

Monday Night Football kicks off in Seattle.

The Seahawks are ready to look for second place in the NFC and leadership of their division.

QB's duel tonight. Kirk Cousins (MIN) who has not won a Monday Night Football vs Russell Wilson (SEA) game with a great record in prime time matches.

Jadeveon Clowney, one of the leaders of the Seattle defense, ready for Monday Night Football.

The Vikings jump into the field, QB Kirk Cousins in the foreground.

Minnesota Vikings inactive players:

Seattle Seahawks inactive players : 

Steffon Diggs, WR of Vikings is greeted with the historic WR who also played with the Vikings: Randy Moss.

With a Canadian look, Tyler Lockett and David Moore arrived at the stadium.

Seattle Seahawks cheerleaders are already at CenturyLink Field to set the mood for the game.

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Minnesota Vikings Key Player

Kirk Cousins, QB of Minnesota Vikings. This is being the year of consolidation for Cousins with the Vikings. It records 2756 yards by air, 21 touchdown passes and three interceptions in this 2019. Now, Kirk will be looking to keep breaking up with his ghosts and have a great prime time game.
Photo: Minnesota Vikings
Photo: Minnesota Vikings

Seattle Seahawks Key Player

Russell Wilson, QB of Seattle Seahawks. Much of the success that the Seattle season is having is due to the great year Wilson is having signing MVP numbers. So far: 2937 yards, 24 touchdowns and only 3 interceptions. But before Minnesota must be careful, because it is a defense of respect in the National Conference.
Photo: Field Gulls
Photo: Field Gulls

Minnesota, comes from resting and winning.

Two long weeks of preparation had the Vikings for this Monday Night Football. Before that, Minnesota beat (27-23) the Denver Broncos at home in a great game the Vikings had in the last two quarters. They knew how to come from behind from a 20 point disadvantage and took the victory.
Photo: AP Pro 32
Photo: AP Pro 32

Seattle won with just enough in Philadelphia

It wasn't the most brilliant game the Seahawks have played in the year, but they did the necessary work to get a new victory. Visiting, Seattle beat Philadelphia (17-10). The defense was the key to intercept on two occasions to Carson Wentz, the attack produced with touchdowns of Wilson and Penny.
Photo: El Heraldo de México
Photo: El Heraldo de México

Vikings, no fear of Monday Night Football

Once again the Vikings have returned to the close-ups of the hand of their ground attack and Kirk Cousins has made no mistakes. This good level is put to the test in a match during prime time, which in the past was suffered by Minnesota. Especially Kirk Cousins, which is very erratic, the test will be very interesting this Monday in Seattle.
Photo: Pioneer Press
Photo: Pioneer Press

Seahawks, with an incredible level

Under the leadership of Russell Wilson on the field and Pete Carroll from the sideline, Seattle is having a great season with a record so far of (9-2). Their best football is showing it and little by little they are demonstrating that the level of defense can be on par with the attack.
Photo: Cadena Noticias
Photo: Cadena Noticias

What to expect today?

In what may be an early postseason duel, the Seahawks host the Vikings at CenturyLink Field. Seattle will look for victory to take the lead in its division, while Minnesota will go for the win not to loosen the pace against the Green Bay Packers.
Photo: Sports Interaction
Photo: Sports Interaction

Kick-off time: 8:20 pm ET

The Minnesota Vikings vs Seattle Seahawks match will be played at the CenturyLink Field, in Seattle, USA. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:20 pm ET.

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